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An agenda has not been published for this meeting.

lightly thank you very much so welcome everybody to this meeting of the Combined Authority as usual these days you see lots of faces in front of you some of whom are offices and some of whom are counsellors with decision making responsibility and some of whom are members of the Combined Authority not politicians but do nevertheless have a vote an apprentice on that committee so I'll just go through the people who are present and when your name is read or for the purposes of the public can you please just put your hand up like that so people can see who you are so we have Councillor Judith Blake leader of Leeds
thank you we have Councillor David Hall who is lived up position in accurately lease
thank you and Councillor Susan Hinchcliffe as me I am Leader of Bradford and Chair of the Combined Authority
and Councillor Denise Jeffery a Leader of Wakefield
thank you Denise and that we have Roger Marsh who was Chair of the and Local Enterprise Partnership Leeds City region
we have Councillor Shabir Pandor whose leader of Kirklees council
that Councillor John Pennington who as leader of the opposition in Bradford
all I can picture behind him and we have Councillor Tim Swift and who is leader of Calderdale was tipped on bawling obey slip and an Councillor Keith Aspen who is Leader Of York Council
thank you very much I believe we just have heard Councillor Golton who is balancing opposition Member in Leeds who has just joined at the meeting I can see at his Sir words I can't actually see its fair share can you there as Councillor gone his officer coming in any way and Walser as guests we have Councillor Kim Groves who was Chair of the Transport Committee Councillor Harrand will be joining us at Sir another late point in the meeting he is Chair of overview and scrutiny so with that we have are quite a number of items to get through on the agenda and first of all let's start the meeting or by doing apologies for absence and apologies for absence has not received any
thank you when we had a good roll call there this morning and we say now believe declarations of disclosable pecuniary interests can you indicate if you ever find any did a disclosable Kenyan tress
I'm not seeing anybody indicating lovely and exclusion of the press and public and have we any items on the agenda that require that the today I don't think we have ever now there won't be exercising that in that case minutes of the meeting of the Combined Authority held on 16th April 20 20 am everybody observers have been circulated don't really have any comments or questions on those
now and I see that Councillor Harrand has joined us welcome Councillor Harrand
so for decision first of all and obviously we have a covert 19 response and economic recovery paper and this has been something that has completely absorbed all our lives since we went into lockdown at the end of March and it is a huge issue it has affected everything we do as local authorities under the Combined Authority there's a huge effort going on offer to support communities obviously from a local authority point of view people have died in our communities and our condolences are with those families at the same time we're looking now about how we move forward from this situation and live with over it this has impacts obviously on the economy and Brian Archer who is the head of rear element team is going to talk to today about the work that WYCA have they been shut Combined Authority have been doing to support businesses because obviously
there and no of businesses that are struggling now having closed now for several weeks and are really in financial difficulty and that is some well we need to support and also looking ahead to how we manage the economy and how we stimulate the economy coming out of this national crisis so Brian I'm going to hand over to you answered present the paper if it's OK
as far as the Chair
the economic impact says in a huge for up for our agent and I
Sarah Nicole with the Bank of England last week and they forecast from an employment is 10 percent or 10 percent fall in unemployment and the 14th cent drop in GDP
and we've already seen from the unemployment statistics the route the Sweig am just in the Leeds City region 108 thousand jobless claims and at we also got 387 thousand workers on furlough in the Leeds City region so clearly we got some real concerns about those furloughed April and the huge increase in unemployment
swimming launched a rib boats which isn't digital skills programme which is free to further assist with also scale of skills hope to and support workers were threatened with redundancy
and the governance also launched a training provide a support fund because obviously we need to make sure this the SCI of at training advice and skills supports them available continued
members will be aware
the government launched the Grant scheme the civil grant scheme and the bounce back loans and the banks are forecast to lend 55 million pounds this year and huge amounts of debt and it's absolutely crucial that we continue to the funding going into the business community and so avert the risk of any and increase in in job losses
Sir significant challenges and we are seen more more money flowing through to businesses access to finance his fear and think 20 1 billion pounds worth of a bounce back loans were
issued over the last over the last two months and at a local level our business growth teams have been working with the local authorities to get drunk support to businesses
just over 400 million in Grimes's initiate say well City region businesses which are to the fantastic achievement we've all serve in involved in supporting the PPF and providing this information business advice and specialist consultancy and we've had a great response from local businesses to providing mentioned sable over 60 mentors of side to provide support to small and medium-sized businesses at which has been fantastic we've also launched a range of products and services that can be delivered online webinars that have been topics such as mental health support and survive in through the crisis
so at the moment and was ring-fenced to 3 million 3 million pounds capital grant scheme that to effect that the them to support businesses affected by air I called it an app provides capital route support for businesses that might want to diversify into producing BBA's and the already the plant equipment to her to sustain their business we refreshing the portfolio of services because they urgent and important stuff that we need to deliver right now and then clearly we need to think about the support of businesses in any as weak as we go into the into recovery so that's essentially what what we're doing at the moment happy to take questions
thank you know cap
thank you and just want to see anybody indicating and
not at the moment however sorry Councillor Pennington
I just a concern still as many are about the the economic recovery of our care homes can you tell you to say tell us if there's been any progress on that I know it's a short lead in time but something needs to be done desperately
Brian yeah I mean obviously some sectors are affected more than others I think the Mosterton and immediate crisis and for the for the care of Saturn's been and the lack of PPE we've done a lot of work with local businesses to improve the supply of PPE and allow the NHS nationally of her
now issued a letter to NHS trusts with a list of 16 items that cannot be procured centrally at a local level working with the Yorkshire-based not perched in organisation and others to support the supply of PPE into the care sector and obviously all sectors and adversely affected by the economic downturn some Aussie some more than others and his partner recovery planning data of the focus on some of those key sectors that are most affected and look at what we can do to work to support them he obviously can't the care sector has some unique challenges at the moment Jonathan care you obviously the away as a local member a about the money that governments has put through to support care homes of say they can't recruit new people into care homes at the moment therefore their business model a financial model does not work as well as it did before and I think the some temporary support going from government which has been channelled through local authorities at but naturally as you say going forward there is a challenge for the whole sector there and when she beds are the main problem yet absolutely when you NICEM Councillor Blake of see indicating
thank you and them according effort and can I take some churches thank ever for the incredible worker you during it some as one of the toughest times it is the toughest time that any of us her face to be quite Oreston the the picture that Brian outline their as it's very stocking Dida but it's very helpful to have the put before us and and so that we understand
the extent of the challenges that are facing us I just want to refer
the work that and welcome to Yorkshire and doing the same honour and I think James Mason has done there and incredible job nationally of raising their concerns around the the tourism industry which of course affects us or but either whatever wherever we are whether we're in
the smallest rural community or were in you know are larger cities it sir a massive contributed to our economy and there are real concerns right across the hospitality sector about in a space that small companies ability to get through the site and were keeping an eye on that and the other aspect of of courses that we've we've very hard to get culture at they are at the centre of our economic strategy and just listening to in a theatre companies and dance or across the range that that the very real Prospector not being able to her firm audience events for many many months and the impact that that is having and I hope that we can now join other areas around the country in in continuing to lobby governments about the culture sector and it's incredibly important contribution said that they're not left out and that there is a real recognition of the the financial contribution they make but also and I think this is really important I think we'll become of increasing importance and their contributions to the wellbeing of people in our communities and I think as well as the economic factors that we're facing we have to be mindful of the impact on our other services round mental health Juster just what is the impact going to be for the number of jobless that were saying and our ability to keep pound keep supporting them
so it is a huge this is a huge agenda and I recognise the can only touch on on small aspect of it but I think we have an enormous role to play and I'm really pleased that were moving forward thank you Councillor blank Simon just those first two items of contribution there can't or care homes theatres culture of Oslo peace on transport in this paper it just shows an eye how wide reaching Mrs. it actually affects every single part of our lives and our economy are and therefore we need to make sure that we are has cited on all that and addressing all those concerns to go forward
I'm thinking of transport yes and Brian Avenue in shortly but I don't want to go to the transport paragraph did I dunno did a as a growth on to speak and the bullet was challenges that are outlined in the paper
but Dave Pearson logic Councillor Blake
TriStar anything table want to come in as well because as an honest and just Safak all the team at WYCA for the enormous amount of work that the doing in the background it's been relentless and so be worse situation where hoping to send an update out next week on a of the depressed different operators just in their risk assessments on PPE is looking at that they'll be about 20 people per books
we will not have the capacity in terms of vehicles and to cope with demand as people go back to work May June and July and there's a situation on both rail ambles as they start to bring up those people back from fellow that there will be kept there some of their staff will be in the shielded group so again that was present problems in terms over the system I think we're we're in for the announcement and I'll come so Blake's go in on a call today around the funding am I'm really concerned about the phone being am and the mechanisms that government are you saying it there's no public scrutiny and we supporting the with puppet model is supporting the bus operators but we don't have a clear picture of what that one is painful and if that type of funding mechanism continues then the two things are we need to call for an intricate Widney told that to account properly pointed year be it just leavers not able to use possibly the smaller operators and the Koch industry that we would need for school services that we would need for the rural areas because we add anticipate in the as demand grows and on the 20 people per Birse that with the bus operators will have to duplicate the surfaces down the as arterial roads to make sure that we get key workers and two faces that were really dependent on having funding for that backup on on on the situation and the are team are and have been working all the bus stations and working with operators to make sure that we've got all the measures in place and I think in terms of an managing that we are the parents of guidelines out on the again which will come tier all and next week and just to go to rail quickly we had a meeting with rail operators yesterday who face the same challenges in numbers of people that they can carry they've got their PPE into purposes a bit and industry in terms of whether first got rid of face masks should be actually confirmed but it's quite loose no one's actually confirming that the just saying you know it's up to the puppets Tate that and responsibility the real pressures against set face the same problem as an a bus operators in terms of they have shielded staff but they have not been able to them continue any affair training and that the training was really important because of all the new stock that was committed system so again there will be running under capacity and on active travel or just could run active travel because we'll be reliant on for an active travel to leave the rim on the modes of transport for people to use him what have you got any motor like Kerr and cannot fight
cycle or walk so there's been an enormous amount of work going on at the Combined Authority and trying to reasonably forward the schemes and that actually could introduce temporary to make cycling and walking possible for people who live nearest the towns of the centres for we'll can at else on the active travel the second environments with all the districts' have to change the funding and the allocated funding hasn't come down from government that was announced a couple weeks ago so actually we're not going to see a flat
we're looking at how we can change the infrastructure of the highways and and the allocation of road space and Anderson of excellent schemes report would enable shoppers parties as district speeding thought I just over today thank you Councillor goes I think we've got an item later on active travel far might be new backing on that nationally as OK with you and an I first of all actually John Pennington Councillor Bennett was indicating has undermined your question before being Dave Pearce yeah thank you for that Kim you've outline the the problems with the rural bus services which I can fully understand but I just need to underline it for you because in our area we've got I think it's the case 17 and the key 19 with both of which haven't been running for a very very long time and we're surrounded or in a rural area with very elderly people quite often it's their only method of getting out so I fully understand that you might not be able to reinstate the buses to the original timetable or even half of it but even now a couple of Bush's each way each day would be a big help so if I could just to put that seed into your mind I'm sure you're quite aware and do something the people need that service it's only right that I mentioned it so Councillor pancreatic does a really show it buses which Councillor Groves Ireland and I'll go to Councillor Blake after I've gone so Dave Pearson about a particular service but as a real issue that governments are not paying attention to how buses are funded at this time and and up give them it's operators rounds Combined Authority I think that's a real concern for us to do to acknowledge in this meeting and if they don't the control of the bus network as we should have and Dave Pearson
dual just come back on to the specific service mentioned there by Asset yes thank you thank you to Councillor girls obviously I that fight all old that the current difficulties addresses that that are in the transport network in the bus system in particular regarding the current situation we were expecting announcement from government and XBLA days in terms of a short term funding package for buses but as the Chair said it doesn't really look long term and it it it
doesn't really allow for the level of local accountability and management that is needed to actually enable the bus service to recover from the current situation and with regards to the Care 17 a Care 19 that the Council Pennington refers to those services are funded by by the Combined Authority in one of the things we treat we did too to shrink the network down to to simply providing the core services for for key workers is we did reduce some of the services which which were operating so that we could meant and the resilience in the system in terms of drivers in particular to be able to provide services a key workers as as is indicated in the paper that another stage of of of restoring services which were about to it took to go ahead with and we've already started discussing at bringing back some of the rural services to the Combined Authority pays for 2 so that we can address some of the issues Councillor Pennington raises so our old we'll get back directly with regard to the contained Care 19 but it is so it is something very much a feature of the next stage of of restoring the services and future well now feel that you'll like this one because I actually have a response somewhere from transitive who quite clearly are blaming the Combined Authority for withdrawing their service or instructing them to redraw the service so I think you need to the putting somebody on the naughty step I can we just want it particularly something me a when not in lots of different services that we could all discuss at Dave Pearson could you take that off Lamine Councillor Pennington and make sure that that conundrum is solved play we will do peopling Heatley do need a bit of a service that Councillor Blake
yes I try to be brief chairing can cuscus gets very full update on the what's actually what's happening on the ground I think they are there for us is obviously have major concerns about future viability of the public transport across the piece I think that's really evident that the public haven't got Cern confidence at the moment to go back onto using public transport this we need some serious answers from governments about and PPE and whether the I think the public would like announcements of on the issue of masks for example an Aussie that's debatable point but you know we need some clarity from government and unafraid to offer in these areas we don't have that clarity and that is leading to a real sense of disquiet and what we are seeing as a result obviously a director response to the prime minister's statement in terms of firm people using their private cars when I can and and I think we're all fearful that we will see an upsurge in the use of private cars Agganis evidence coming forward that more people are looking to buy cause as a result of their lack of confidence in public transport obviously that has huge implications for a set on it all of the wedding on climate emergency we saw it during the height of lockdown the impact on the reduction of emissions and and cut you know all of the and the were but that's been done around that but of course the bottom line is that this is having a major impact on the business modelling from the bus companies and rail operators as well
but my concern is that Sam the the noise if you like and governments' officer responded to a lot of demand at the moment is intense around and subsidy for the tram networks in other cities obviously would seem the bailout in London which was obviously there were and factors involved in that in terms of reduction in concessions increasing congestion charge but in again were saying in our huge huge amounts of money going into the capital and week we need to really fight our corner to make sure that we get the investment that we need for are for Ra areas so I think
have made this point very clear to ministers they've missed the trick I think always
if you're putting more public money into private companies you need to increase the level of accountability and scrutiny and that afraid has not been part of the package will continue to make that case you know we've Transport for the North level we know that that bus companies reluctant to share data with us across the North has led to add in our inability to bring a smart ticketing system for example and I think I don't know Dave will correct me but the last figure I saw with Renault for the cost to the Combined Authority Avast support to to buses is running over 12 million pound so every time I speak to biosphere and make the point that she needs to work with us to a really fully compensate
the work that we're doing said that we have a sustainable footing to make sure that we couldn't keep public transport running across the whole affirm the Combined Authority area and this is assist this is tough stuff and we need to make sure that where where on it and the advice that I've been given is just to keep keep keep relentlessly putting our case forward and repeating it it's a very crowd area out there in sense of demands but we classify real case and government needs to listen
to what we're saying otherwise you know that their return to work and all of the things we're trying to do are going to be increasingly difficult and Councillor Blake did you want to just come in a numbers there as it travelled million gap isn't there in average he or something that just just to clarify the totally unnecessary of is is what we're looking at London if the impact on the Combined Authority's budget in its entirety sort of extends to to the the remainder of the financial year what is unknown however is that if during the that the process of the financial year we then find bus companies coming back to us and saying we cannot run XYZ routes commercially anymore than will have some difficult decisions to take a ring regarding whether we have to be increased subsidy to return those bus routes are not and that's that's the the that that that's the real risk that week with first thing with the short-term funding that is coming at from Goldman for into bus been direct bus operators as soon as that tap is turned off then there will come to the Combined Authority if there the if they can't run a a profitable operation and and that's an and we really don't have a handle on that risk at this a financially at this stage because Sir because that is a situation that hasn't presented itself just yet but it's it's the one which we grew most concerned about
so upset plea from the Combined Authority therefore for more funding for bus and operations as happened other agents with trams and networks for example and also to make sure that this full accountability for that money this being passported directly to the operators and we need to how far and so I just want to move back before we close this item to Councillor Golton was indicating about the economic side of this so moving off transport now about the economics and I'll bring Brynich Obakin to close this item Councillor Golton
yeah thanks Chair
I raised this before around meet him and we're looking at the COVID-19 economic resilience and what we were doing sport businesses and we noted that there wasn't much about agri business and given that it's one of those sectors which like tourism is very much seasonally responsive and dependant on the weather it's not something that we can actually
put into the long grass or if you'll excuse the illusion and I have or an accurate business locally who has been on Look North and has pointed out their problems about how their seasonal produce at the moment is being well one of them they do forced rhubarb encounter Jefferies will know this is an issue for at the Wakefield region as well as well as where I represent they had to dump a lot of it because it wasn't being taken on by suppliers and also they're going forward towards strawberry production and each of these sectors is another part of their business model and their potential future resilience to give us food next year so I would like to see a little bit more around our food supply resilience as a as a local economy being recognised by the Combined Authority I know that it has been mentioned before and that we are supposedly talking to the NFU and also of course we're talking to partners in the North Yorkshire combined authority areas where agriculture forms a greater part of their common economy but at the moment the only response we've got in terms of
the major issue around labour because it's the Labour to get those crops in which is the major issue for most of us food suppliers is the pick for Britain campaign which seems to be a web based response which is completely elective and when I went onto it or because it depends on farmers finding out about it and then registering on the system instead of people actually going out to farmers and saying what do you need from us there's very little on it and when I was talking to our offices and Leeds City Council they assumed that there was no demand for labour because there had not been informed that there were farmers feeling the pressure
and that was on the same day as the farmer in my area was on Look North telling people it's crucial that we get the labour into this area of industry and and I would like to see something a little bit more proactive potentially and because we are devolved we can choose to do what we like in terms of our response and I think it will be really useful if we did actually do something a little bit more proactive for our agri businesses who are just as susceptible as those in the tourism sector
as the Guardian's when we fall into old when we have been the narrow Combined Authority next year will have even more power and funding to do what we like as you sound shall we can do to see exactly what we live in a moment but my were too late then we're getting there were getting there and answer just on on those points from Councillor Golton and Brian actually lights come back on that thank you yeah I think sourcing Laver fruit-pickers is a big challenge and I think that's that you know I think one of the things that we could look to do to move that forward is to
speak to the larger businesses who were making people redundant and look to support some other they redeployment of those redundant work as even on an interim basis to support the agricultural sector is an employment hope Councillor Blake also mentioned the cultural sector and the importance of the creative industries are this week launched a grant programme to support a cultural the cultural sector with Graham support from between two and a half thousand talk to 25 thousand pounds just to support and through them to the current crisis
OK thank you very much and I'm going to bring this item to a close now that's OK because officers a few a very meatier items on the agenda to get through as well and I just want to look now if I can refer you to the recommendations on this paper which are the Combined Authority notes progress on the delivery of products and services in response the COVID-19 crisis and the Combined Authority considers a position with regards to the impact of covert 90 on the bus industry and organisation so both those elements are hugely important I people have already said today Brian and seem that the were you doing is invaluable in supporting businesses of all types and we've heard them all today agriculture no culture got bosses ever got care homes and all sorts of businesses out there are struggling so as much suppor you can provide the better and we also next met representations to government to make sure that we have the funding to provide Pittville to provide that really vital resource so that businesses can survive this very difficult time so with that our decisive people can indicate in the screen that there are sentenced to those two recommendations
I think that is carried thank you very much so moving on now to devolution referred just latterly in that last paper about devolution and we are in the process also on display were delighted to be at this stage as we've talked about devolution at these meetings as evidence I've been a member of this committee and it is great to bit stage on were now about Sir consults and Burnham before Sir consulted before and as about consults on a devolution deal in public and this is something that is going through all the different local authorities of the moments and Bradford we started up consultation paper through yesterday through Executive I believe cold Vale and Wakefield have done the same and Leeds and Kirklees are today are secrecy nods there are no Los checking that they're OK with it as on Tuesday I do just to say they go time as fast as them
and so this meeting therefore is to look at devolution in the round and set off at the consultation WYCA point of view and then still was been
there is a ban would you like to present this item
thank you Chair the I think it's as you as you introduced following the the the devolution Deal was announced as part of the budget in March
the the Combined Authority and the Local authorities commissioned a review and the purpose of that of that review is to determine whether and the arrangements for a Mayoral Combined Authority words I would lead to more effective local government and lead to the benefit of local communities so that reviews commissioned in March we bring him back here today is is that review document for your for your consideration and it does indeed conclude or recommend that the move to a Combined Authority Aymeric Combined Authority does meet those to those to Tess the the the it does that on the basis of the functions that were agreed in the March devolution deal and they're set out on page 34 of the of the paper and and then paid 43 comes to the comes to the conclusions around why the the proposed arrangements would be better than our current arrangements are based on issues such as the ability to secure long-term funding and the flexibility that funding the greater levels of accountability the unified voice and alignment of decision-making that is possible under the Mayoral Combined Authority arrangements so to that's the that's the paper that's your been asked as Combined Authority members to consider whether you would agree to that being approved or not and if so an in an import in readiness for that we also provided the scheme which was also commissioned in March and the scheme are in is in effect the instructions to government for what the that the legal order that would create the Mayoral Combined Authority would contain as a as the Chair said a key part in that that we would also be seeking your agreement to trigger today is the launch of a public consultation and there's been a lot of work put in to how we would do an effective consultation during this period of pandemic and associated lockdown and the the the details of that are set out in the paper so that's that's what we're looking for for for Members to consider current conclude today jam thank you been and can I say thank you first of all at Council to the offices of the Combined Authority who have worked tirelessly on this and at supporters are very ably join the negotiations which were long complex and however at fruitful in the end in achieving what is actually I believe there are still in the country 38 and million pounds a year for the next 30 years is that correct than that is correct but among among other elements yes
so an adviser Anderson wants to go through this of key and benefits of the devolution deal that we've managed negotiate
I am very happy to feature so the there was a report brought back to the last see where we outlined the contents of the deal the government has committed subject to the reason agreeing a Mayoral Combined Authority to allocate as you just referred to 38 million pounds a year for 30 years of gainshare which would be and ring fenced for the region to spend on priorities you also secured as part of the deal the largest allocation both in cash and per head of further transforming cities fund which is 317 million pounds over the next few years access to an a government fund for investment in transport from 20 22 worth 4 point 2 billion pounds which is only accessible to regions with Mayor's similarly access to a 400 million pound brownfield fund to support housing developments 25 million pounds to support the development of British Library North in Leeds and a range of a range of other of of powers and functions relating to transport such as bus franchising greater control of the bus system skills so control over the Adult Education Budget which is worth 63 million pounds a year some functions relating to Housing and Planning which can support the region's ambitions around the climate emergency and the plan will now be cut to lay all of that out for the for the public and seek to seek their views on the proposals
thank you very much on the I'm not really or the leaders want to come in on this item of level thought my Councillor Blake
we did have a discussion at our Executive Board about the communication plan I am I understand this when put through at the PAC but I am sure that might be as we go along some local flexibilities that when it's against a commercial that we reached the but that the highest number of people that would must be can you know Sly will it when we're we're living through extraordinary circumstances and we really do need to make sure that began we get the the biggest possible exposure to the benefits of good proposals and liberty for
but another interested parties about comment
absolutely and we all recognise the challenges of consulting at this time I believe been with with thinking through how we best do that I think you said before that actually a lot of the Mayoral Combined authorities have gone before us have also consulted on line regardless of fat that it was normal times then at Burbank can you just them take that challenge and make sure you know just talk through what we're thinking of doing from a consultation point of view
yes I will give an overview and then a Alan modelled coming with any points of points of detail but in essence how how the consultation operation this period is is indeed a really critical issue the to in answer to Councillor Blake's question or point the consultation will be operated through each local authority so it will have that local feel and that will allow local consultation teams within each authority to determine
how to achieve the best kind of penetration into communities in the best and the best response rates so that's that's one key part that the the next part is that we are we're doing we're doing the kind of promulgation through the digital channels but we are also using polling experts to took to in effect undertaken a more focused mailshot survey and digital survey into communities as well to try to ensure that again we get that representative opportunity for people to comment Allah might say a little bit a little bit more about that and the other thing I think it's important to mention is that consultation has been a theme at all of the Local Authority assesses that are be considering this at some really sensible points to be made of we are adapting though I that the questions in the light of some of those points made
and Keith Allen Jones come in there yes thank you Chair and clearly as as has been said during this period direct face-to-face consultation isn't possible so we are pulling out all the stops to ensure that there's as much engagement as we can possibly get and that everybody is given the opportunity to have their say and in other places that have done this most of the engagement has been online so though there is an online survey which will be the primary source but as Ben said we're also putting in place arrangements for people who can't get access online and we are targeting through mailshots people in in particular and postcodes where there are high levels of of disadvantage to ensure that they have an opportunity to have their say the consultation itself were working with well renowned company and the consultation Institute who are call the assuring what we're doing and providing some assurance that we're making it as accessible as we possibly can and we will be doing a range of e-mail shots etc. out to all our stakeholders and partners to trying a get them to reach out to wider communities for to get as many responses as we as we can and will continue to to enhance the the approaches that were taking as we as we go through it but we've got a we've got a strong plan to engage as many people as possible which takes into account the fact that eke can't do face to face consultation at the moment
thank you have got Councillor Pennington and then Councillor Hall yet thank you just just quickly on the consultation and I do have some suggestions which I'll e-mail through to a two bed that to save time now but just for clarity I wanted to say 4 point 2 billion for transport and if so over what period that's a so Socha is OK to respond
yes thank you thank you so it's a 4 point 2 billion pound funds nationally that we would expect to get a share of it starts in 20 22 and runs until 20 27 so it's a it's a five-year period am and the idea is that the that we develop a business case with government during 20 21 to unlock the funding right thank you for that and just briefly again did you say that the 63 million for the adult educated you say it's per year yes for the 30 years now it's just so the the New gainshare money is 30 million pounds a year for 30 years and the million pounds a year's or or sorry 38 million pounds a year shot change we now know indeed that was hard won the 38 38 million pounds a year for 30 years the UN ring-fenced gainshare the adult education budget is currently 63 million pounds a year but is subject to future decisions of spending reviews but that won't do it does currently thank you but the whole long complicated formula how it's worked out nationally Johnson and hope will get more money into in the future but it's a good start don't Councillor hole
thank you Chair I I'm really pleased to hear about the the efforts are made to get this consultation right and particularly the fact that it will be delivered through the local councils because I think people tend to trust what comes through to them and think it's important if it cautioned Councillor where is the might not if it comes from anybody else if they've never heard the person it comes from the unlikely to to respond because it is important that we know what people think about this it fundamentally this is a very good deal for our county particularly as you've heard the financial benefits of it are very very good deal at from that point of view
we may have a at concerns are about some of the detail in there I'm sure they'll come out but that's the purpose of the consultation is important and we get it right and and probably not the only politician felt a slight twinge at the mention of pooling experts but I'm sure that was only a passing reference on that work but yet thank you and particularly can we say thank you to the people that are on our side and on the Ministry side that have actually put the effort in to negotiate in on our behalf to get this deal through because it has taken a lot of effort I know from the people that had done it and we ought to say thank you to them absolutely thank you Councillor Hall I must admit their reference appellant experts I've got quite a lot going on here so we're not sure what the Cayman I've got Councillor Golton
no yeah thanks Chair I just carrying on from Councillor Blake's points about how we were discussing how the consultation will work I actually have to say the way the consultation was set out in the papers that we had from the Combined Authority was actually a very clear and I think it will be accessible for people who actually get to know about it I think the key is getting them to know about it and
allowing people to see the facts of what is proposed before they see what some people might put forward in terms of being mischievous so there's there's a lot in the word deal which basically to some people says stitch-up DCAL demean and we need to make sure that this isn't just seen as an agreement between a set of suits in London and a set of suits in town halls in West Yorkshire and that actually has something meaningful to offer the people of our sub-region that we represent and impart of that might be explaining the actually as leaders we wanted to have a Yorkshire deal and unfortunately those in charge in Westminster weren't listening at the time and actually this is what we've got and this is what we're gonna take forward because what's most important is getting resources in the hands of people who are locally represented and locally accountable to get change happening at pace which hasn't happened before because too many decisions taken in Westminster and if that message can be taken on board
through our consultation process that's great unfortunately what happens with a lot of consultation processes we concentrate on the detail and the technicalities that make something happen as opposed to what the promise is of those changes at were making
thank you Councillor Golton and certainly Yorkshire is still alive and well because we have a meeting later this week on Yorkshire and we have the money as part of the devolution Deal to support our Yorkshire ambition and just say the word that I think is very off-putting people is devolution you speak to any resident about devolution they will blaze over but it just sounds like technical in itself that is is quite a challenge to make it sound interesting but I'm I say it's about powers and money and to do more things at locally her that people want and I've got a cancer should be Pandor indicating I've got Roger Marsh indicating South do that in that order Councillor Pandor go thank the Chair of it up pretty quick Kirm birthday a forum for recording the Fed in terms of the amount of effort Colin from over 30 from the Combined Authority and aren't from ministers and the mount energy that so actually gone interest to make sure that the deal that actually the Bestival's has been developed from the time and I use the word deal deliberately based on the previous comments and assure Councillor Walton Manuel but he's the best deal that has happened for many many years and and the burly white feather he's about tight time that we actually got here because the people of actually missed out our duties in all the five local authorities and issue by equalising and making sure that we get our fair share the somewhere to go but this is at a room Rebecca achievement and in terms of the
the deal each Leeds air Silesian is the last of the coffee areas that actually got the deal on the on the table we shouldn't have and this third on many many moons ago so it is a book deal the deal is there to actually serve the communities of the West Yorkshire and we should be ashamed of saying that we need to make sure that we actually get a positive message to though it's not something that's been done about fag-packet to now in its multi rooms now it's something that's actually not professionally with integrity and will make sure that that intended continuous in terms of how we consulted our communities 100 also mention how are we going to go that step further until the making sure that we just don't rule thing digitally how other converted went had so you know I welcome departure things thank you she met Mander and just absolutely Dausgaard's out making sure that every part of the region fills a benefit of this devolution at deal and that those powers and funding go to improve their lives as exactly what we're all about as leaders are and it's just wonderful to have got to this stage and Roger Marsh who is the Chair of the Leeds City region LEP Rogelj lights come in yes thank you Chair and good morning everybody at I guess 3 3 points enlightenment for sought to reinforce what others have said about we've we've waited a long time for this summer's on this call remember 20 15 then with that and the amiss so for our communities and businesses that is a great step forward and I'd like to pay tribute all as officers that her for worked long and hard to get us to this point I think secondly it's also use would be useful to all of our communities to understand this is the beginning of the devolution journey not the end of it in terms of the further stages that will emerge and I think to bring that alive to the point that Councillor Golton red perhaps we might want to give some sense of the impact we aspire for our businesses our communities our quality of life etc etc to reinforce some of those things that strategically we focused on over the last five years of the Local growth Fund and West Yorkshire Bus Transport Fund to bring it so be get a sense of actually what's on offer not what the man UC eyes as people have said because that seems to be a turn off and with respect I our hope that every facet of
West Yorkshire would see the opportunities for for for further enrichment of of all of the aspects that we'll striving so said for me it's perhaps painting some of the pictures of the positive that this will deliver rather than perhaps people may have set their face against the idea of this sort of governance structure her perhaps historically so
that's a good point at share Roger Marsh and and making sure that people see the benefits of as if we start talking about my new tie and was in 3 point to and what scrutiny committees are all the time and actually we're not good to be able to tell people exactly what the opportunity is as eerie so we got to very careful how we frame our language I'm not see anybody else indicating understand to bring them back in and then moved to recommendations then
thank you Chair I think the aside from going through the recommendations the the key for us is to share with you and the consultation documents in their final form where the that the diversion is in your pack was the current format of a week ago and we are updating it or in the light of comments being received and and looking to improve it and so we'll look to share that information amongst members of the Combined Authority's quickly as we can thank you very much and I think the message is Landstrom in very in the consultation is to be thorough when you want to a good number of people applying to it and and making their views heard and we need to make sure that we are very clearly articulating the benefits of devolution and not putting people off by talking about too much minute I've detail which will turn them off on this big site about a proposition and the opportunity and so am moving to recommendations I won't read them all out because they are Aussie quite long detail but this the laid out therein and number 9 are there and so just say I would like to recommend those in a number 9 and can I just see people in favour of those who show your hand
I thank you very much that is carried so look forward to seeing a comprehensive consultation going forward and does it come back here and towards the end of the year been I believe was it's all medics that are created it'll come back before it before the SA on over the course of the summer with the response the responses to the consultation for the Combined Authority to consider
thank you very much so I now have just on my gender and I have walking and cycling infrastructure my rights and navigate my papers their local cycling or walking the structure plans and Alan Reece are all is going to introduce this item I believe now the numbering politicians are sought I think come Councillor Groves was going to say sorry traffic ice so Councillor Groves can you please it uses item and then we'll bring in officers accordingly thank you
you is an categorise your commute
think right OK that's lovely Thanki kid thank you so this process strategic approach to developing a network of PFI quality walking and cycling routes across West Yorkshire it's it held that the development of this whips and under Khomeini improvements in the structure encourage more people to choose active travel and a car emphasise enough how important active travel is going to be in terms of the recovery and corvid as part of the transport Network and the government of Rip protected that in the recent announcement of the 250 million and emergency funding and the shiksa get in on developing schemes unfortunately the funding hasn't reached at look Gokul from at this point and we have no indication when that funding will come down and so in terms of the swifts and these were overseen by the transport could be tea and have gone out to consultation working with district partners and are hoping that this this works well utterly enable more people to walk and cycle for shorter everyday journeys helping meet the auction was transport to at strategy for 20 40 and I think we really need to saw of them capture and A and M Hookway harnessed
the change that people have made to the lives suddenly fruit Best covert situation but the benefit is that more people are cycling of approve it really difficult to get hold of cycles at the moment and walking and I think it's how we continue to encourage that and going forward in the document you will see the maps for each district's at that beam again developed in with the Transport Committee part four-year hole dares and the Transport Committee did endorsed this draft on the 20th and Jannie and 20
so I'll leave it there thank you very much Kim which officer digital to jobs bringing officers or is it just a matter of a yes no sir Ambra Ambrose's now could come in
Ambrose whites
Johns' take yourself off newts and off and put your picture and feel safe as possible
come on and run a numbers while Policy Officer with the Combined Authority
hopefully we can hear and see me OK as Castro said the local citing Woking structure Plan work there is a piece of strategic development work that is has been under way for a while at the moment and it's a piece of work that was prompted by an government cycling walking investment strategy and government publish technical methodology advising local authorities how to plan for cycling and walking
in the most robust evidence led way and West Yorkshire Combined authorities one of around 40 authorities in the country taking part in a pilot test of the methodology and we secured government support to to do so I would developing ei elsewhere or LC Whip for each partner Council that acronym is rather difficult to say the Surrey wanted to develop one for each partner council area that these could be combined to form a West Yorkshire Plan I'm and we've been working with each partner Council to do so from the start see your officers have been involved in the development of these alongside our own consultants we adopted a phased approach and the the phase 1 acted as a pilot essentially to test the methodology and we selected specific geographic areas within each district area which is why the as you see in the appendices the plans show a cycle routes and walking presence in specific areas within each her district area
and the next phase of work will look to expand this to cover West Yorkshire but based on the learning we've learned in Phase 1 we did undertake their stakeholder engagements we haven't done a public consultation but it was an engagement exercise in two phases to inform the plans in line with the guidance from government and we after committed stated engagement in autumn 29 teen air we update the plans until and Transport Committee who endorsed them at their meeting in January and so the summary documents are attached as appendices and recommended for approval by Combined Authority this was a recommendation to delegate the final look and appearance of the documents to the Chair of Transport Committee suitable for publication I'm I won't I could talk length but I won't say ups I'll finish the thank you very much and I was wondering how to say the LC whip acronym as a new acronym that is just crossing our desk isn't it so we'll have to get used to that one and I believe the some money pending from governors well to lift a million is that right
nationally yes
do you want me to come in again Councillor Groves
you want to Councillor Gareth Jones just coming up on it yet there was a call with offices to the Deputy yesterday but we still haven't got any clarification about when that fund is going to reach local government on how it's going to be an divided and or what mechanism the gonna get to us to actually
in to implement that throughout the districts so were unclear it's really unhelpfully for AQA containing a Councillor Hinchcliffe because we have got a district officers who have got some really good ideas and schemes registered her we just can't get on with it OK thank you very much so we today we're going to pass the plans and endorse the plans but we need the money to deliver them and that's the message to government you've put to 50 million on the table tell us how much we getting a when we're getting a Councillor Pennington indicating suspended just to grit one's Rumbelows I think it's a marvellous of it as an excellent job that you got some good schemes there if you've got a lot of money coming in please please don't forget Queensberry tunnel there's a massive opportunity there
thank you Councillor Peltzer and hear hear cannot say so obviously separately we're obviously been sought to government a lot about which we tunnel we actually put it in all our papers about devolution and try to make sure that going to realise the importance of it of course they do and we've had in Bradford we've had reassurance from ministers that they realise the significance acquittal and that is a very significant piece of infrastructure for us in Bradford and this scheme obviously enables a lot more walking OSIFE it's gone across the whole of West Yorkshire and therefore something that we fully one so endorse and is there any more for any more on this
no I don't think so so I'm going to go to a recommendations
and so we have to recommendations there that we adopt phase 1 of local cycling and walking infrastructure plans produced the 5 local authorities there and their decision on the final appeared second on his final appearance of face one documents for is delegated to they Combined authorities managing Director in consultation with Councillor Kim Groves who is the Chair of the Transport Committee so answered Casablanca that previous Lapporten and up can I see all those in favour please show thank you thank you very much and that is carried thank you so moving now to the next item of the agenda which I believe is of corporate item scroll down to it
scrolling scrolling scrolling
I began rights and so yes so corporate matters of the two things on here we've got am corporate a capital strategy which we went through at our copper order and governance meeting last week I believe it was and also procurement strategy and very pleased to see that social value is very much part of this procurement strategy and care Angela Taylor where she got are there and they would you like to just present the site of 4 replace thank you thank you Chair is as you say we've got to updated strategies for approval today the Capital Strategy was originally had aversion period last April as the Chair explained it to go to governance and audit last week who were happy to and endorse it subject to it undergoing a bit of a review ahead of next year recognising that the capital strategy is about this of overarching framework we have in which we we frame our and capital decisions it's not the detail process that set out elsewhere but there was a recognition at the meeting last week that the landscape is moving quickly and with a combination of COVID and their devolution opportunities we may wish to revise a capital strategy so we'll be bringing that back ahead of it and when you'll date next year it is something we do need to up date each year it is a requirement of our Prudential Code so it would be helpful to have to prove this motion today and recognise that we need to be looking at this again over the course of the next few months into next year
the procurement strategy we have the current three-year strategy that you approved in 20 18 this won't set out to the progress made since then with with put a lot of effort into reviewing applicant pro processes and seeing how we can bring the benefits of good procurement the organisation to get better outcomes and better value for money and the social value element has been embedded in his new strategy and it gives a bit of a road map to the areas that were looking to continue to improve focusing on the category management stakeholder management and and contract management as we go forward and again were it is a evolving involving picture and but it does give us some am
a clear focus on how we're going to bring more expertise in to the team how we're going to apply that and make and better procurement decisions for the organisation and for the region
I suppose it that thank you very much for that yes sir the corporate governance last week were very clear that given the times we're in and the financial uncertainties in the economy and therefore in our budgets we need to be sited on capital strategy are and other financial elements are going forward because Sir obviously we've got to be fleet of foot I'm afraid and flexible to make sure that Sir we can respond to events as they happen at Roger Marsh are seeing indicating with rights come in because as thank you thank you Angela and my remark I hope is to be helpful rather than appear critical and businesses routinely stopped me in the street and commentary that actually work as an organisation with quite hard to do business with
now I want to talk to the extent you felt there was some improvements we could make an whether this paper does the C 2 2 body was improvements on the one hand on the other hand to explain to business colleagues that it's not as the world I used to enjoy as simple because it's accountability for public money we need to go through due process etc and often responses is yes we get that it's about the the speed at which things are dealt with and and the the the what appears to be a rather tortuous bureaucracy that that they have to go through to get decisions and end its of concern to me not the Serb our criticism but thinking about devolution and scaling up funds to make sure that we're able to involve and take all of our private sector community to enrich the impact are referred to in the earlier a piece Chair so it it's a a question backed up by some observation but perhaps maybe something we could come back to the combat of the pay just to check in and test in in the in the circumstances we are best in class albeit in the prevailing environment were operating thank you Roger so I think Ken is a compliance and I think we've all remarked that in recent weeks with as local authorities and as a combined authority of all flex and change rapidly why can't we do that kind of fleet of foot Sir activity on a regular basis are bringing an Angela Battle also bringing Brian Archer on this as well
yet I can just adequate response there I think public sector procurement is always one of those areas that that causes some tensions think rights however they won't be very very alert to that and some of the changes inherent with the changeable Semeta contract Standing orders which are a sort of sister document to this have been about trying to streamline processes it's been about getting a purchasing pipeline in place because the early we know about the things we want to do the am easier we can advise what the market would be doing or supplier engagement days we've been trying to reach out to the market but we need to know that those becoming too coming up so it's been quite a process of building on an information for within the organisation so that when it doesn't become a we need by an x next week because to do good procurement we need to lay the ground work and that's what the team have been about some of the work around category management getting expertise in certain sectors
so that there is a much the team is is able to respond very quickly to some of the deep more regular types of purchase that we make and have frameworks in place have and other other way set out that the can quickly call off and get work progressed so we it I think it will always be a continual improvement but I could we have done a lot to try and make sure we learn from others as well there's a lot of the stakeholder management strand in there is very much about working with
I love authority partners YPO and as Miguel the purchasing arrangements in place across the region
to take it on board that will never be perfect but we'll continue to try and improve that and I think certainly better than it than it was in the past I think the certain empowered EU procurement is making sure that you people lots and lots of notice businesses lots of notes when a contract is coming up for renewal so if we could give them as much notice possible than they can prepare for and have a good chance locally of getting that contract bring Archer
there are Angela is absolutely right we take a more strategic approach to procurement will want quality we want speed and we want to be easier to to do business with and has three areas of focus which and which partly picked up by the transformation programme and that's about you know better people more training for the people better processes and at a technology which hopefully will speed up that term that procurement process and make it much easier to do business with the Combined Authority
OK thank you very much so I'm not seeing anybody else indicate Singh and so with that the two recommendations that we adopts the capital strategy and the procurement strategy both of which are in your papers as are happy to recommend that can I see those in favour please show
thank you very much that is carried so I think the only other item on this agenda is the meetings at the end of the agenda to item 9 which calendar of meetings I'm not sure that anything we really need to say that this is all the calendar dates provided to show the breadth of work that goes on the Combined Authority when you go through this so were approved in the calendar of meetings and note the provisional dates of meetings for the LEP Board which obviously is in the jurisdiction of Roger Marsh there
is anybody got any questions or comments
Councillor Pennington
Dorabella up you're just a quick one I noticed that Rodgers has had an away day why aren't we all invited
nonetheless Higham John Irving well we're all always up for a party I'm quite sure but it could be took his only John so apply very early but for the variable today difficult but he knowing where you go out tonight EFA pink and here the LEP and the LEP obviously is a membership body in all five were shot leaders are on the local enterprise partnership along with there are a lot of businesses which in in the body is constituted by government so we have to follow the guidelines of governments on that and I'm guessing that the LEP away day won't be aware you won't be a day which is why usually happens when I go to an away day so it'll be online and we'll all try and have a great pictures behind us as you do today Councillor Pennington make it sounds a little bit more exotic than actually will be but all useful to get together and make sure we plan the future which obviously is going to be challenging for everybody but with opportunity to the devolution deal so with that's a question am I not anybody else indicating so I'm happy to accept those the recommendation of calendar of meetings please show thank you very much that is carried and so I believe that concludes the meeting for today Ruth have I missed anything o that said Look the thank you very much nastier attendance a diary have a good rest of the week by and Cuba