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  1. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
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  1. Cllr Tim Swift MBE
  2. Ruth Chaplin
  3. Cllr Judith Blake CBE
  4. Cllr Peter Box CBE
  5. Cllr Kim Groves
  6. Cllr Stewart Golton
  7. Cllr Keith Aspden
  8. Angela Taylor
  9. Cllr Peter Harrand
  10. Cllr John Pennington
  11. Cllr David Hall
  12. Cllr Shabir Pandor
  13. Caroline Allen
  14. Ben Still
  15. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
1 Apologies for Absence
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2 Declarations of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests
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3 Exempt Information - Possible Exclusion of the Press and Public
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4 Minutes of the Meeting of the Combined Authority held on 27 June 2019
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For Decision
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5 Capital Spending and Project Approvals
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  1. Cllr Peter Box CBE
  2. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  3. Cllr Stewart Golton
  4. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  5. Cllr Stewart Golton
  6. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  7. Dave Pearson
  8. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  9. Cllr Stewart Golton
  10. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  11. Cllr Kim Groves
  12. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  13. Cllr Peter Box CBE
  14. Cllr Judith Blake CBE
  15. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  16. Cllr Peter Box CBE
  17. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  18. Cllr Kim Groves
  19. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
5 a) Ultra-Low Emission Bus (ULEB) (Transport Scheme)
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6 HS2 Consultation Response
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  1. Cllr Judith Blake CBE
  2. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  3. Cllr Stewart Golton
  4. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  5. Ben Still
  6. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  7. Cllr Judith Blake CBE
  8. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  9. Cllr Stewart Golton
  10. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  11. Ben Still
  12. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  13. Cllr Judith Blake CBE
  14. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
7 Blake Jones Rail Review
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  1. Cllr Judith Blake CBE
  2. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  3. Cllr Stewart Golton
  4. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  5. Cllr Judith Blake CBE
  6. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  7. Cllr David Hall
  8. Cllr Judith Blake CBE
  9. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  10. Cllr John Pennington
  11. Cllr Judith Blake CBE
  12. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  13. Cllr Shabir Pandor
  14. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  15. Cllr Judith Blake CBE
  16. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  17. Ben Still
  18. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  19. Ben Still
  20. Cllr Kim Groves
  21. Ben Still
  22. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  23. Ben Still
  24. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
8 Medium Term Financial Strategy and Budget 2020/21
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  1. Angela Taylor
  2. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  3. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  4. Cllr Stewart Golton
  5. Angela Taylor
  6. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  7. Cllr John Pennington
  8. Angela Taylor
  9. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
9 Corporate Planning and Performance
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  1. Angela Taylor
  2. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
10 Transforming Cities Fund
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  1. Cllr Kim Groves
  2. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  3. Cllr Judith Blake CBE
  4. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  5. Cllr Kim Groves
  6. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
For Information
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11 Minutes and Notes for Information
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[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:00:00]
before we start can I just ask you to introduce themselves to people who may be listening and watching at home
or my name Susan Hinchcliffe family draw breath and chair the Combined Authority I go to my right
yes Roma sorry forgot not unless require
[Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 0:00:16]
councils himself
later called them revised draft
chapter and plots in meeting
[ Ruth Chaplin - 0:00:22]
[Cllr Judith Blake CBE - 0:00:24]
Judith Blake leader of Leeds City Council
Peter Box Leader's White
[Cllr Peter Box CBE - 0:00:27]
[Cllr Kim Groves - 0:00:30]
House Kim Groves Chair of Transport Committee
[Cllr Stewart Golton - 0:00:33]
councillor Stewart Golton at the West Yorkshire against a member of the Liberal Democrats
[Cllr Keith Aspden - 0:00:39]
he asked the Leader City of York Council
[ Angela Taylor - 0:00:43]
Angela Taylor Director Corporate Services
returned to the overview and scrutiny committee and this is my first
[Cllr Peter Harrand - 0:00:48]
[Cllr John Pennington - 0:00:54]
Jon Wellington eyelid the Conservatives on Bradford council
[Cllr David Hall - 0:00:57]
David Hodge leader of the Conservative Group at Kirklees
[Cllr Shabir Pandor - 0:01:02]
she became the leader of Kirklees council
[ Caroline Allen - 0:01:07]
Caroline Allen Head of legal and governance at the Combined Authority
[ Ben Still - 0:01:12]
i'm benefit administration of the Combined Authority
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:01:16]
thank you very much and welcome Councillor Harrand 30 of those meetings are very pleased to have me here An so before we start I want to wish everybody calls happy Yorkshire Day it is fortuitous that were meeting on Yorkshire Day and obviously we are all very proud to be Yorkshire and so it's a chance to celebrate what makes Yorkshire brilliant air were diverse and beautiful and we have plain-speaking painful and a good sense of humour and we have sporting greats to be proud of and but we also need to reflect on the challenges that we see and how it can work together to solve them and I wanted to take this opportunity ready to provide a short update on the less discussions about devolution at why it's vital the difference it can make for our residents and businesses and in case anyone missed it last week saw the arrival of a new prime Minister and the ministerial team and we all know have a lot to do on their to do list add but last week we can't in his speech at Manchester Science and instruments team we heard a call to unite the country and level up and that the level up as an important phrase for us because currently the Treasury select committee is conducting an inquiry into imbalances in the UK economy AGM and the Combined Authority and lamp are this week's submitting a response that had shown it to highlight a few key points
we're all familiar that the UK can May's become spatially imbalanced over the last 40 years and since 2 thousand and 10 that gap has widened and cities in the south are still growing faster than those in the north and the benefits of that 100 375 billions pounds of quantitative easing and ultra-low interest rates had been felt more by those in the south-east and London or than they have been in the North and in terms of public investment spending on economic affairs which mainly comprises transport and economic development shows a disappointing picture for the region and you'll all scene of a handout or that we sent round beforehand showing the disparity in funding between Yorkshire and Humber are on those important transport investments are me and decision by governments and the rest of the country the Leeds City region saw 815 million pounds less than last year on economic affairs or would have been the case if investment had mirrored the trajectory in the north-west and London and so it is absolutely pressing that that the economy of the UK is rebalanced and that regional geography and the older potential we know exists in Yorkshire and the Humber is invested in which brings me to devolution
so Yorkshire leaders have been quick off the mark and we wrote to Boris last week asking for two things
we asked him to agree to joint working aiming to have a Yorkshire deal in place in 20 22 and him to commit a necessary interim arrangements within each sub-region to allow meaningful devolution within Yorkshire between now and 20 22 and that would include unlocking the South Yorkshire deal agreeing as Leeds City region Deal commensurate with other large metropolitan areas and Interim deals in each sub-region and respected the Interim early discussions Councillors Blake box and I have had positive discussions with Robert Jenrick
in his previous role in the Treasury and we were pleased to see his promotion to secretary of State for Housing Communities and Local government so we hope a further progress on devolution but just to emphasise that regional imbalance in spending or for Yorkshire and Humber has to be changed and now is the time to change that

1 Apologies for Absence

2 Declarations of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests

so with that call to action and that celebration of Yorkshire Day and move on to the main body of the agenda and start with apologies for absence oblivion 1 apologies for absence today which is Roger Marsh Chair of Alec and secondly any declarations of disclosable pecuniary interests

3 Exempt Information - Possible Exclusion of the Press and Public

none declared exempt information as only one elements in the papers which before you today which is exempt which are the appendices to transforming cities paper and we will not exclude members of the public for the item but please can I ask you to stick your questions to the paper itself and anything in Appendices when it's clear the room before we discuss those so can be very careful what you say on that subject and just focus on the actual paper

4 Minutes of the Meeting of the Combined Authority held on 27 June 2019

and then minutes of the Combined Authority held on transcends of June and those are in front of me here in front of you hopefully and is a really happy with those minutes any amendments or changes that you need to make to those before we can approve them
I see no indications at it as an occasional happy with those minutes
where that is carried and am I will sign those after this meeting

For Decision

5 Capital Spending and Project Approvals

and now moving to decisions therefore are first item for decision capital spending and Project approvals Councillor Box as chose investment Committee would you like to introduce this item
[Cllr Peter Box CBE - 0:06:31]
I can't believe I remember the first on the forgotten
On the confidence of a joke to make about it
if you are saying the investment Committee now has delegated powers as from the annual meeting of the Combined Authority so whether schemes for approval
or only in respect of Kirklees today before us
On a powerful point 5 that Kirklees transport model scheme that's constraint to the Combined Authority for approval the paper sets out the benefits of that scheme and the that benefit Cost ratio is very good so investment Committee as urging it we support that today and all the other schemes of that before you do our best to answer any questions on those at went through at last meeting
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:07:24]
but Councillor Box let's turn off the microphone
questions coming to this Council
[Cllr Stewart Golton - 0:07:34]
thank you Chair
I put a question which involves investment in bus
in Leicester vision
investment in bus infrastructure so for instance the discordant concerns
EU less is it left ultra-low emission said there
are investment and also pertains to
the West Yorkshire
investment as well as find the page
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:08:06]
[Cllr Stewart Golton - 0:08:11]
areas will not be ultra low emission bus and then we got a clean Bus technology Fund
i'm Artington clarity rarely in terms of
what is a private sector bus company contribution and what is a publicly subsidised taxpayer funded contribution towards clean-technology embassies because the lease transport plan was announced a few years ago and it pointed out how we were getting added value because as well as the 100 74 million pounds that the government was providing for us to deliver improvements in the city we were also getting a commensurate investment from the private bus companies to bump it up to 270 millions pounds worth of benefit and
however one of these is a scheme included within the Leeds Transport Plan and it looks like the bus companies aren't providing anything for the provision of these ultra low emission vehicles but and the taxpayer is paying for it through the Combined Authority but the private company is one that's going to deliver get all the benefits from it in terms of the economic benefit we'll get the climate benefit but they will get the economic benefit so I just don't find that that doesn't fit quite right with me there and then in the clean Bus technology Fund scheme further on it talks about how the taxpayer again is going to through the Combined Authority is going to deliver 8 million pounds to deliver improvements in around 220 buses whereas
in the Leeds Transport Plan first boss were going to be delivering 70 1 million pounds to deliver benefits for 258 percent so the the clean Bus benefit seems to be
very different in both those cases so that is 10 times the cost of moneys lessened one is supposedly paid for through the private company and the other is paid for through the West Yorkshire Combined Authority and the taxpayer and I just want some clarity as to
what is actually happening with our private bus fleets and when it talked about an additional 258 buses being delivered through the West Yorkshire Plan additional to what because each of these companies has a duty to update and deliver cleaner transport through their fleet no matter what and are we just helping them along because we can find the money for the taxpayer or is there an actual plan which says you deliver this much and we'll give you some subsidy
and suggest that with their peers in Essex and detailed questions now
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:10:58]
on the actual papers as that's good thank you for wanting him and about private sets contribution and David Wride star-turn and Tesco violence
yes and thank you to
[ Dave Pearson - 0:11:09]
I'll start with the Leeds public Transport investment Programme and from a
it because as Councillor Golton M Crutchley said on the first group in Leeds are committed to providing 284 new buses and as part of their match funding as it were into the Leeds public Transport investment Programme and were about two thirds of the way through those new buses being being introduced and more are planned for later this year and early into next so that those are buses which are wholly owned and provided by by First Group palm Pantsil where we sit at the moment is that that pledge into that programme is being honoured with the new officer in the city so that processes is different to the other two at which are in this report and and frantic each one in turn
the ultra low emission bus fund an element the Sturton Park and Ride scheme and is intended to operate with electric buses are and the Government's ultra-low emission Bus fund am is essentially a a fund that we have successfully bid to to make up the difference between the cost of a standard diesel bus and electric bus and and so the grant that referred to in the in the report will be deployed as part of the Sturton Park and Ride arrangements and how that'll work is that the successful bidder to operate Sturton park and ride will provide the buses they'll provide electric buses and with all due diligence in terms of of of understanding what the paying for those buses that grant will then be deployed to top up the difference between a standard boss and electric bus the the moneys early contractually bound into the Sturton Park right projects over the years the bus operator
walked away from the contract early then they'll have to repair the proportion amount of that money and so an it commits the successful
the operator to deliver electric buses on that scheme so we've got a number of safeguards around that public money that goes into their but ultimately the buses will be owned by the respective bus company the winds the AGM the Sturton park ride and then the other scheme in here is the clean Bus technology Fund and that's a national scheme really to bring buses that are probably roundabout three four five years holed up to the clean air zone compliant standards of rear of 62 buses and above
so we've successfully bid on a number of occasions to to the
Department for funding which is then deployed her with the bus companies to essentially install equipment on those buses to bring them up to the emission standards again there safeguards in that in the in the deployment of that money so that we see the value of that money being
directed to where's greatest need is and so the the funding there is yes TIS to upgrade bus companies on vehicles to two air quality standards so that we have a bus fleet that not only complies with the Commission standards but also contributes to add to the son of modal shift that gets people out of cars and buses to improve their quality overall and so as politically how these two tranches of money work
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:14:49]
so I understand there is a public sector using its leverage to fat fast changing the private sector actually if we're going to get to a zero carbon by trends 38 then we need to make that change happen and where the ones who can do that
That's not OK it combats I want to ask Councillor Groves to be able to come back in a debate you want to briefly just come back in before I invite Councillor
[Cllr Stewart Golton - 0:15:11]
thanks for what it was just the context because obviously we are enabling these private companies to get this capital investment which means actually they get a benefit Revenue wise when it helps their business model they don't seem to be as Comensura in recognising that help when it comes towards wontons and deliver for instance intermodal ticketing systems between rail and buses and they are resistant to getting the best deal for the customer and I was thinking if we are enabling why aren't we using that leverage to get the benefit that we need out of them as proper full-time partners
so that's a different question to Castledawson so when you asked
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:15:53]
originally and and would not have been as indifferent way so obviously we would like the best deal for the customer and would like to have her a multi-modal whether you call it a two consistent but Councillor Groves knows more about the Nido cancer growth
[Cllr Kim Groves - 0:16:07]
yes I think that the idea of a foreign to partnership that we can have that type of negotiation in terms of the schemes I think the funding was secured in December and and it's the right thing to do in terms of getting those claimed bosses in to the areas of South Parade site and Davis outlined we haven't gone out for procurement on these yet I think the council got and raises a good point in terms of where these ultra low emission buses are our some of our most profitable that was approved its most profitable routes in envy and City and however what I would say is accurate it is our aspiration to have clean persist in all of West Yorkshire and those rooms would then need to be subsidised from the public purse to get that mode of transport in terms of the terror Act had been target we have got to actually move forward on this or it's about the clean Bus technology Fund that and we really need to be committed funding at this time the market will find it really difficult because the industry is not equipped to actually retrofit and when other and new bosses enamel break time on those so I think we should move forward and with these proposals
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:17:27]
support for such a finger should move from a position the right thing
[Cllr Peter Box CBE - 0:17:28]
to do and it's in line with our commitment in terms of the climate change
postively Combined Authority as well but don't take Stewart's point about using that in future negotiations I think we can do both both to accept that with the right thing to do but also to try and use it in in future talks with those commercial
[Cllr Judith Blake CBE - 0:17:53]
Casablanca and just to say that on the routes where the clean offices have been an AGM had been operating for some time were obviously closely monitoring the impact on emissions and I think it very interesting for this board to actually have sight of the impact that and that the changes making tickling the light of the clean Air Zone work that we're doing and hopefully that will be able to replicate right across the region as has been said
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:18:21]
absolutely offsets' pressing issue for all of us on information shared will give Alcott value thank you very much
any more questions comments on the paper presented by his party but Councillor Box
pick up on Councillor Blake's pointed to capture what was agreed in
[Cllr Peter Box CBE - 0:18:33]
future to all the papers that investment committed gaps will look at the impact in terms of climate change and things really aren't perhaps right across the piece of
number Councillor Groves
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:18:48]
[Cllr Kim Groves - 0:18:49]
just to say that really delighted that these schemes are going forward as you read through them you can see the significant difference they will make in terms of walking cycling and public transport on all of these schemes
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:19:01]
thank you and well questions comments
no smarter as his recommendation Councillor Box a approved that paper I am happy to second that all those in favour please show NQ
thank you that is carried

5 a) Ultra-Low Emission Bus (ULEB) (Transport Scheme)

6 HS2 Consultation Response

moving now venture the next item on the agenda which is HS2 consultation response Councillor Blake because I lead on transport jauntily tighten
[Cllr Judith Blake CBE - 0:19:25]
the at firm MP Chair so am we have in front of us the response that them
where intending to submit around them the revisions that HS 2 am had brought forward this is a consultation period that goes until the 6th September and the major impact for us part of the route is the it's the journey from man Woodlesford up into Leeds in and around the proposal from HS2 to change that from a cutting to viaduct am obviously this is already been through the Executive Board of the of the listed counselling harm in terms of our ha and response going forward which will see him in the paper and we've been am quite upfront with HS2 that we've been very disappointed that they haven't given us better visual representation of firm what the viaduct and might actually look like there are some really innovative viaduct examples around the jam around Europe in particular but beyond that we think would flip them ready and have him and benefited the discussion and HS2 are actually have have them responded to the concerns that the the cuts the impact of the cutting on the local
road network in particular coming into the city centre and the AGM that proposed viaduct from that from their perspective the Costa making largely have a lesser impact on the needs of close and road closures and bridge closures during the construction phase where asking them to be far more ambitious as well and in terms of the opportunities that putting the viaduct and could bring around am introducing other active travel routes coming into the city centre and work that we have been discussing with them around
how introducing h hs to routeing through that area could actually bring an opportunity around flood and flood mitigation am so they again I think the paper is fairly clear in the responsive and were proposing to put forward and happy to admit up front from further discussion
I thank Councillor Golton indicate
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:21:43]
thank you Chair errm
[Cllr Stewart Golton - 0:21:47]
chalks long about this in Leeds Executive Board meeting discussing the so I shot repeated here just just visually it was just a couple of areas I think need to be clarified given the West Yorkshire Combined Authority context the first one is on page 52 which talked about the rolling stock depot and the likely loss of income that the Combined Authority will have due to be compromised or Enterprise Zone A it because the Enterprise Zone is mentioned in late papers about the risk of it not being developed in time to get the full benefits of
the special arrangements that are there so I think that's worth comment in terms of how much a and the second thing is paid 55 point to point to 3
the Sturton touchpoint has been talked about by Transport for the North Chief Executive some time ago and the local people in the area in particular and of course hours and respectable we've been asking to find out what is proposed for the Sturton touch point and Transport for the North has not delivered any plans for that when we talk to it just to about this latest revision in their plans they also apparently have not been provided with the information as to where the Sturton touchpoint is going to go and how it was meant to connect up so therefore that is why they are not responding to it in these revisions and I think it's worth us as a Combined Authority to put pressure on Transport for the North to reveal what plans they do have first one-touch point so that that planning can take place
I assure you it has to make it on a regular basis a
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:23:41]
on your behalf and Ben
would you like to come back on those two points of having in Casablanca
[ Ben Still - 0:23:48]
thank you Chair so certainly an EZ itself them and the the land-take caused by the by the Tepper I think it's fair to say that is that remains a live issue
I can't give you today kind of the the quantified estimates of loss because I'm because of those figures to hand but I happily provide those two members of the of the Authority and its files we have abstained figures and it still live and it is still getting I'm a we are still pursuing that between the Department for Transport
Kindo but for for a minute CLG the Treasury and HS2 Ltd and this kind of bouncing around in that in that space but
a in my previous role we had a similar issue with him in Sheffield with the alignment and lays it and there and accommodation was found the effectively moved some of these areas
a allocations elsewhere so that that's what we're after looking at various things in that in that kind of mould but no success to date
and on the second issue around Sturton I don't think the issues are as progressed as your question implies and we are currently
working up a specification with
tussle for the North or rounds are in essence the the connectivity benefits the Sturton would have provided as a junction and how else that could be provided so I don't think we're at the point yet where there are firm there are kind of a final settled proposes run that junction
I am not sure whether anything is in the public domain for the early drawings that were
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:25:33]
appended you want to come back to step with the added not cut anything title on the
[Cllr Judith Blake CBE - 0:25:35]
and press ownership am absolutely content and comments about Sturton am and just to reassure Councillor Golton that and officers from the Combined Authority are very much in the mix in terms of discussions around Sturton and the implications go beyond army does area so there are discussions also happening with South Yorkshire and and to the east of Leeds as well so as soon as though small information spring forward it will go to a phone and an officer from we fought for
so long
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:26:12]
[Cllr Stewart Golton - 0:26:14]
I wish just follow up in terms of we've had the prime minister specifically talking about Northern powerhouse Rail and how he wants to accelerate the delivery of it I'm assuming it had conversations with some parties around this table that house that's going to happen but you would also therefore think that plans for infrastructure such as the Sturton touch point which I integral to Northern powerhouse Rail will need to be progressed and therefore has any thought been put into bringing those plans forward
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:26:48]
thank you Chair
[ Ben Still - 0:26:49]
there's a lot in that question
Councillor Golton I think it's I'm the pair of perhaps the most helpful things to say are that
the Sturton junction was a proposal and put forward by and ourselves and other partners and in order to increase the connectivity between Northern powerhouse Rail HS2 and the rest of the northern rail network it's not part of HS Tues plans at the moment and as I said I conversations are very much about with with Transport for the North are around how the
how the connectivity that we think is required for the overall network can be provided and the
the the discussion on the comments of the prime Minister made around accelerating nor the Powys rail
of I would say is about the principle of how to develop infrastructure schemes at pace and it's not about the specifics because there are still a number of options and route different route alignments being considered in terms of what ultimately that Northern powerhouse Rail network might look like
so I agree it's an opportunity
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:28:04]
I am I'm but I do think that the prime Minister made that announces a political announcement without parts of transport civil servants being quite on top of the detail of what be implied I think is now out for all of us to work together to make sure that political commitments is turned into reality and I can assure you we're on the same page with that
[Cllr Judith Blake CBE - 0:28:30]
Just to pick concluded and I am not sure that kept their premises over the
would know what you are talking about if you went to him today and asked him about its plans for statin
but it's it's been a massive boost to the project and everyone is taking it very seriously and you know very committed to making sure that we get everything in place so that we can deliver and given the green light that we're ready to get out there and a stop making the proposed width very much like the scheme to be brought forward as quickly as possible but there are technical details that needs to be resolved to help us on the route
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:29:07]
as a correct record of the Bradford City Centre station is very much part of that and therefore I have absolute interest in Bradford's make sure that NPR schemes delivered quickly and asked what we all try and do
and any more questions or comments on this paper
now in that case
I we set out we approving this urgent for noticing
those resources were endorsing so as Councillor Blake has just we endorse it I'll have a second that all those in favour of involvement

7 Blake Jones Rail Review

another right answer next Blake Jones rail review thanking has a hand or Blake Jones rail review I'm contemplated you want to keep this one off
[Cllr Judith Blake CBE - 0:29:58]
yes I'm in the slightly embarrassing position of having seen off to rail ministers during the
during the process of them of this work
I am assuming we're going to continue calling it plate Jones reviewfor for simplicity
but we did get the a review and published on the fifth on the 19th of July and before the announcement of the new prime Minister coming in and I'm pleased to say that the Air Transport for the North yesterday and signed off the action plan and that will come from this I don't think we need to
go over the too much of the detail here today as we've discussed this matter on a number of occasions and as a board and that clearly and the importance of doing this work is that it leads to changes that mean that the disastrous impact and implementation of the timetable changes of May 20 18 pounds happen again clearly the reviewers run alongside other pieces of work and placed her am is one but also and the Richard George work and Members will recall that Richard Georgia is brought in and to oversee the whole of the industry I am across the North and to come up with recommendations as to how we can improve so they the main piece of work going forward her around the passenger promising were already seeing i'm changes in the way that the train operators report their performance data i'm up until our involvement they were and just read reporting and trains and there were arriving on time or cancellations and now they are am including information around and the impact of decisions made and operationally to reduce the number of carriages on the train the impact that that's having done on overcrowding witches inclusive reaching a critical point particularly around Leeds and but also an around the number of passengers that are left behind on platforms because I physically can't get on to the trains we are putting them under increasing pressure to introduce the technology that they promised him
and make sure that there are an accurate reporting around this am Transport for the North said there are now undertaking the work across the EU and the whole of the North in terms of how we can make sure that and when others are real and meet behind the AGM there that the commitment to putting the passenger first and am at the Inner so far with were saying and other parts of the industry talking about passengers in a way that they haven't done this far but we will keep pressure on to make sure that this is translated into reality the other area that you recall is some a real expression of them discontent from the elected Members who are part of the Transport for the North and board that there has been a lack of accountability a lack of transparency and the governance issues are now part of them and a review within Transport for the North which will be coming forward in the autumn as to how we make sure that the elected members of the Rail North Committee are far better sited on am decisions that are coming through to the partnership board and really looking at how we can simplify and the arrangements that I think have made it am very difficult for members to have real oversight of of decisions that are being made in a timely way that means we could intervene and clearly as elected Members we are closest to the travelling public and we hear and have personal experience of travelling ourselves but we hear very directly from the people that we represent and that the the the and matters that affect them on a daily basis and I'm afraid to say that with all of the changes that have been brought forward performance is still nowhere near where it needs to be
and that is being very closely monitored and the other broad area of recommendations from the review are to move at pace towards san am working through and Department Fitch Oak transport and with them Transport for the North so that there that we can talk seriously about how we can have more devolution to Transport for the North from the Department to and decisions are still being made in known in Whitehall without an adequate reference to local circumstances and clearly were am feeding into the Williams review which will take ownership of and the discussions that he's been having across the whole country around and the need for an and the really radical review of how
the trick train services are operated in this country and clearly and that we have a huge rates again what we have an been made aware of through the timetable disaster of last year is the level of dysfunction across the industry and what were also an asking from Richard Georges involvement is that we actually look at bringing forward a senior person within Transport for the North to have the oversight that really has been missing
in terms of farm holding the ring it's their bed near the lack of the golden thread running through that am I has led to situations where franchises have been let am across the rail network with them huge assumptions being made about an Network Rail's ability to bring in the infrastructure improvements that are enhancements that are needed and and the failure of that to actually been delivered was one of the main contributions to the and failures of the timetable particular and the Greater Manchester area and major piece of work continuing AM and are very pleased that review has now I am out in the public domain that the action plan is being am what up i'm and we look forward to progress on them in those areas I think one of the major milestones first is going to be the Williams Review which we expect to get the first indications in the early autumn of where of the direction of travel that he's going to be be taking and that clearly and I think it was unleashing AMF much more work that needs to be done to get the railway industry anywhere near to replace that it needs to be
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:37:00]
thank you Councillor Blackburn can I congratulate you obviously on on publishing its report which is obviously a big piece of work that has been ongoing for a while and Anne Williams did come to Bradford actually AGM last week week before I'm to do some work around the Williams Review and were again like had some of the messages you are giving their Councillor Blake about more power to regions more say from regions to actually determine how networks should work and I welcome that and stamps and look forward to working with Williams more on that and any questions comments to inspect Councillor Thorpe
[Cllr Stewart Golton - 0:37:40]
Vice-Chair this is
a great piece of work and
I was going through the recommendations he went through the box and it really encouraged me
we need to find a way of making sure that we measure the behaviours of those partners that are supposed to be associated with that and we understand what our role is in terms of delivering a level of accountability I was really impressed that they were out of the recommendations were put in for immediate implementation this at the thing is immediate implementation sets up towards the delivery at recommendation 1 Work with train operating companies on a new passenger promised to ensure passengers are the central focus of decisions and to provide infrastructure updates to consider future impacts on passengers recommendation to empowering local political leaders responsible and accountable for street of decisions
recommendation 3 establishing an information protocol with a presumption of maximum transparency and a recommendation for a jointly developed communication protocol covering the partnerships the train operating companies and other industry to ensure greater accountability of train operating companies to passengers through communication to them that is clear honest and insightful after spot pointed out those different quotes in recommendations which are supposed to be immediately implemented because I have a live issue which had been working with Councillor Groves and it is to do with the core issue which is providing tensions in our rail system which is the overcrowded that Councillor Blake was talking about and the ability to overcome through actually the delivery of new rolling stock
getting rid of those paces and one of the questions that we've asked of Northern Rail repeatedly at meetings here where they've sat there and talk to us about how they were open and honest and they want to work with us we asked for a timetable for the introduction of new rolling stock on all of the routes that they were responsible for within our region
they have not done so
through Kim Groves we asked for this information to be given to us they admitted that they have that information but they are unwilling to release it
because they might fall behind in the delivery of it and the point is it's up to us to know whether or not they are falling behind in the delivery of it is up to the passengers to know when they should be expecting the new rolling stock that these companies which was promised years ago when they were awarded the franchise when are they actually going to have a delivered at their rail stations and for them to turn round and say we've got the information but you are not having it is not acceptable and certainly is not in the spirit of the recommendations that Councillor Blake has managed to get agreed and published here so the question for us is how are we going to manage the behaviours of those companies to say that's not good enough
some are asked to agree about your second point particular averts I
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:40:57]
remember sitting in this room with Northern Rail there and we oppressed them all press them on I can get rid of paces by the end of this year I can remember the exact wording they used in response which we have is we have a robust plan Sir eliminate places by the end of this year
and obviously we we we heard that we understood what that meant which was that wasn't our whole hearted guarantee was a ar an press one again but just repeated that phrase I think
that just shows that we were right to press and we were right to be angry at the time that we weren't getting a sufficient assurances and of course now we realise
that that is not the case that Britain must plan was not robust enough simply and therefore we are against the law for some places in the region and that is appalling slightly
but you weren't there for the Richard George meeting room
because that was quietly is quite an interesting mateyness after a Sir and because he made the point that Councillor Blake makes in his first point here about that they am the passengers should be central focus of the decisions and he was saying you've lost that local knowledge I'll answer in the red and string and offering this has all been centralised for so long so how do we build that capacity so there's a lot behind this report also Councillor Blake his remorse
better able to talk to them than I am but me Councillor Blake would you like to come back on some as regards points
[Cllr Judith Blake CBE - 0:42:29]
it it was a real shame that you couldn't be at me to reverse that because he was very candid
and I think what we're actually talking about here is a massive culture shift that we need to effect and one of the problems for the train operator says so as rich charge is very clear that
you know who knew that the companies were actually producing the trains are notorious for late delivery and I think it's that it's getting to that place when the companies know that there's going to be a delay in the actual physical trains arriving that the upfront about it that they tell us and that then we can make the relevant decisions and then we can assist in prioritising the routes that we need those trends to go on when they come through the system and that's what's missing at the moment and that's where we need to get to but whilst we want to obviously bring recommendations forward as a matter of urgency we you know we ourselves have to be realistic that it's going it is a culture shift that were going to have it that were moving on to effect and were not going to achieve it overnight but it's up to us to keep that scrutiny and to keep that demand in place and make sure they come back in front of us if there could persistently failing to deliver an ultimately that bigger issue around this for the train operators is that is there at that the whole issue of their performance against the franchise and that is something I know that will insist looking at
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:43:58]
tackling people wanted to come in now so I'll say a council Holte to indicate earlier than you do sorry I've which IT company
if incurring much
[Cllr David Hall - 0:44:06]
first of all to congratulate Councillor Blake as well for a coffee shop in this report which should really welcome I particularly welcome the fact that it makes quite understandable what is a very convoluted state of affairs particularly
the man in the street doesn't
perhaps understandably partners are involved in the rail industry and I support to your analysis of what went wrong and also the very much some recommendations with its emphasis on on passengers in accountability and
the job questions Councillor
what reaction has been received from all the partners so far and indeed every optimistic that actually all the recommendations will be will be adopted by everybody concerned in the industry
that aside I think there still remains
[Cllr Judith Blake CBE - 0:44:55]
they fundamental analysis about whether the way the rail industry operates at the moment is fit for purpose and what changes need to be made to bring that into the into fact and that's where it's so important that we might for Williams who's done that real route-one branch and analysis of what were if what's happening I've got cost it's not just in the north it's across the whole country that Eleanor his is looking at so will await with interest and what he actually his analysis and that his recommendations and how practical it is for us soon to bring them to bring that forward and
it's Sam it is incredibly complicated and but I have to say as I have said already that you know the transport operators now are bringing forward means of really assessing the impact on passengers of what has happened as still continue to happen
I am until you know I've been chairing the relevant Committee on the Local government Association Network Rail actually asked to come to present to us to talk about how they were changing their cultures put the passenger first in their deliberations so there is a shift happening and I think it's up to all of us enter to be very vigilant about what that actually means an in how it translates into changing behaviour because that is what we need to bring about there needs to be a real radical shift in how they behave and when if it becomes obvious that that things are working against the interests of passenger that they bring in the changes that their needs are met we had a presentation at
the Transport for North's yesterday about decisions had been made to close an entrance to Hall station for example which has caused absolute chaos for passengers and people being dropped off to office by taxi at an entrance to the station there is now no longer open people with disabilities and that that's my real fear EB F them what's been happening over the last few months that people with disabilities will just stop using the rail network altogether
and who would blame them in the Sultan of the sort of levels of overcrowding that people are expected to ensure at the moment is just unacceptable
thank you at Castle Donington
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:47:09]
thank you and
[Cllr John Pennington - 0:47:13]
you just raise a point that I think the rail operators have just shown complete disrespect both to their customers and in fact to us but
you didn't mention I believe monitoring delays to passengers and passenger problems and how do we monitor them because the operators aren't going to tell us there was a problem in Bradford last week or whatever outer wheat how do we measure it
[Cllr Judith Blake CBE - 0:47:37]
so am so basically where we're actually talking about setting up our own said you know let me know in the interim our own means of doing that but actually the technology exists that they can actually they and their putting Northern are introducing the technology to actually you know that's CCTV and most
buses now for example and that they have the means to do it and if there are other means which I'm they don't feel unnecessary but you know mobile phone companies now content the data that they harvest and tell you it gives you so much information in it but they are there they have assured me that they're bringing in means a firm of actually capturing that information without needing to do that but you know where we are monitoring it but I think we we know anecdotally he did not have to go onto Twitter every day to see their experience there that the travelling public are actually having but they've assured us they have the technology and they are introducing it is up to us to make sure that honour that commitment and actually gives the the data feedback that when it with a we need so we'll get reports now which actually give us numbers of people being left behind and we just know anecdotally that there under reporting at the moment but we need to make sure they bring accurate information to us at every opportunity
I Councillor Smith
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:49:01]
[Cllr Shabir Pandor - 0:49:06]
thank you Chair and once again excellent report duly fur and is really well put together and it brings what we've been talking well since I've been on the Combined Authority to eat into place just on reflection what
the roundness under his we were talking about the problems of EP called them here
and quite right there Councillor Golton that in our own deputies and this review is actually
Powell gnomically more formal
I'm along with that on the back of the Williams Review hopefully he will actually start to make a big impact I'm the alkalies either I monitor situations based on why pick up from my constituent North Road people
I use a trend for a lot and every time I come from children to fleet got three cottages
people falls on each other and it's like getting sat in particular I think can and does not get any better
compared to the Council's duty for 10 cottages and relaxing chiller an
awful lot blotter legroom
An inquiry is a complex problem but I can't understand why the complexity has gone even more complex when a solution very straight forward we want to make sure all passengers over all communities actually can get from A to B
easily visible in the hustle and I think the complexity have been created by years and years of neglect over the series of improvements
nothing really good that you don't wanna upon us on a cross-party basis at this and actually coming together
and jettison quite right that needs to be assessed or changes which look a whole series of initiatives
and member of understanding that you are talking about in the report in his way forward
that that transparency is transparency is so important and streamline and simplify the whole thing
the bottom line is either passengers need to understand what's happening and and even one shut a restructure will be the outcome before because the golf course are changing very fast on the report on climate change on another that the masses agenda
and we saw a play catch-up
and the key thing is
the disparity in resources
compared to the figures that I saw the wrong
way behind although the region's
so once all these recommendations have been accepted that the million dollar question how we're going to fund the infrastructure
we need to keep sight of that as well
I just briefly
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:51:56]
[Cllr Judith Blake CBE - 0:51:59]
just to say I think it's highlighted what we said throughout this same lack of investment loss of local knowledge the that family centralised all of the
they signals and points officers dance Milton Keynes and lost that real look much that would tell you that if you try and put that number of trains through that junction it ain't gonna work and that that that's what they've lost but am basically and I think what it highlights more than anything is the luck lack of capacity and that's why we have to really keep pushing for HS2 for Northern powerhouse Rail and were not consulted and I just want to say thank you for your comments but I know as much as I've discovered this far more to know about rail than I ever dreamt was possible just over a year ago I've been completed dependence on the officers here and I just want to say no to you that its officers in West Yorkshire Combined Authority that of led the work that has gone into the it's the back ground floor there is the review in a report and I think that wished all and acknowledge our gets them because they've really been persistence in the face of a lot of an actual an obstruction if that's not too polite a word from the departments who have tried to
put spanners in the work and actually to the fact that they were trying to delay the report coming out to the extent that we actually sought a bit the bullet and just got it into the public domain in
an unsafe just I would like in the minutes are real acknowledgement of the work that's been done within this Authority to get us where we are now
a compulsory and Ben still
much conjecture Combined Authority
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:53:29]
this thank you
[ Ben Still - 0:53:33]
talk I can't get credit Mrs. Ann Davis and undertake a lot of them some of the work and focused V and goes back to 2 Form employed what one is
I think that
the Sram monitoring is relates very closely back to Councillor Lay's point about cultural change we've got to change a system that for which the whole monitoring regime is about monitoring the performance of the train operating company against this franchise
commitments rather than about the experience of the customer and we need that the shift the culture shift the listed the needs to happen here
I think secondly on the go back to Councillor Golton's points at the beginning
he talked about the immediate implementation
there was a lot of work to try to get to ensure that there was immediate there wasn't there was a statement in here and immediate implementation because these are the things that can be done ahead of changing the complex partnership agreement between
Transport for the North and the Department or indeed waiting for the next franchise so there should be seen in that context and it probably sensible if we bring back and look at look at a team cable would bring back a report the indicates how Transport for the North are getting on with their implementation plan for those actions and a two to a Committee meeting
thank you for our will note that action and
I've got cancer growths
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:54:52]
[ Ben Still - 0:54:53]
Just to an offer Councillor Galton and emphasised the congratulate
[Cllr Kim Groves - 0:55:02]
cancer breakfast in her report and retain and some assurances that we are still working on the services and that are required for the customer had with Phil corridor I think in terms there have been sadly let down by Northern and as an Northern exposure to haven't put the derogation ordering yet but I'm sure that they will be preparing that we got and in terms of the news that we have got on that corridor we've had confirmation from Network Rail this week that the work is nearly complete fall apart from 17 and which would make a huge difference and however I'm not convinced that even with the new Rowan stop-loss coming into play that that will meet the capacity at peak times in Station I am concerned about who is altering the stock beyond that because of his efforts franchises and I can be ironed in down then it would be good to know who is accountable for altering the natural in stock that would make such a significant difference on the Castleford Wakefield corridor and the Calder Valley
[ Ben Still - 0:56:07]
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:56:10]
thank you so I'm a few things from that I think first of all of so all echo thanks to Councillor Blake for the work done and the other ministers who are involved and throughout that journey
in cancelling there there is a massive cultural change needs to happen and the rail industry organisational change reach those organisations involved in it and actually are changing the balance of power in the partnership working that we have as well so that the people the customer is put lunch from further at the centre of whatever returns and is not just an also ran not that franchises about the customer and that leads to that shift needs to take place I think bins a suggestion of come back with an action plan A and a mature Transport for the North are held to account for for putting in place for those action think is a good one or Councillor Blake would you
concur with that your cancer
I'm fond without editions of the paper Councillor Blake would you like to say things to
[ Ben Still - 0:57:10]
I think we were given
the target Aeron
chair and and
just ask advances
and approved recommendations
on the next steps
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:57:20]
on clear so that additional suggested by Ben can recommended by Councillor Blake and had to second that all those in favour please show thank you very much
thank you very much so quite a bit on the agenda today for rail as is absolutely right as it is something that preoccupies or lots of accidents and impacts directly on the economy of this region and it needs to be got right
moving on now though two

8 Medium Term Financial Strategy and Budget 2020/21

more prosaic matters were also important medium term financial strategy and budget 20 20 20 21
that's a paper set out in front of you with a projections for future years plus parcels of detail about the elements that go into the budgets and how we spend our money I am quite keen to go out to public consultation later this year and for us to learn from that position authorities at how we are in our authorities consult on budgets make sure over combined thoughts takes so that knowledge and uses it to the best effect Andrew did you want to justice for of give a few key highlights before we ask any questions coming
[ Angela Taylor - 0:58:32]
thank you Chair yet just briefly a reminder that we agreed a three-year budget strategy last year in 2 thousand 18 that involved a reduction in transport levy and are taking a number of actions to ensure we got to a balanced budget by 20 21 and A. this is now the time to roll forward that strategies had Page 1 7 sets out a three year picture
and an initial look at the three picture and it does projected budget shortfall in each year and additionally and it brings in at the bottom of that table the impact of what we referred to through during his discussions of the cliff edge funding in effect were we have short term funding from government or European sources that it providing a lot of the
money for our business and skills interventions those funding streams are coming to an end over this time period and at the moment we have no an understanding or an visibility of what is likely to replace those
so if we wish to continue those activities it increases that budget fall significantly
and worthwhile so I think I think that the Budget the projections shown here are both large and current activities and what we need to develop over the next few months and with yourselves with
local authorities with overview and scrutiny governance and audit committee
and Budget working Group which were proposing to take forward much of the detail we do need to tease out some of the changes that have taken place into set the strategy where we might need and to invest further money what of the other challenges facing us and as Chair alluded those a number of items highlighted in here and has been significant movement within the bus industry since we looked at our strategy what are the consequences for us in developing a strategy
and the ongoing issues on Iran concessionary travel transport services how we deliver our priorities and ambitions so a lot of work to be done over future months which will bring back and through the relevant committees and discussions back to this Authority the meetings of this Authority and ultimately we need to set the budget in February
and and will I think suspect it will be on this agenda for each Vanoc's meetings
unless chess set part that we get some public engagement last year and the budget and we're looking at proposals very shortly how we're going to do something further on that agenda
taken questions
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 1:00:55]
and character any questions comments tarantula
yes Councillor Golton
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 1:01:14]
the listening audience category can you put your microphone on all those older people listening at home won't arm-twisting had been
[Cllr Stewart Golton - 1:01:21]
on the budget lines it mentions projected reductions in the communications spend
and it was
one of seven players
I trust it
so there's the communications and
the professional consultancy fees
so most of the other budget stays
the same but on those two were expecting significant savings over the next three years how confident are with it we're going to realise them and
is there any particular thing that we want to be doing in future
[ Angela Taylor - 1:02:10]
thank you and we did build an ambitious savings into the current year's budget which we are pulling out to monitor separately so you can see from the next reported one authority How we are achieving those some of it is a net effect some of it is about getting more income and being able to charge out an element of the work we do to help funds and other elements of work we do
there is clearly a pressure on us as well as all local authorities about how we make the Budget balance and we are looking at ways where we are going to have to reduce expenditure potentially reduced from the services we provide but we are transit seek to increase the income so we don't have to lose Germans deliverability of some of our services
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 1:02:54]
I support as well as a number of lines that go down Councillor Cotton and so it's not it's not just that one but can just make this point that pressure consultancy fees is about an issue about the transport costs that we do as I say if you wouldn't get I'm any major roads or rail schemes without having some consultancy schemes never civil Engineering etc. So it's cease all linked to deliver it and when it's keep delivering and think the Commons' Andromeda at the beginning about a cliff edge and it just shows imperative what I said at the beginning of this meeting even more that actually we do need that devolution deal on the interim deal to guest 20 22 so it can keep on delivering people this region we have been markedly under investor in as Yorkshire and Humber and that nice permission should it goes back loud and clear the money that we do get we spent very wisely and well and we've made terrific progress with what we've got but actually just imagine what we could do if we got the interim deal that we need to continue delivering and actually increase the pace of delivery I even put tremendous paperless region and that's what we all need to get behind
so any more comments or questions Councillor Pennington
it was the first time of Leicester silly question but get what this
[Cllr John Pennington - 1:04:05]
capital recover the service 8 million what can you explain that
I camp and
[ Angela Taylor - 1:04:14]
this is presenting our revenue budget and Oliver revenue costs receipts recover through capitalising so in effect we have capital funding to deliver projects the number of costs that reverberate through the budgets that are eligible to be funded by capital sowings in presenting the budget this year was showing the gross costs so all of our staffing costs for example a number of those pitches in the delivery Team for example will be recovered through the capital projects
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 1:04:43]
leaflet enrolled comments questions that wasn't a silly question consequence squatter sensible question that people unsure at home or on to listen to
not thank you very much well and with that and can I say I am happy to recommend that can I see a seconder Councillor Box Ivanov cassocks fisheries officer on all those in favour please show

9 Corporate Planning and Performance

thank you very much that is carried and moving on now to the next item corporate planning and performance which is again or maybe it's a lot of this is about
our risk appetite something that we've discussed at copper audit and governance recently
to make sure that we set that standard and that the rest of the organization adopts it in all the decision-making that goes on a police report does know that we got RAG rating in their
in the budgets of but there are no red areas of concern which I am pleased about at the moment I'm regardless of the fact that we need some more money we are managing the money we've got well o Andrew did you want to make anything any suggestion
[ Angela Taylor - 1:05:49]
thank you Chair just just one brief comment just to draw attention to paragraph to point 9 to confirm that we have and completed Annual Audit and we were issued yesterday with an unqualified audit opinion on both the financial statements and an unqualified value for Money conclusion
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 1:06:07]
always good to get a clean bill of health from reassurance thank you very much
any more comments questions for are unsure on that item
thank you can I just say I reckon that recommendation that we note that comments have done and I am happy to recommend that Council swift seconded that all those in favour please show

10 Transforming Cities Fund

thank you very much thank you and moving on now to Item 10 transforming cities fun just remind people this is the item I said at the outset of the meeting be appendices in here are for exclusion of the press and public
if when we discuss this item can we just six just
focus on the paper itself and not refer to Appendix if you do wish you refer to Appendix then please let me know and I'll ask people to leave the room i'm we're starting with Councillor Groves on this item Casagrande
[Cllr Kim Groves - 1:06:59]
thank you Chair and the paper sets out alas or LA funding of up to 3 million for development work on transforming cities schemes young reason for this request is the timescales at government happy for us to deliver are extremely tight what I would say in terms of the early development of these schemes that should we have an intriguing of these was would be schemes that we would be pursuing
and I leave it there
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 1:07:26]
thank you and any comments or
questions of pertain to the
paper itself
of services I'm a big opportunity for us to get some key schemes away and our region which will hope that walking cycling in particular
but will help in our economic growth and Councillor Blake
[Cllr Judith Blake CBE - 1:07:52]
now I just want to pay tribute to Councillor Groves unfair and their team for the amount of work has gone into this and nothing that the everyone feels they have been very well and involved and included and consulted in plenary look forward to a successful outcome from the bit as it comes forward
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 1:08:10]
luckily I am with that then Councillor
Groves John to
this recommendation
[Cllr Kim Groves - 1:08:20]
I hope that you would accept the recommendation so that we can start to progress the work
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 1:08:25]
councillor Swift Councillor Cuthbertson does get faster Councillor Box at saying that always in favour please show plays in favour of that

For Information

11 Minutes and Notes for Information

and that is carried thank you for that so now ordered maisonettes do is to bring your attention to item number 11 which is minutes or notes for information and but other than that I will close this meeting
I thank you very much
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