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lawfully and we are we live now yes
whistling welcome everybody to this meeting were short Combined Authority on Thursday 16th April we have everybody during the meeting virtually this morning and very pleased to be back even if it is virtually having meetings in public so first of all apologies for absence
I don't summing up Councillor Pennington Councillor Harrand
and Councillor Jeffery and Councillor Jeffery Kaur yet I understand that's Roger Marsh nice lever air 12 o'clock or try and make sure that the business that he's involved is done before that time can ask people when they're not speaking to put themselves on mutes and the net just makes it easier that first run the meeting and declarations of disclosable pecuniary interests anybody
no non declared an exempt information and so there is an item at the end of the agenda which and does require as to go on off life and do that in private because that's set a private item which is confidential so in its make sure that that's at do not public bus at the end of the agenda and so I will read that out then and minutes of the meeting of the Combined Authority held on 6th of February and those have been circulated to 7 early have any problems of those any comments or questions
no would flip so 0 first of all then on the agenda we have an officers' last meeting covert at 19 is made at major impacts on the country and of course of the region and we all as local authority leaders members have been in huge amounts to support our communities through this very very difficult time it has been hugely upsetting and distressing for a lot of people and is directly impacting every day to day lives and of course there are people in hospital who are ill very ill and that is concerning for families friends and all of us in the meantime obviously we're and local authorities are doing our Rick rescue and Kyrie plans but the Combined Authority also has a role to play in actively on the economic recovery side and we have at Brian Archer here to present on COVID-19 Brian is a brain starting that first on his Bango to do something on that first restriction
to start chairmanic but Sir Parker just to give Members some headline dates or in terms of the strategic context and the scale of the challenge that we face in the region the Leeds City region had 19 hundred business liquidations in March which was up 66 percent and we've estimated as around 240 thousand jobs at risk in the region two thirds of our businesses on the patch of furloughed staff and just over a third of businesses have less than three months cash reserves so it's a really pressing issue for our businesses at the moment get access to access to finance in cash now there will be aware that the government now launch themed Sybil loan scheme where at Lord's 0 underwritten by a tweet sent by the government
but as of last week there were 300 thousand loan applications that went in and only 4 thousand 200 those that would approve which was just under one and a half per cent but has changed as of this morning
1 point 1 billion has been led to to businesses across the country to 6 thousand fervent but at still only 20 percent of firms receiving a lower having gone through the process of a hectic centers still struggling to attract finance so what we do about it well we had three meetings with the banks and the LEP Chairman and the CBI in other
business-led bodies and to discuss with the banks were can do to expedite the process and also to identify any particular gaps in her funding support the outcome of those meetings will be a letter that go into the chancellor today to request an additional grant support for micro businesses as they come out of the end of her the Furler scheme and at a local level we are offering grants to support businesses through that the girl crisis and reason example about corrida healthcare who are a supplier to the NHS day delivered 12 thousand critical care beds for the new Nightingale hospitals and 50 per cent of the I drank support term the Combined Authority gave them as already been repaid and the created at just over 12 jobs as a result also working with the suppliers and intensive the manufactured components have ventilated and and matching and supplies at the the with the economic bias both in the NHS and the health and social care sector saw a lot of work going in terms of helping businesses with the supply chain and were also in discussions with Yorkshire purchasing Organisation at to see how we can streamline that process and make it quicker to get to PBA to the front line
and in terms of the workforce what we've been on the workforce savings we got the employment hub so and business these that looking to make redundancies and were able to office with four by referring stack to and opportunities that are available whether that's retraining of and other job opportunities and I'd like to make Members aware this to critical dates and coming up at the moment and that the first one is 20 the Bay cruel which is at when air to MOSI will make the first payments to businesses for the job retention scheme still desperately in need of cash and the second critical day is the 18th April when redundancy notice now to say we'll have to be issued under the 45 day redundancy consultation rules and less the job retention scheme can be extended beyond me
so there's a lot of pressure on government from business-led bodies to extend the job retention scheme beyond May that other activities that we do in at a local level is key account management of them the larger organisations across the base work in within the supply chain and also expanding the business support gateway and helpline we've got a number of new products and services that we've introduced particularly
online services such as webinars for crisis planning mental health support and suchlike and we've also got so tactful volunteer mentoring scheme were able to offer on the handkerchief for businesses across the piece as well that's essentially what we're doing at the moment and we're also in the middle of earner implementing a response and recovery plan
and some of that will start to detail and how we get into recovery and how we stagger that recovery obviously some sectors will recover quicker than others and the timing of at really important that we have 6 work streams underway airmen governance making sure we've got accurate data and intelligence and were able to work to ensure that all our policy decisions are evidence-based
business support offer has been revised and refreshed to of see optimised business survival recovery we're also leading a work stream on employment and skills to make sure that we're in a good position to reply and retrain the displace Labour and then at the team's modelling recovery scenarios again shared in the course of responses with that me into recovery and then finding with our communications and marketing workstream against really important we get those consistent messages out there and I'll stop that Chairman for me
thank you for that first of all adjusted so thank you very much the staff have been working on that front line business support hotline as well and it has been hot Anna of suffered being worked over the weekend at taking those calls and been redeployed from other areas of the Combined Authority to do that work and it has proven very valuable to make sure we provide that support the businesses now of NEETs or thank you I'll see some very worrying stocks in that just thinking of their banks on a Roger Marsh as Chair of the LEP has been involved in conversations with the banks it doesn't sound like those figures are a very promising Roger what's your experience be so far
grappling with the technology thank you Suzan I'll just appointed on merit in a moment but just to reinforce brines comment the Jascha note the screen to the chancellor directly later today it's already on its way and it's going to seek to address the micro end of our market which is quite significant but also this issue of the timetable for and only the payment of those already furloughed but perhaps consideration very quickly of extension of following so that we don't have a whole range of consultations and necessarily started and secondly I should add
to colleagues that it is important as part of the recovery that we have the workforce to enable recovery to take place and that independent training providers as well as our FE colleges get the funding that already been approved in the budget that was recently announced to carry on their work something with the AFI's currently withholding she's against cabin off his principles and again that's been put on the agenda of that 16 people within the government to address that at going back to the banks I think there is a challenge of volume there's a challenge of businesses being ready with the information on the one hand but the on that on the other hand has no excuse for not actually progressing this at some pace and for me a 330 billion pound package of all things there's only brought forward a billion of actual funding today I think tells its own story but we are trying to work in this collaborative co-operative and a cohesive way across the wider economy of Yorkshire and Humber but also in my role as NP 11 so that we are joined up to try and get a cohesion of the key messages and then offered baguette rapid responses and I think that's all I need to say that this is this juncture thank you Roger and could I just bring in our Councillor Groves on at the buses particularly and our response on the bus changes
impact on public transport
Councillor Groves can you amuse yourself there
Becky Haywood
how can join grinning
King yes Councillor Groves back thank you Chair and since the lockdown the government advised us am is the bus patronage fell prey rapidly in its down now 90 percent at the Foden reduction in numbers obviously caused financial and significant challenges for the operettas and so the of the day of to wrote to us and asked us to continue to bear it pebbles coach operators' attended services and harmful services
as as before the downturn and we are also paying concessionary fares and so it working there are close skate with the operators we've managed to shape the network to meet keyworkers needs and we continue to change that on a weekly basis as and when does needed and we're also working with and vital support for the knighting at Galle hospital and with parking and going forward and what the recover or looked like for Sheers's officers and
hopefully after using over 300 million journeys across West Yorkshire to its rear the crucial that we get tonked far and running as soon as possible once the economy starts to move again and so were working closely with the operators and unfortunately one operator has ceased trading and then and we continue on penning him
join the meeting and we continue them to put upon them but there is a risk in terms of the finances of the Combined Authority
as you know we do have a revenue and costs to me and so with with constantly and Councillor C is actually speaking to government I have I'll be offset any short come in at this point is Councillor Blake with the OFT national transport lead to hat on the Gens's come in on that yes I just want to start by thanking everyone for the incredible work that they're doing in these unprecedented times and as Councillor greater said the transport sector is one of those been really hits with the the loss of patronage but that I think incredible amount of work being done to keep at least a skeleton service running so I've been in dialogue with Baroness via who has responsibility for the bus the bus services in this survey scenario and they did respond by giving support to the bus companies to support their franchises I've made the point very forcibly as you would expect me to that it isn't just the bus companies who are losing income and obviously the Combined Authority still has to put revenue in so we're made a very strong case and continue to lobby together with other Combined authorities around the country to make sure that were not forgotten when it comes to compensation of the the costs that were incurring as a direct result of the and covered 19 situation I we haven't had a response recently so I think perhaps it could be timely for us to chase that up to make sure that we aren't forgotten in the in the compensation package that Chen when negotiating across the whole of the public sector local government but Combined authorities obviously we have a very
a key role in an in in enabling the recovery when when it comes and obviously this isn't just restrict with buses but term there are real concerns from the and from the rail providers as well I was aware of the nerd nerve there provider of last resort with Northern and but there are real concerns that the market just isn't going to return quickly to anywhere near the position it was in and we need to have a very close eye on them impact right across the system
thank you Councillor Blake so clearly observed a transport as one of the key sectors of the hit immediately I'm very hard Dave Pearson of the digital trodden thing so uncomfortably akin and of those to be very active on this agenda anything I think just just to back revellers lumbers aware as as as Council girls of Councillors have said is that the recovery for public transport is going to be quite difficult in the sense that the the patronage that the network enjoyed prior to the pandemic is not just good to materialise overnight again it'll it'll be slaughtered develop and we as Combined Authority will need to work very closely with both the bus and rail sectors to it to help help build it up social distancing will be an impact as well on on public transport use in the recovery period as well so will need to work with government on on how that will actually work in in the context of public transport so quite a lot of activity that the Combined Authority will need to and consideration the colour of under 30 to give to to bringing public transport back into the new economy that emerges from the pandemic
thank you so obviously we've covered a business support are and transport we also need to think about going forward how we build our combat the jobs to our NO the Brian mentioned jobs there went employment within his opening remarks books and skills of safe as skills ledge expected to say that when you book at skills and retraining papers can be very important if people are going to continue a nurse jobs and get good jobs as well so as a whole lot of work for us all to do here as leaders of the region on recovery and been Aussie we've already talked of line about how we're going to harness that effort across the region Johnson just come in on that under Sir and say what we're going to do next on them
thank you Chair yes I can't do I think the that there's a number of workstreams that we're looking to put in place and we will share a note round Commander 30 members as these proposals are worked up but I think that a couple of things to say the first is that we're looking to convene a working group of the Combined Authority to focus on economic recovery coordination and look to put in place a fairly rapidly and to involve wider partners as well including business representative groups key key industry figures and and others
and the next thing is that we've already begun circulating amongst members kind of up-to-date a business information as you'd have heard Brian and and Roger talk about I will continue to do that with particular focus on recovery we need to think about the scenarios of that's a for that recovery and the different ways that both the lockdown may be removed an and what that will mean in terms of the that the way they economy and business and indeed workers will respond and how we can moves quickly as possible to support that and the third thing is we need to consider a how a recovery fits with the exist the existing draft Local industrial strategy and how the objectives in their ran low-carbon economy high levels of innovation and productivity and how they could be taken forward at the same time as a helping businesses and and and and workers recover from this from this situation and and then we also then need that that there needs to translate into a set of revised programmes and business support and employment products which will need to both or work with central government to secure the funding for and consider how our existing funding streams can be can be further flexed so number of workstreams Chair the only to take forward an in short order based around this creating this task and finish group to overseen coordinate the work
thank you I mean obviously at the moment we are still in there and mixed their in their of the heats of this activity to support our communities through this very difficult period but I do think the every shares sphere that we need to think about recover in our as well as what we can't have is coming out of the civil side than having to wait another three months rifle recovery plans in place are now it's hard at this moment whenever it is not so much arm but we need to do two things in parallel to make sure that coming out of this are economy can be kickstarted I'm aware on top of the situation as quickly as possible so if officers can accelerate that work would be very grateful Brian I think briefly refer to SWIP picking up pompoms point about refreshing the Industrial Strategy to reflect the new landscape whereas the significant economic down to there's an increase in new business formation rates so I think there's a great opportunity for us and at the moment in industrial strategy there's no reference to business start up in any way industrial strategies and yet there's a massive opportunity and because we're gonna have some highly skilled people including the labour market and a great opportunity to replenish the business stock some of the businesses that we gonna lose through this process and a grass him obscene essential element in our recovery strategy
yes so obviously supporting businesses of all sizes important I was late
difficult took the opportunity at a time when people are losing their jobs so I think of it as the some support to existing businesses as much as we can as well as support new ones and it's making sure we have a package of support for all those levels isn't it and that is difficult but with lots of different pay on lots of its sizes of businesses to forget package at fit soul but that is the ambition that we have Roger just very quickly to Brown's point three other Members will remember the work we're doing with them I T Rippon creating generation driven the entrepreneur economy that may be very precious that work we've done over the last 2 years now my applied as part of that recovery and renewal for our economy I just show that thought just remind people on engaging discussion Chair thank you thank you very much
and so obviously that paper was for noting and accommodation for noting it is something that he Sosaia top of her our minds all of us at the moment are next meeting officers should continue that discussion and make sure that we have that is top of the agenda at every meeting of the current current time I would suggest and but had more comments or questions for move on
none of the indications so in that case thank you very much for that and with that we've got a few actions out of that there needs to pursue a enough so we're all working on it full time alongside then Councillor John Pennington has just joined the meeting by telephone or welcome Councillor Pennington we're now going to move onto the next slice of agenda business items of the agenda if it's OK with people I'd suggested move Item 7 on capital approvals up at or before 6 am just mindful that Roger Marsh needs to leave the meeting at 12 and Qatar Jefferies unfortunate wasn't able to join this coal so I we're relying on Roger to give us an update of capital approvals that is every have before us to do that
I'm not seeing any dissent thing accent thank you very much so capital approvals Roger which appeal to move on to the item now presents us yeah so thank you Chair thank you colleagues for accommodating the change that I can go on to another caller Our just after 12
papers pages 45 onwards a record of the two schemes RES receipt curvy Combined Authority's approval for today the both transport schemes one of which Northern Railway Station car park extension has been through the investment Committee and as I said the detail are in the papers if anybody want to ask any detail questions I am standing in for Councillor Jeffery Dave Haskins is on the line will be able to do so and the second scheme which would have been through the investment on the second vertical but for our suit the circumstances we find ourselves in is part of the Essex 50 Newton Bar around about Wakefield is part of the bigger bigger scheme part of the Phase 1 of the code or improvement programme for as part of the the West Yorkshire Strategic Highway Network and again the details of those schemes are in the paperwork and I'm not replicate I'm not going to go through the detail unless to specific questions the ask of the Combined Authority is to allow these schemes to proceed and as part of that to approve for further funding of 2 point 3 3 7 million enable these things are to to tick to carry on I think our pause there Chair just to take it any to specific questions on either of these schemes that members may like to make before I moved her the move the recommendation for approval so pause there
thank you Roger and I'm not saying and what indicating at the moment I mean obviously it's very important with these capital projects that we continue the work of approving them and getting a moved on because again would become out of this at that economic activity so he could be relied on so to boost our jobs Sir around the region as well so I person very keen to get on with any capital programmes we've got able so so am
Roger and not see anybody indicating so did you want to move before I move that recommend that the regulations to could also just bring members' attention to powerful point 4 on page 50 of the papers regarding a change request which the through delegated authority sorry the delegated delegation to the Invesco Mitie that's already been approved just so people are aware of that said having said that could I move the recommendation and take Members members thoughts on those two schemes in a hopefully can have unanimous approval Chair of here
thank you very much so I offer my hand up like that's a saying yes comfortable votes there we all do that yeah yeah I think people do as lovely thank you very much so that has approval thank you very much Roger for that and yes great that we can get on with those at projects and make sure that we keep them moving so that we can start to generating activity was were able to and so with that his past and carried now can we move back to add the item number 6 which was on devolution this is something that obviously all all leaders and councils across Yorkshire and facts have been involved in for some time we've now Ogata a deal for West Yorkshire which were working up at there is a timetable to go through and lots of work to be done to make sure we're able to achieved devolution by the deadline and of course the significant moneys that come with it because that is also going to help with our recovery as face so the significant investment and could transform the city's which I know Councillor Groves has been working on for some time so Ben did you want so start on this
thank you Chair yes I am happy to the
so this
it seems a lifetime ago actually in the in the Budget Statement where the the minded to deal in principle was agreed between West Yorkshire leaders and the chancellor she sumac and this this paper is a template paper similar to the ones that have already been approved by each constituent a member of the Combined Authority and in effect endorsing the deal or setting out the the detail of the minded to agreement that's that's been reached and then are beginning the process of enacting the deal or in particular by and commissioning a review of the governance arrangements and the creation of the scheme which has a set of instructions and the government would then follow to put in place the the mail-order at so the paper and on pages of return to it on page 35 sets out a number of recommendations a about dossing the deal and commissioning that's the governance scheme and reviews
thank you very much for that and I just just to make the point that obviously and we want to continue the closure Ressiot we have with York who are now during the meeting
it is with the St John's jump Councillor penances in life now excellent and with York obsolete upon partner for us at so getting that committee between West Yorkshire North Yorkshire strengthen this with priority for us as well as time Kanye say I say Harrogate Kramer Salbi of all made representations adds to that end as well so some air can we just have erm some reassurance that that work is progressing then yes it is
good and what in what time scale can we expect to see something on that Joint Committee then underneath at to LEPs
while all our food deficit to colleagues a particular until an Carroll on the on the detail but I think as you say the the discussions I already ongoing or work were ongoing between North Yorkshire authorities and the government about their own their own deal and will obviously want to make sure that whatever just we put in place work for both those arrangements and for both local enterprise partnerships so I would say that dialogue is continuing and will look to have something bring you back something in place over the course of the summer
as good thank you very much answer any more questions or comments of this quite a few recommendations on this paper including our so getting on with a timetable getting through our constituent councils of sleigh there are challenges with that at the moment similar global could through executive decision making that to enact that any more questions comments
chirk colour community receiving mixed fine I've got I've got so Councillor Aspen than Councillor Hall and Councillor Pennington
thank you Chair just just to take the opportunity to to wish you all well with that with the West Yorkshire deal and really to note how pleased that the I am that that your can continue that relationship with the with the Combined Authority and also with the LEP and our involvement in in those structures so thank you for that and obviously we'll take as active for a part as possible and I think that that last report actually on COVID-19 shows us why that work across boundaries particularly on economic development is is going to be more important now than ever as well as things like a transforming cities and the previous Transport Fund so welcome all of that and do whatever we can and then just to pick up the Chair's point I know that that Selby Craven Hauge and ourselves are particularly keen to get those Joint Committee in it workings in in place and oversee looked at to make sure that we can work across that that area as closely as possible so I will go back as a result of this call and and and give a nudge to our LEP and I know that the local authority leaders in all of those areas are very keen for that to be put in places as soon as possible and just on your your paper itself to two things I should mention is that we did still have this is the York and North Yorkshire leaders Okore with Simon Clarke the local government minister who said that he did still won't work with civil servants and are officers to continue to work out what that York and North Yorkshire deal might look like including the relationships across to to West Yorkshire so work will be ongoing and but I was particularly pleased to see in your paper the support that you'd manage to secure for work at the Yorkshire leaders level and to thank you for forgetting that from the government and it certainly something I'll be keen to replicate in any York North Yorkshire at proposals thank you Chair thank you on that should the current Councillor Blake which was commonly actually sport
yes and thank you and thank you for mentioning that keep and we felt it was very important to honour and the commitment that we made at the actually does Board when we'd in a obviously made decisions move forward as a walk West Yorkshire level it doesn't mean that we're walking away from our Yorkshire colleagues at all and indeed I think the in as events unfolded you know I think it's going to become clear that working at the upper level on so many areas going through the recovery and really looking at how we really booster inward investment going forward role of those areas is going to be absolutely critical so just to make it clear we've got 250 thousand pounds to help us set up the necessary administrative arrangements and to start looking at areas of work that we can collaborate on together so very important moment for us and looking forward to taking that work forward continuing to work with our colleagues right across the region but of course some particularly in this context with them with the are look at wider let colleagues from your can the and districts and so thank you thank you for your continued support and look forward to seeing how the Joint Committee take shaken enables us to move forward
thank you Councillor Blake Councillor Hall
thank you yes there are two things that are noted from the report the first thing is that the timescale to extremely tight to get anything through whatever the Combined Authority after pass on the Council's and then on to parliament to lay it legislation
the second thing is that it's a it's a very broad and very strategic document which has a lot of references in it to things which we don't exactly know a lot about yet things like precepts some of the things housing planning powers strategic infrastructure tariff this kind of thing when will we get the opportunities Combined Authority Members perhaps to drill down to some of these in greater detail and to form some opinions on what TA on what these may actually look like at once we present them to the secretary of State
nothing of course briefings can be done with any member of the Combined Authority it probably an opportunity Councillor Hall for you to have a a one to one with Alun Rees perhaps if we can now organise that so you can get him those questions in more detail and I don't think the powers that were getting in West Yorkshire any difference to those in other Mayoral Combined authorities saw there's nothing exceptional about the powers that were drawing down Ondi pooling at this level but then dish would come back in
thank you Chair just just to respond to Councillor his points I think or on time table and the timetable and agreed as set out on page 31 I think we would agree that that it is a fairly demanding timetable and that's been exacerbated by the current pandemic and so were currently in the process of of looking at how in particular the consultation phase might need to be adapted so that we can still have a meaningful consultation and in the current environment apart about his about engaging with government on whether they're they're they're part of the process or can be done at a at a faster pace and the I think
the the challenge though is is to get all the necessary pieces in place in in time for a an election next next day so and on the point about drilling into the detail I think as as Councillor Carter says we all than happy to share with you or alteration that that that that we have on on any topic or we could do that through through offline briefings and and discussions but also as as Councillor Hinchcliffe says this is a pretty standard package of of of measures it's insofar as an other places of already got them and there isn't it fair to say and a large amount of detail that hasn't already been shared
thank you been Atkins' Pennington
thank you and we don't we all look good this morning in do this got some make a policy so I will go more seriously appetising behind you there Councillor Penny Black Knight asked what right as well yes
no not much read on their I'm afraid that we go just to come to a board an on Council halls that comments that we do I think we need more more information and this express this strategic infrastructure tariff presume that means we're going to charge people to digging holes in the road and but then we go on a little bit further on so to page 31 about setting a level of where the idea of what it's going to be based on and what value it's going to be
but those would be my questions and it concerns me a bit that if we get a soup herb dynamic Mayor and he can the can then be can be overruled by fire that committed set up and I am just questioning why I think the Mayor should take on the PCC role but I don't know why we've not got an Fire and Rescue under that umbrella as well
and would you like them in Arthur C care counterplay promos make points of order at Councillor Blake
so it never occurred to me to comment on John's Maker per
like the Open I could I pull him up the role of Mayor is not just limited to the male and our species
thank you for that point of clarification Councillor Blake and at Ben
yet just just to comment on the on the the the points around the the infrastructure of terror for that and the levy and the Gisborne Atran stand at this stage that and these are enabling powers that the Mayor would have available there hasn't been any detail worked up as to her and not how they would work but what any amounts would be an and the the the relationship to the Mayor of the Combined Authority is set up with specific checks and balances to make sure that all parties agree to to any or levies or tariffs that that are brought in so I think at this point out there enabling powers they're there for the MCA of should it choose to use them but any proposals to use that would require a much more detailed papers and debate from the Combined Authority
lack is that CasaPound camp and our yet come under I'm just the mine within by Neuer and one that so the power that are there and will be that but really excited and for example the precept for mine funding with the Combined Authority not greasepaint the constituent authorities and really happened a year that began the process to go through income would mean is that correct
at Banbridge that transfer yes that's Greater
but it wasn't being clear sufficiently clear by last answer but yesterday these any fees enabling powers would require further approvals by the by the Combined Authority
the flat thank you help Councillor Galton and so you indicating there
thanks Chair all I will say is I think we're going to have to be very patient over the period that we have to get this to legislation around these questions it's a really good problem to have her that we have these tensions to discuss and I think we should really be celebrating the fact that we have got some forward momentum and I think the council leaders within West Yorkshire the congratulating that they've actually got the government to commit to this and I look forward to that debate as we go through this consultation period and perhaps one of the advantages of the current covert 19 restrictions is that also the people of West Yorkshire at my also have the space to participate in that discussion as well
absolutely so we need to use all the medium that's at are at disposal that with dementia consult widely on this in that officer includes online and I understand the other Combined authorities even outsider an epidemic when they were coming to fruition as America Combined Authority also used a relied on her online consultation quite heavily men
the truth is predominantly was through through digital channels and as I said we will be looking at where there were and leaflets left at libraries another another public places how we would provide alternative and adequate channels during the term of the current pandemic
thank you with that I can't see me us indicating so an odd citizen reckon quite detailed recommendations in the paper can I propose that we accept those recommendations all those in favour please show
David thank you very much that is carried and so please proceed that work as with outlined of it becomes even more important now because it calls a significant levels of funding which we are going to need every penny off in the recovery at that we're going to have to steer here on in so I would like her officers to get on with that as quickly as possible so I am moving on now at 2 at it believed governance arrangements as a a paper there should try to toggle to as the report goes about making sure that we have the right governance arrangements in place of open Matt and so we've got Caroline who has offered this paper and we have seen on the Advisory Panels Latin of cat make sure that we make appropriate arrangements during the pandemic an and also to some a switch in the private sector arrangements because obviously Roger on the lepers recruited new members and I note here that Marc Roberts is a new LEP Board Deputy Chair who is of safe the very able on the lap until now so I really welcome that suggestion Karen did you want to comment on this paper but further
just very briefly Charlie you've you've clarified the three aspects of that in terms of the new arrangements for the Combined Authority and its committees in terms of how we hold our meetings at EU regulations came out earlier this month to enable local authorities and Combined authorities to conduct meetings remotely that this is our first formal meeting which is held under those new arrangements and it is our proposal for all future meetings of the CA it's committed and its Panels during the pandemic to go forward in a virtual means recognising the government guidance around social distancing the paper we have in front of you to I supposed to it to close out the formalities around this has attached to it at appendix 1 an interim addendum to the TA Standing orders making clear what revisions there are two formal Standing orders for holding meetings whilst we do that virtually and one that relates very clearly to the Regulations themselves and attached to that document or is a protocol which sets out the practicalities as to how we would try and do these meetings virtually it that is a guidance document for Members of the meeting and for the Chair to try and address the the tricky issues that might come around from holding a meeting remotely rather than than the room so that's the first part of the report the second part puts forward some recommendations from the LEP Board for extensions to existing private sector members on our Advisory Panels and for some new members which have been proposed by the LEP Board as a result of a recruitment exercise in an interview process which was conducted during February and March the details of that are in Appendix
as you've said Chair there is a proposal for during diluting a dif unused substitute member for the lecture which is Marc Roberts and you
thank you very much Roger did you want to comment and that's it does affect your board I think just one of my remarks and for the benefit of a counter Pennington the fact that are under review we were marked Excellence's highest category for governance this continues that that approach and I'm particularly delighted not only with all new people are going to join the Panel's subject to the Combined Authority's approval that we do have a board that is fully compliant
in that it is two thirds one third private public sector but importantly to me personally the diversity of our economy as well as ethnicity but also to me to that we have a 50 50 gender balance which is a government requirement for the future not for now so we're ahead of the game and the further strengthening of the panels I believe will help her in our work in these challenging circumstances that we find ourselves and we were lucky and not everyone is lucky to have such a range of people to choose from so obviously all of this comes with my personal support so whatever that's worth took to members or I've been involved most of this recruitment and I believe we have this the strongest team at than we've had hitherto
thank you very much larger so any questions or comments
Councillor Hall
thank you and thank you Roger for that for those words because it's not only helpful but it's vital that we know that these people come with your your backing because you know we won't want anything that's excellent to be anything less than excellent exception except in exceptional natural exceptional Bramshaw excellent as well and of course we don't know the people
personally that are being put forward so with your assurances I am very happy to support that thank you thank you Councillor Hall and more questions or comments just to comment if I may I wasn't really referring to the to the I was referring to the five leaders on the main board as it were who will be voting on with the man on devolution going forward
yet the
this this paper of says about the new governance arrangements for for the lack of the Combined forage as at moment so this doesn't really straight to the Mayoral Combined Authority elements yet but obviously I think Councillor penitent it would be useful as we said in the press discussion for yourself and Councillor Hall to have a one to one with our natural hues in the real detail of all this so that you can have some opportunity to question and challenge and just going to solve that detail is that OK and can I ask you to do that yes of course very happy to
it's OK Councillor Pennington yet thank you
like so I'm with that
this have some clear three recommendations there on that governance paper can I move that we accept those who I see all those in favour
thank you that is carried thank you very much the air show my take might I just give my apologies to colleagues to or come off the meeting and dealing with the fallout from darkest round day all wishes all best wishes February hearing safe and well and hopefully enjoying some sunshine so I'm off now and thank you for all your help by thank you Roger and fast public good timing is I think we're now coming to the private elements of the agenda are at their roof
I am a yes from yesteryear yet so which any the Directors other than Angela to leave
and Caroline needs to leave the members of the Committee can stay Bisley and will be letting in Heather Waddington an A-Team and believe Peggy he would has arrived now so she'll be joining this well
thank you and your Dr after read out this exemption information in number 3 resolved in accordance low Chair think it's no of leave it if the Committee if if the CA are satisfied that that we should go into private session now that can be recorded so God people happy that we move into private session please raise your hand
thank you very much that is carried so if anybody can now leave the meeting is not meant to be on 8 and Callard I think is going to stop the recording and then we accepts the officers into the meeting discussed