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  1. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  2. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  3. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  4. Cllr Tim Swift MBE
  5. Cllr Judith Blake CBE
  6. Cllr Denise Jeffery
  7. Cllr Andy D'Agorne
  8. Cllr Peter Harrand
  9. Mrs Melanie Corcoron
  10. Dave Pearson
  11. Angela Taylor
  12. Cllr John Pennington
  13. Cllr Shabir Pandor
  14. Roger Marsh OBE
  15. Caroline Allen
  16. Ben Still
  17. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
1 Apologies for Absence
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  1. Cllr Denise Jeffery
  2. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
2 Declarations of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests
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  1. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
3 Exclusion of the Press and Public
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4 Minutes of the Meeting of the Combined Authority held on 9 January 2020
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5 Budget and Business Plan 2020/21
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  1. Angela Taylor
  2. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  3. Roger Marsh OBE
  4. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  5. Cllr Kim Groves
  6. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
6 Capital Spending and Project Approvals
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  1. Cllr Denise Jeffery
  2. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  3. Cllr Andy D'Agorne
  4. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  5. Cllr Andy D'Agorne
  6. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  7. Mrs Melanie Corcoron
  8. Cllr Tim Swift MBE
  9. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
7 Brexit
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  1. Ben Still
  2. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  3. Ben Still
  4. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  5. Ben Still
  6. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
8 Leeds City Region Local Assurance Framework
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  1. Mrs Melanie Corcoron
  2. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  3. Cllr Judith Blake CBE
  4. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  5. Ben Still
  6. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  7. Cllr Judith Blake CBE
  8. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  9. Cllr Kim Groves
  10. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  11. Cllr Tim Swift MBE
  12. Cllr Judith Blake CBE
  13. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  14. Roger Marsh OBE
  15. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  16. Cllr John Pennington
  17. Cllr Judith Blake CBE
  18. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  19. Cllr John Pennington
  20. Cllr Judith Blake CBE
  21. Cllr Andy D'Agorne
  22. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  23. Cllr Judith Blake CBE
  24. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  25. Cllr Judith Blake CBE
  26. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
10 Future Bus Options
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  1. Cllr Judith Blake CBE
  2. Cllr Kim Groves
  3. Dave Pearson
  4. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  5. Dave Pearson
  6. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  7. Dave Pearson
  8. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  9. Cllr Andy D'Agorne
  10. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  11. Cllr Judith Blake CBE
  12. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  13. Cllr Judith Blake CBE
  14. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  15. Cllr Judith Blake CBE
  16. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  17. Cllr Judith Blake CBE
  18. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  19. Ben Still
  20. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  21. Cllr Kim Groves
  22. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  23. Cllr Judith Blake CBE
  24. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  25. Cllr Kim Groves
  26. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
12 Leeds City Region Sustainable Drainage Systems Guidance
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  1. Cllr Tim Swift MBE
  2. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  3. Cllr Judith Blake CBE
  4. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  5. Ben Still
  6. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  7. Ben Still
  8. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  9. Cllr Tim Swift MBE
  10. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
13 Corporate Planning and Performance
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  1. Angela Taylor
  2. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
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the right hand side and the new beyond camera unassuming should also be
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 0:04:34
welcome everybody to Combined Authority meeting
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 0:04:39
just referring to Brexit as well can I say so very nice to welcome everybody here
and in Swan magnificent Building which shows the wealth of Her Majesty and the wealth we need to recruit again in the region and so I'm just so that everybody knows for we start how you weren't the microphones as you press the right hand side and when you stop talking please specify one-sided
it keeps your microphone on nobody else can speak apart from me
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 0:05:12
and that's how that works and we are on camera of course as while everybody so
everybody should as a cover at they can wave
way so before we start should just say who we are where we come from my name is Susan Hinchcliffe for an Leader of Bradford and share the Combined Authority who are you
My name is Tim Swift and the Leader of Council and the Vice-Chair of
Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:05:34
the Combined Authority
and Ruth Chaplin caught in meeting
Judith Blake leader of Leeds
City Council
Cllr Judith Blake CBE - 0:05:42
Denise Jeffery
leader of Wakefield
Cllr Denise Jeffery - 0:05:47
Kim Groves Chair of Transport Committee
i'm Jack on Deputy
Cllr Andy D'Agorne - 0:05:52
Leader of the City of York Council and could
impose a might have to leave before
the end of a meeting
pietersen charity overview and scrutiny committee
Cllr Peter Harrand - 0:06:01
Melanie Corcoran Director of delivery
Mrs Melanie Corcoron - 0:06:06
the Assistant Director Transport Services
Dave Pearson - 0:06:09
Angela Taylor - 0:06:12
Angela Taylor Director corporate services
John Benington lead the Conservatives on Bradford
Cllr John Pennington - 0:06:16
should be upon the leader of Kirklees council
Cllr Shabir Pandor - 0:06:21
garage chaired the Leeds City
region LEP
Roger Marsh OBE - 0:06:27
Caroline Allen Head of legal and Governance at the Combined Authority
Caroline Allen - 0:06:31
i'm Ben still managing Director of the Combined Authority
Ben Still - 0:06:35
councillor Elkin official welcome Councillor Jeffreys as a new Leisure wait for the blooters chauffeurs meeting Councillor Jeffery
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 0:06:40
I'm sorry to
say thank you
Cllr Denise Jeffery - 0:06:45
welcome and a great to have you here
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 0:06:46
and moving on now to the agenda then so we have apologies for absence anybody pool distraction
yes not apologies from Councillor Keith Aspden but Councillor Dickens here is so Councillor David Hall and Councillor Stewart Golton
thank you very much and declarations of disclosable pecuniary
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 0:07:08
interests anybody anything that notionally agenda
now there is anything that occurs to you as you go on please do declare I am part way through I'm exclusion of Press and public we do have an item for a sunset way is utter exclusion now we all right OK fine so with no exclusionary Matisse soothed Super and minutes of the meeting of the Combined Authority held on 9th January as and had a look at those and due regard any changes or any comments
no Non à la tennis as a correct record of that meeting Simoes after the meeting thank you
first of all when we're going to the first item for decision which is Budget and business Plan so we've been out to consultation on the budgets
I've had similar questions asked and I responded to those questions and on video actually as well I had to do on video nothing is going to be online isn't it
so obviously it's important time for the authority to make sure that we
get things right and make sure people realise how we spend our money I believe that a slight presentation for this item I correct there are slide M size had been given to you and the Australia a screen at the back but it may be as if he to fall through the slides and so I'm sure Taylor would you like to start this item thank you
thank you Chair yes you've got a full budget paper in front of you
Angela Taylor - 0:08:37
this morning which builds on the work has been ongoing over the last six to eight months and and confirms the position that was brought here for discussion at the last meeting and so the budget as set as agreed last time and as has been proposed today is very much a one year position it is about trying to ensure that we continue to and protect our frontline services during times of uncertainties and challenges
so we are proposing an increasing our reserves slightly so we have some and
resilience to respond to some of the changes coming in in the next year and there are clearly still quite a lot of unknowns going round out there but we waiting for the outcome of budget other discussions with government future funding etc and the risks and challenges are set out in the report and
the report also sets out in the appendices of current business plans the proposed budget the proposed capital budget where you will note that the challenge coming our way in terms of some significant potentially significant capital funding for us to deliver
this also the Treasury Management Statement which governance and audit committee considered at their last meeting and is here for approval to day to guide how we manage our and cash balances
and hopefully much of what is in the report is familiar flows from what you've seen before so this just a few slides being put together their as a pack to just draw out some of those themes and also echoing some of the themes of the engagement that charges referred to before so overall
the first slide in the in the pack is your is the revenue budget and showing our funding and the huge dependence on the transport levy which is the large blue chunk on me on the graph there
there are met a number of other smaller income streams and again is this this place back to how we are trying to secure future long-term funding the Combined Authority to deliver its its aspirations and but we Academy hugely dependent on Transport Levy with some support from a myriad of other sources in terms of what gets spent much of it gets spent on passenger services providing transport network in the region and concessionary fares
the colour-coding their shows you but that this is the chance their across on the right-hand side is primarily around
expenditure on
services to passengers which are the services we provide that we sought to protect in the budget
the next slide is the House to bus operators and picking up this is one of the themes of the engagement showing how much of our money is out there
being used by the travelling public but much of it does go in form of money to bus operators hence the Rangers were having placed with the Bus Alliance hence her interest in the future of First Group and an the bus is a hugely significant part of the transport solution for the region so that the figures show that the slide buries the gross figure of the gross amount we paid to bus operators for concessionary travel subsidised bus services and an educational services some of which is then reimbursed back to us
the fifth slide breaks down their subsidised bus services so again in line with the engagement piece the 16 million more visit by us and it isn't it is about buying bus services for purpose it is about getting people to schools about getting people to work to getting people to from communities during the day so they can connect out with with the wider world
that the announcement this morning that we might pick up later about food more funding for bus obviously will help support this
we need to understand its longevity and whether it is a long term sustainable base behind it
but there is
a focus on this budget and how we maximise it for the good of the region
slide briefly breaking down in the concessionary travel where we have we are supporting a discretionary budget to ensure young people are able to get about the region and and showing the level of the savings that are available to the young people and uptake of 19 and are continuing to work with bus operators to extend that
come to slide on the capital spend there are some huge figures in next year's budget we are waiting for confirmation of the success of our bids for the transfer of the City's fund and the future abilities own it also in the final year of the Local growth Deal and the final year of the
LIP tip Leeds public Transport investment Programme
they have deadlines of next March to spend and there is an A number schemes that will come to a conclusion next year
and that form
a large part of that 400 million that we
are seeking to spend the budget is set slightly higher than the funding we have to ensure that we have all been mechanisms in place at 22 cash that relates to that
capital Programme then gives an idea of the the next slide on the nature of whether it's going and it is across a whole range of activities its transport schemes its business its skills to Housing and Regeneration its flood alleviation you see a number of those schemes coming forward in the report next on the and capital projects
the final four slides are some highlights from the business plan to have got the plans on page in the
first appendix in the paper
a reminder we have the four big objectives that were trying to boost productivity develop deliver 21st century transport enable inclusive growth and tackle climate emergency said some highlight their from those business plans of the ambition and aspiration of what this Combined Authority is seeking to deliver some is dependent on funding
but it hopefully give them an idea of the range of things that each of our teams has setting out to deliver the budget is being matched against those those priorities
and the the budget presented to you today is about how we can deliver as much of this as possible within the funding that we have available
the number of recommendations in the report and set out in Section 9 for your approval this morning
thank you
thank you for that certainly
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 0:14:50
I think it's really useful to see those the revenue funding and also what we spend on the honour and
the facts I think we discussed last time to usher Castlederg going about the the bus services and how much of which of legal services actually funded by Council Tax is not actually a national government anymore it's it's Council taxes paying for that
and therefore that those potshots just illustrate that very well indeed
so any comments questions to Angela mover
well laid out there
and sort of the next steps on this
a circus today we would get the business case approval and looking at the capital programme budgets and also proposed revenue budgets for 21 so 1 3 of approved this today then will improve the budget as Aesop's it's very tight
we all recognise that and thank you to officers and also
Roger and Tim fur and Kim in fat revolving through this several times throughout the year we tried to make sure this is a balanced Budget by the end of this year and also had got there albeit with a bit of a squeeze
so we could do with similar revenue coming from national government but there we are so I'd have to recommend that then
Councillor Swift to second it can I see all those in favour please show
like yorich lays versus carriage thank you very much for that another budget Councillor Roger Marsh Thorogood
Roger Marsh OBE - 0:16:22
memori Councillor yet thank you I'm
a common observation and whether to it might need to have some PR around
the Budget we just approved because to me that 60 percent of what this can mounted he spends his on us so it receives and an eighth of the whole spend is on subsidised bus services and maybe a message that's worse communicating just to reinforce the commitment to the travelling public and others of our area
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 0:16:56
CIL is a hugely important parts of what we do historically something that the Combined Authority has always done and also within that council tax payers pilot force a Khalsa Gross 0 responsible for a lot of that work in that area would you like to come back on
yes absolutely and I think we've already got that type of work planned
Cllr Kim Groves - 0:17:10
and while Serbia not make an announcement on young people's fares so with actually dug into the detail what are we actually came for further concessions and Dave Pevsner Director of Transport and myself have been really sort of pushing that door to make sure we get as much as possible of the operators so we've got quite big stories to tell where they are from the downside is that we actually need so much more funding for although socially necessary and routes that have disappeared over the years
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 0:17:46
thank you and this is something austerity's on its verges really has a value of money isn't it really so thank you for pushing to make sure every penny goes as far as possible absolutely

6 Capital Spending and Project Approvals

OK so thank you for those comments questions moving on now to Item number 6 capital spend and Project approvals and Castle Geoffrey investment Committee chair your first meets again with that
at present Yes thank you for that year I am you for schemes and that
Cllr Denise Jeffery - 0:18:10
we put forward in January and Antrim schemes yesterday I am rich row very interesting schemes
especially they flood alleviation and the access improvements that will help in York I am with an climate change in getting traffic out of out of terms I think that something that was a challenge approaches Quins' going to look at in the future but there are a number of schemes that were approved under him at move that report netting Melanie will give any more detail for anybody needs any more detail thank you thank you very much and any comments questions
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 0:18:50
let go and yes yes
Cllr Andy D'Agorne - 0:18:55
yes I'm also very much welcome the the York schemes are just wanted to
particularly note in the report paragraphs 3 point 2 and 3 point 3
make reference to similar challenges and in the sort of standard process of assessing schemes am paragraph 3 point 3 does talk about the fact that some of the schemes will encourage seeking to kg
looking at oil
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 0:19:24
page 48
Cllr Andy D'Agorne - 0:19:26
schemes are so focused on the climate emergency and prioritising sustainable travel but the sort of standard benefit costs ratio still has that sort of emphasis on and conventional car journeys and the impact on that obviously it that's attention in terms of trying to move forward on a climate emergency with the schemes that were proving
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 0:19:57
the issue is the obvious Yasir Sir Arthur C this is set by national government and about transport and something that we battle against on a regular basis as I welcome the news from government the talking about time that the Green Book because actually it is not really fit for the current funding priorities investment priorities and a lot of what we want to do in the region doesn't sit well with the BCF if they really serious about investing in north of England than actually BCRs needs to work for the whole of the country and not just the greater south-east and at my writing confirming Melanie
Mrs Melanie Corcoron - 0:20:31
chair I mean they are reviewing their appraisal processes but until we have something in him place that's an alternative
if we have schemes that are funded with DFT funding or through the Transport Fund we have to use the appraisal process that is set out by DFT so we use the WebTAG appraisal process which does favour the motorist am it hasn't been revised for some time and where we have schemes that are focused on public transport and increasing public transport patronage and also looking at active travel modes like walking and cycling unfortunately the traditional appraisal method doesn't bring out particularly high value for money skulls so we do consider the whole raft of benefits are not just the traditional scores and we have flagged that in the report
the facts shopping and we noticed
that sir that's
Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:21:23
a problem for many of the schemes that come forward were often working two to put forward the best staff in the audience I mean I offer some please see the money for the Hebden Bridge flood alleviation scheme in there which is you are an important part of a whole programme of of flood defence and resilient work throughout the the Colne Valley
but again I mean that's another example of the the complexities of this that this is a scheme that is ending up with funding from some kind of core Environment Agency budget sum from I think what the government described as top-up money which in itself was effectively a recognition that the traditional funding
evaluation schemes just didn't work some of the schemes of much less one hour I either have or in bids for the SIF money as well as the growth fund money
song it's really good that our officers in the Environment Agency have done the been able to do the work to put together these packages of funding but so much officer time goes into creativity to find how you can stitch things together rather than on and actually making sure you can just deliver the schemes that benefit people and I guess it's another hidden arguments for for devolution that it's about just being able to look at the overall benefits for a project and considerate together instead of jumping through different hoops and presenting schemes in different ways to Paul put everything into one package
but very pleased with the decision
lawfully thank you and your comments or questions
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 0:22:50
nor would that Councillor Geoffrey which I suppose that
both that move that forward thank you I second that all those in favour please show
it Keith and his carriage
light moving on to the next item Item number 7 Brexit's

7 Brexit

obviously appropriate to have this item as were now out of the European Union
and therefore and there are still some clarity required they return to the paper as an ecstasy like really firm
plans for the future but obviously business support is something that this Authority particular leads on a when it comes to helping those businesses transition to the new future and
Benjamin so
Ben Still - 0:23:38
thank you Chair could just say a few words and to introduce the the paper and
as the Chair says this this paper can marks the transition from
and the switch from exiting the European Union to the transition process which is
primarily therefore about and the continued support that the that the Combined Authority and the Local Enterprise Partnership offers to to businesses
and the work that we will need to do to represent those businesses in terms of the terms of any trade deals that are negotiated over the course of the course of this year and to keep a effective communications
between government ourselves and businesses so that they are as well prepared as in as well informed as possible so the paper provides a place holder of that work is going to continue this year and seeks endorsement to that approach
when assessing their house in order to the end of the matter is that I
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 0:24:36
think this is something good to revisit as me to scare by early I'm comments questions about this paper
I asked the partnership working that we're doing at the moment that is in conjunction with local authorities I presume
yes so as long as the paper sets out
Ben Still - 0:24:54
the regional work is led by Leeds about Tom redness as Lead Chief exec across Yorkshire and the Humber
we're also working with the local authorities were exceptionally particularly on issues of social
cohesion and then worked with us on
all matters related
business support
and and business development
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 0:25:19
so recognises this is early days I'm with Brexit's but opposite can we make sure that it sat tabled on future agenda items as we progress this work and as clarity or comes to fall
Ben Still - 0:25:33
essentially it is a paper for noting rather than decision but an
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 0:25:38
happy to endorse that approach and so I'll recommend that
all those in favour please show
thank you very much as carriage am moving next to at Leeds City region Local assurance frameworks

8 Leeds City Region Local Assurance Framework

so Melanie I would you like to talk us through that
Mrs Melanie Corcoron - 0:26:04
yes thank you Chair and we have the requirements of government to produce our assurance framework and update this on an annual basis and usually it's in line with guidance or
governments information that's come out within the last 12 months we haven't had any new guidance being issued within the last 12 months we've still made improvements to our framework
this sets out basically how we will make decisions for the Combined Authority and the LEP and how we will consider prioritisation of projects and how we will then look at the approvals for projects so it sets out in a very clear and transparent way how we operate we've made some minor amendments this year and they are set out in paragraph 2 point 6 which starts on page 1 34
we've obviously had some updates to make in terms of the references to the LEP geography
so that those updates have been made with tightened up on some of the the wording around the approach to prioritisation we've also provided an updated Appendix on delegations to officers in terms of loans and grants to businesses so that their set out with also introduced a strategic assessment review group at an early stage within the assurance process so that we can look at Rotherham or more aligned with the Green Book with the Government's Green Book as its currently set out but we have a Strategic Case stage now where we have an opportunity to look at the strategic fit of schemes in a bit more detail at the front end so that were more confident that we've got the right schemes coming into our programmes so a number of amendments that have been made and there was a link to the the latest version of the report and would like to recommend that we can delegate the final approval of this at the end of the month to the Chair of the Combined Authority and the Chair of the LEP in conjunction with the MDA
but this stage we'd like to
recommend that we move forward with this report and if there are any comments or questions and happy to take them thank you
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 0:28:14
a lot of this is based on what governments require as well as it is not of our making sure that our previous discussion
BCRs obese years this has cost ratios and therefore they can't just be changed but assurance framework should give us some assurances local authority leaders and members
the actually every project that goes through and gets it goes it's applying applies to the growth Deal is seen in the same way and is judged on that with the same parameters around her
i'm any comments or questions on this item
now look like OK well in that case the recommendations are therefore clear
I'm happy to oppose those recommendations
can I see a seconder Councillor Swift all those in favour please show
thank you at his carriage the very much
with an allowance for the next agenda item which is Strategic Rail I'm something which obviously
preoccupies a loss of of
our thoughts and
time particular Councillor Blake who leads on Transport for the Combined Authority Councillor Blake would you like to introduce society
Cllr Judith Blake CBE - 0:29:28
and thank you Chair some some fairly big issues and in this paper I think it's fair to say that this question intense period in terms of discussion of moving forward on rail nationally I think one of the most significant
events in the last
we crossover has been the decision by the Department for Transport to
bring the
the North Northern itself under the remit of the operator of last resort
so that will then take place from the 1st of March i'm this this this year I'm clearly through Transport for the North will be making sure that we have a very close relationship with the operator of last resort and its I'm certainly I'm a performance on Northern has been one of the issues that is Sam caused us an enormous amount of concern however I think it's fair to say that
where realise this isn't going to be a silver bullet in itself there
are major issues that have to be addressed in termsof and prioritisation of infrastructure spend and really bringing
bringing everyone up to speed having someone who has a strategic overview I think will be an enormous help so that all of the different elements involved in Nome moving forward and in terms of improving performance
well and will be have a much greater chance of success and I think it's fair to note at this point that tram on this side of the Pennines were also very concerned about the performance of TransPennine and that that remains the focus of our
work to make sure that term that the those services
and the really poor performance that we've seen on trans Penine as well over the last months that massively effect
all passengers and are asked are central to the discussions that we are having with government
and a lot of work continuing with the the TransPennine upgrade which affects us all
and clearly
those improvements have been promised firm firm fag friend years now really to be fair and we will keep the pressure on
to make sure that sham and that work round the work working very closely with us
unless issues and so am I think it's only fair to mention here of course that the
the issues around the Calder Valley Line remain
of concern to us and of course they are
highly dependent on the issues around Manchester and the the real pressure on services going through Manchester having a direct impact on that line beds electrification is absolutely top of our agenda and we will keep moving on that front so I'm
I think everyone will recall that the prime Minister
the convention of the North made a lot of comment around that time about his Sam interest in Northern powerhouse Rail
there are a lot of discussions happening or Transport for the North level around
the likely consultation that will come out of those discussions and it's fair to say that
we we are
I think that there are still concerns about the routes that could be included than that consultation and particularly with reference to the impact that that has on our ambition to see a new line coming through from Manchester to Leeds
I'm particularly with the stop it Bradford on the way
but I am working with colleagues right across the North they and Manchester to Leeds part of ANPR is just one part of the whole
priority that we have in terms of really delivering a step change in am connectivity right from Liverpool to Hull but also an down to Sheffield and up to the north-east and and we make sure we make sure that those concerns are
are also put forward in all of the discussions that were having
we are we are awaiting a decision on HS2 I think it's fair to say that
at this point in time whilst there have been a lot of rumours about when that an announcement is less likely to be made from Number 10 we don't at this moment in time have
a clear
view on one nuts announcement might be made it might be imminent it might not be for
I few weeks but
we think there there is real pressure on government to come forward and make that
make that announcement am in order that we can all move forward together and the case that we've been making is right across the piece in all of these big areas that the integration of transport right across the piece needs to be at the core of everything were doing so major major infrastructure priorities and HS2 linking into Northern powerhouse Rail but it's a round that connectivity with the wider region and the different district centres that remains absolutely central answered discussions were having I am clearly am in terms of
linking 2 am our position as a Combined Authority linking in to Transport for the North linking into all of the discussions that were happening around devolution and the other really anticipated piece of work that
we want to see released as long as well as the ochre for review and being formally and presence the public domain it's the Williams Review and the Williams Review as Sam is clearly going to
I am having an enormous impact on the work that the operator of last resort and brings to us in terms of the future developments through their work with them with Northern so I think it's fair to say it's Sam it's been quite lively I'm a lot of them debate and discussion at and I think it's really important from all our points of view that set these decisions are brought into
into and the public domain and that we can actually have the decisions taken so that we can move forward together together
I Castlebeck and at the
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 0:36:33
Justice Committee
thank you Chair just just just to reinforce Councillor Blake's point
Ben Still - 0:36:40
that the paper
talked individually about the the the key topics that Councillor Blake has raised and you can see there's an awful lot of things going on or an individual parts of the network but Councillor Blake said that the second the on page 1 4 3 the rail connectivity vision work is designed and to bring all those things together
and to look again at what is the most sensible whole network approach in terms of developing and taking for all the different elements of work so that's quite important to us
in terms of providing an integrated plan for for the railway in this part of the world
and will be look into four to bringing a further details of that as the work progresses and in that in turn feeds into our broader connectivity strategy as Councillor Blake says which is looking at a different modes and ensuring that their all integrated and each mode is playing its part in helping people get to
essential services and due to do their business
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 0:37:48
and certainly when you look through this paper and look at people in this room every bits of the region is reflected in this paper and it just shows the amount of investment that is needed to get Earl of our places up to the place they need to be to attract investment to create jobs at to enable economy to keep working keep ticking over
so of civil got Yorkshire with my Erne East Coast Main Line with transparent routes upgrade for Oliver's
CHS to Northern powerhouse Rail to profit as citizens stop or not a parish road is vital for us I'll just address about Williams' Review that it says that early in the New Year we are early in the new year now that we are
therefore is looked at how early early is we were waiting for housing I think it's
got the timings have got a transport flavour
Cllr Judith Blake CBE - 0:38:38
on the terms of the expectation with we don't have any certainty yet when it's going to be but it's obviously relates to all of the other pieces of work that are happening
thank you Councillor Blake's obviously Northern Rail earlier residents
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 0:38:56
have been affected by the poor performance of Northern Rail it has affected the entire economy actually I'm sure millions of being lost as a result of Northern Rail not functioning properly
and tpa of course yes so we really do need that to move forward quickly but as you say Councillor Beck is going to take years fairly to get that right
but please start on that road his or her message to governments are Council growth
thank you and you know we've got really strong political leadership I
Cllr Kim Groves - 0:39:23
think my concern is that we have got to operators of Russia's are we've got a Mayor timetable coming up and the December timetable and the first people and therestructure was Network Rail HRA don't seem to have them on a local level planning Wise a figure from the industry that can really make those decisions are having to go through a Transport for the North which seems quite an intensive at some time at some times and a rogue or do think that we need some D from Network Rail looking at all are lines across West Yorkshire and say that this will work to give people of West Yorkshire those reassurances that should a time tales of timetables are going to work and I'm not filled with confidence that we were not going to be still having this conversation in May unless an industry figure steps saying it takes that late political have got it
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 0:40:21
they also put a strong political leaders they this isn't a red route democracy we hear the complaints from residents and commuters and businesses about not being able to get to work on time and therefore a we know our areas and residents narrows to is about making sure we have that influence when it comes to those really key decisions across a swift and Councillor Blake
Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:40:42
thank you yeah I mean about precise in terms of the Calder Valley Line and the the taking back of Northern is an important first step
but it doesn't solve the in any way solve the problems as quite right as a couple of comments from ministers about
reassuring people that taking back in doesn't mean it doesn't mean the trains won't run on time will actually they've never run on time so I suspect that will continue to be the state for some time and other trying to provide reassurance the wrong message really
I do worry about the may timetable because I reckon I recollect what we've had previous disputes about the timetable they
you know what whenever you talked about potential changes what you told is that of course these things take months and months and potentially years to plan
we are now talking about timetable changes two months after the operator of last resort the step stepped in
I fear no evidence to justify this I fear that the argument will be that they will look at reducing the frequency of trains to provide greater reliability and there may be a case for that but if there is going to be the line you know they need to be upfront with people start talking about it now
councillor blake
to say a good relations with
Cllr Judith Blake CBE - 0:41:53
Network Rail is absolutely critical and and we are moving on that area and then
I think they recognised that they need to be accountable and that has been the real problem that we've had it's the fragmentation of different parts of the industry going ahead and doing their own bit in the just its extraordinary two and to really understand just how dysfunctional it has been an and you know the
the train operators
bringing forward investment in terms of firm new trains coming in and then the realisation that the infrastructure that they had been anticipating was never ever intended Spe in place in time for them coming in all of those things which we've managed to highlight now
I'm needs to be addressed but I think the more that we can hold Network Rail's were count that we can have that really open transparent and conversation and her and and if they can't if things can't be done in time then we need to know so that we can plan accordingly the other part whilst we very much welcome the investment and the upgrades that happen it will mean this disruption is inevitable if you do work on a particular network then we have to make sure that through
the your officers working with all of them the affected areas have alternatives in place and lead and it needs to be in place in time very well communicated so that they amount of disruption I'm it's is reduced to a minimum actually tpa have reintroduced a number of services this week
and actually we've kept a very close eye on that because that is the a moment and of concern in terms of putting new services back in of Ofsted they took services out to address the some of the problems have had an end so far and I'm in looking at Dave here in others but it seems to have been it seems to have been managed reasonably
well but were keeping a very close eye on it but
it's it's a major major work that we're talking about and that more quick that as soon as we can get that accountability to our level so that we can have that oversight that there is someone AM who is effectively project managing the whole thing the better and it is just not acceptable that you get one part beano am saying heights it's not our fault it's theirs is that Husted complete stopping us responsibility needs to come much closer to us so that we can have much much greater determination of how we can move forward at pace
Good reversal of fortune Williams and Roger and did not come in
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 0:44:38
history reinforce what Councillor Blake and others said
Roger Marsh OBE - 0:44:44
the the White paper is expected shortly I'm not sure that I really mean by that but as a member of the expert Charles probably told its
imminent but I guess it will connect with other things and the proposal for a new National Rail body but much more local accountability and control over things or to ensure that both passengers and passengers and freight at the heart of all of what we deliver rather than what's happened and I
endorse that point about the fragmentation and they are the an unhelpful tensions around the commercial models that are currently
operators are
work too as well as the the lack of linkages between the main bits and the aim of the review and the White paper which has already been treated poorly by Keith Williams is about making sure all of this joins up better and worked better but will require some significant system change and it will take some time to implement but but for all for the good
councillor pennington
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 0:45:45
Maggie would have heard the magic words twice now accountability as
Cllr John Pennington - 0:45:49
Councillor Blake has raised and we may well have the operator of last resort in charred particularly with Northern there but we'll Dakota need a change of management surely because otherwise we are just going to leave the same people in charge of running the thing that got us into a mess in the first place
Cllr Judith Blake CBE - 0:46:08
so and talking to the upright clusters of and with met him through and this through the work that we do Richard George and and
you know he's he's asked for 100 days to actually go in and look and understand the the the structure of how Northern works and and he will obviously then bringing the changes that need to be made so I think it be wrong for us time to space at this moment in time exactly and what that will look like but he is some hit that his his task his role his very ex well experienced in this area AM and I think actually the point that Councillor Groves makes repeatedly is
you know that we need to support the staff who work for Northern through this because they have been at the front line hasn't to deal with people on a daily basis it's been horrendous for them and we need to move forward in a way that
supports the operator of last resort understand Centre and I look forward to a very close working relationship
with them coming in but it's it's down to two them to to work out the actual structure of the operation going forward
as Councillor Blake said earlier fragmentation
that setting process
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 0:47:23
Holland shirt to failed
as an erratic
Castle painted your those on average just come back in Norwich judge
Cllr John Pennington - 0:47:29
was going to wear at take the thing on it did come and do a presentation to us at the Combined Authority which was not very well attended but is a man you can actually have some faith in so that's good
he he is the operator of
Cllr Judith Blake CBE - 0:47:42
last resort is they the person at the top of the
councillor Devine and me aside attendee serve Transport for North's
Cllr Andy D'Agorne - 0:47:51
I recently and
there was very good pay for from someone called Jim Bamford which apart from or of all the points that are people amaze made the point that there is major infrastructure work was nearly there around Manchester is loud and clear pinch Point which
I think the comment was made that the timetable expectations are various operators can't actually be fulfilled by at present because of the configuration of that particular section of lines obviously bats Network Rail and investment that needs to take place server
on in the injury meantime they all the operators need to be
brought together and a sense of resolution that means that freight and passenger trains and sunken can meet the commitments at the Makin if necessary investment in the additional rolling stock if you're going to have run fewer times you need to have increased capacities of PIP not gems like sardines onto the trains that are still running and try and provide a service that people might rightly expect to the meeting the timetable
where this just let's have agreed it with the network
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 0:49:13
is full is it not a Councillor Blair come in we
just need new
Cllr Judith Blake CBE - 0:49:19
I also think that's the thing to remember that in a way we existing on Victorian infrastructure and it is at capacity and if anything goes wrong the whole system falls over and if you if you think of the
the also God yes
yep it's as a cheap and if you're asking to put more and more trains through it there's just limit but I would say on our side and where we need to be very vigilant says we have a similar issue East of Leeds going it through from East of Leeds and York and we know we have our own capacity issues that we need to make sure that were championing and make getting investment the winter on these coast and on the side of the panels
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 0:50:02
of LA thank you any less a comments questions on this
I will say I am having or thereabouts I think he just reinforces our opinion that am we'd Unit C o at investment coming to the North obviously caught all happen at once we recognise that but that sets out a pretty good blueprint for for what we need to achieve for this are region to achieve its full potential
and look forward to seeing the Williams Review ensure 12 in the new year
and selection has published a vacant plus have a look at that and then Officer enough will come back to this Committee
when published out imaginings of solicitors so huge implications for that and
Cllr Judith Blake CBE - 0:50:48
other major infrastructure decisions I think absolutely critical that we move on
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 0:50:52
so good thank you very much so just looking at recommendations
when not in noting the current position and presenting a further reports to Combined Authority
at a later date so

10 Future Bus Options

yeah a good report and the progress was are delivering excellent so you have to recommend that I am happy to second that has the all those in favour please show thank you very much of his carriage so now moving on sizzling referred to earlier in the bush sites which are featureless options councillor blake it has your name on here but did you know so I
Cllr Judith Blake CBE - 0:51:31
am just introducing this one and obviously
we talk a lot about rail at the moment for obvious reasons but we know that the the majority of people moving around an hour in a particular region depend on a bus services so
there have been a lot of discussions about how we can enhance bus services but
there's barely been a particular debate about the future of franchising not only on rail but on buses as well and rather than where we are as a Combined Authority in terms of not having yet secured a devolution deal
I think there's been a lot of interest with first giving us the indications that they were going to be selling the operation in that position has clearly
changed but I think Councillor Groves has been they the member who's been closest term said the discussions on this surf you'd like to facts at hand David's Councillor Groves into Dave Pearson to help him as navigate through this paper at the very grateful thanks
Cllr Kim Groves - 0:52:40
thank you Councillor Blake and I think and firstly I need to welcome the funding that's been announced this morning of over 200 me million on the better deal for both users and for a long time even while we've been looking at the work on the future boss options we've been achee progressing the work around murdering and what does the future boss model looked like and have been at the forefront
of all towns cities and to say that the model was broken and this morning the government of an answer they want to look at new models and that pushes ire operators into a space that they have to work very differently they've announced a money that they want to have electric buses a pile of furniture bosses in towns or Super bowls and that Thatcher one is too and there's gonna give 30 millions councils to put what she did services back that have been quite work near the be enough but there talking about the evening services so we do welcome that the future boss options at pay per highlights the work that we are essential to do when we first announced that they were going to be leaving the UK market since the wreck has been done in the work is very valuable we've got a draft at paper that will be circulated a traders First Bus have signalled that actually if they actually dispose of their and North America model that they will be staying in the UK and focusing on bus and rail so in terms of where do we go now we are already starting to work as closely behind Manchester and Liverpool on the partnership with the voluntary partnership which has had some success government would always want to see before you got 20 franchising model that you have demonstrated that you have exhausted all different types of partnerships so we're still working Kosky with Manchester and Liverpool on this journey and we learn much from it and the report does talk about our geographies and the challenges that we've got it talks about what would probably need to serve our employment Zones in our housing development and we know we've got a lot of opportunities in was Sharjah so therefore I would recommend that the remaining funding of the 200 thousand issues to start to think about ors pursuing franchising should a devolution Deal be secured
this will no longer be a starting point we would then have to look at a much bigger piece of work for franchising them so I'm just going to hand over to give personal response
thank you
Dave Pearson - 0:55:18
he escorted off the site and we
the Combined Authority approved in October some funding to to identify options that might be available and given the changing landscape on on bus services including first under either being for sale
that situation slightly changed but I think that is its useful to press on with that work in particular to give it a focus as to what
franchising might look like in this region and how we can prepare for considering that as an option and so the recommendations in front of you to press on with that work essentially to do that the the money that is funded this morning
the Councillor Groves said is with some specific parts for electric buses for rule demand responsive transport and for something called superfast networks are as well as
a share of 30 million far in the next financial year for supported bus services the DF teas gynaecology issue this morning and will allow a will require us to move fairly quickly in terms of making some decisions about that and submitting proposals around that Sir that something which I'm sure will be a key feature in the Transport Committee in early March so I think that we we we live in a very so fast developing area in terms of us but in many respects going in the right direction I think
discover that that money from donors just one year only that is now I
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 0:56:54
think is an ongoing investment as
Dave Pearson - 0:56:56
far as we can tell reading the documents that were issued at seven o'clock this morning it a bit vague around that
in it may be that what we do do is roll up Solliers contracts we into a single one year permanent in in a sort of pump priming sort of approach at which I have done that with buses before so there may be some flexibility around how we do actually use that
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 0:57:22
but we will you have got such DFT in the next couple of days together with more clarity around that
because obviously what we need in the world that we run a certainty of funding over several years not just one year only
so I just do need some clarity about that earlier as well as ongoing commitment or not exactly what level we're on to plumb one-year budgets are under pressure for the residents of of West Yorkshire and the City region this is not Officer helpful so some clarity on that when you get clarity on the well who would
Dave Pearson - 0:57:52
move talk DFT tomorrow or flow to get a little bit more information that sits behind what the guidance has been issued today sorry she will we will do make that point quite strongly I'm sure everybody else will as well that need to be able to get best value out of this money we do need to see that sort of continuity of it and is absolutely no benefit in in spending money on bus services that can only run for nine months before the money runs out bathing the Government's
Guidance seemed to be pushing us towards this sort of idea of pump priming things in the early months until they become commercially viable and longer term
our experiences that that can be done but it's actually quite ambitious and usually takes two or three years for bus service to build in terms of its patronage so it's quite uncertain and not entirely helpful that we don't see an end to this funding
as I recall I think we should read it proceed with caution here I have
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 0:58:53
suggested the we also we all know how painful as round commences when we have the second bus service off somewhere and it is not working residents really reliable services so it just to Admiral for nine months and take it away is not not advisable Casa de Vaughan
Cllr Andy D'Agorne - 0:59:10
certainly will be very interested from York in the AM or if it's available for electric buses reef just an started our
bus based cleaners out came into effect of end of fur January and 1st will be introducing 21 new electric double-decker buses and their whole operations gearing up to half charging points at the Depot and so we will be one in before front of electric operation in the country so so any opportunities to extend that to other services will be certainly something we'll be looking at the bus bays cleaners Ivan I'm requires any regular services coming into the city centre law from five times a day to be either electric or ultra-low emissions Euro VI standard and that is being phased in this year technically it comes into effect from January 31st but this a grace period for the operators to upgrade their vehicles to make to comply with that standard iv Indivior
so it is our aim will have ambitions Knausgaard's electric buses with
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 1:00:23
Ozzy clamour emergency and clean air zones are given directives etc. i'm but I believe is a small amount of monies and it's the BID internationally as well as until I think I'm so again a competition for something that actually we all need and that's obviously not not how I think the investment should work but Sir Castle Black good indicating
not just in terms of bringing
Cllr Judith Blake CBE - 1:00:49
the discussion forward I would just one thing like saying in picking
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 1:00:52
Cllr Judith Blake CBE - 1:00:53
up on your last comments I think would be very helpful if we could bring a paper forward in terms of the work we're doing on climate emergency just to see where we're all up to in Districts and obviously buses across all sorts of boundaries and it would be really helpful and where we were quite far ahead and am in some of these areas to and to make sure that everyone has the benefit
obviously if we've been delayed in Leeds with our cleaners and because the government Sam technology hasn't been available we're looking for its go live in July I think the latest
which will it really has been focusing and minds of the bus operators and it really is a very very
useful tool going forward I think we do have an advantage I think the prime Minister does understand person is committed to buses and realises
how people do depend on them and whilst there was the announcements about electric cars yesterday
if we just transfer
two electric vehicles then the congestion issues are just going to continue in the same way and I think we need to work together to really get the modal shift to get people asked the cosmic start first and last mile issue had you actually
mai m get to a point where people don't feel they need to get into a car in the first place that they've got accessible access to links from where they live in two into the main and transport networks nothing that that's a really exciting piece of work that we could wicked come together on and take forward but happy to move the
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 1:02:33
recommendation 1 just ruin is appropriately
just earn ratio tackling Carter emergencies are next sermon next meeting's agenda already so I will be discussed at our next meeting and so I had recommendation there from Councillor Blake's of posts and that paper
which has a lot in the current position I'm said was shops as for Shropshire and further reports coming back as young person from an incorrect implications of adopting bus franchising powers I am I'm happy to second that policy all those in favour please show thank you very much that is carriage
moving out of the next item which is Leeds to region must chance it Councillor Blake
Cllr Judith Blake CBE - 1:03:20
so it was quite him quite interesting during the general run-ups the General election campaign in if not slightly before
that they
the desperate need for investment in an this area was highlighted by the prime Minister himself and on numerous occasions by members of his from bunch of them so I think it's fair to say that we're taking that very seriously we have an opportunity and to actually get investment into this area and down I think the whilst the references were particularly made to Leeds I think some of the work that has been undertaken looking at the mass transit solutions for the reach of the wider
area and working through the Combined Authority is something that we can I'm really
welcome and obviously we were awaiting the decisions about the different bits that we've been we have put in
recently not least transforming commuters and so a lot of work
has been undertaken but I think we need to recognise that we have the opportunity to really up our ambition and and I'm I think we've got them
we've got the ear of ministers at the moment so I hope that we can all come together and really put jam put off if foot on the gas surface the appropriate
probably not actually
we moved the levers of electric car
distribution whatever
but it is I really think that this this is our moment we need to take it seriously luckily with those of an enormous amount of work has been undertaken so far but really we do need to recognise that there is an opportunity
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 1:05:17
Cllr Judith Blake CBE - 1:05:18
and I'm consecrate offshore will come in and tell us about some of
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 1:05:23
that work so obviously we started a earlier in the meeting talk about heavy rail connectivity between ourselves and other parts of the country this essentially is about intra-regional connectivity which is also not as good as it should be and we talked a lot about really it's a bit better connected to Manchester bachelor we also need to better connected to each other Bradford Leeds Wakefield Huddersfield Halifax you know we all need to be connected or Nana they agglomeration effects of benefits as locally as well as that national picture so I would have been first then Councillor Groves
Ben Still - 1:05:58
thank J is really just to at some some data from the paper to what Councillor Blake said as Councillor Hinchcliffe has said it will routing this work very heavily in the overall connectivity Strategy for the City region
and this does build on the previous paper about the role of heavy rail this is looking at
lot realm associated modes amid is worth lodging that we have we as part of the transfer of the City's bid did put in a a request for 20 million pounds to kind of
get the work on the business case and the development work started and
we are now feeling that into our devolution conversations as as well
it really is essential to to have some serious funding to get this work are underway and that would
may go to the commitments that were given during the during the election period and as Councillor represent between two pieces of work
that took to pave the way the first is the connectivity strategy as looking across the city region at the levels of demand and other network might not like and the second has been an exercise of market analysis looking at and talking to the industry about what are the key elements of the system that you want to bring forward are and how they best meet the needs of the communities and businesses in the situation and they are the kind of tentative outputs of that are set out on page 1 5 1 1 5 5 of the report
which in essence I think indicates that there's no silver bullets to to building a mass transit system in
in a dense urban Network and it requires unsurprising late an integrated approach
that requires looking at all the all aspects of economic and transport policy amid requires priority being given to the mass-transit system segregation where possible to enable it to to navigate urban systems
efficiently and provide a reliable service for people in their questions about the relevance
fuel source
and level of automation of the system or the can be worked out in the future so would significant progress has been done as Councillor Blake said a much more work to do should we be able to progress this which we
really hope that we can
as the first
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 1:08:22
and you think fence covered most of it but what I did want to say as
Cllr Kim Groves - 1:08:26
well unlike Councillor Brett raised the actual government were recognising the need to date we've been working on it and we knew when we know we need it for that mass movement of people across towns and cities so what were in very is government to come and have a conversation with us about how we can get on with this work
and the transformation it's really encouraging that global
global market testing and attracted hundreds of of of experts that can help us with this work so were ready we've been at the forefront of this was done the work on it for 14 months would just need government to commit that 20 million so that we can actually move forward on that work
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 1:09:10
absolutely it also goes I'm I'll have to agree a just thinking about climate emergency Centre 4 percent of the Jonas three Leeds and Bradford or in the car and therefore I must translate would have a really massive impacts on getting up modal shift that we all need as Councillor Blake outlined earlier
Cllr Judith Blake CBE - 1:09:29
just make a comment because whilst it's it's very gratifying that we have had the attention and and officers have been
different schemes that have been turned down by different governments and rate we know the history of it but but actually I'm
it's really interesting if you look at the national infrastructure statistics Leeds is not at that now nowhere near the top of the worst offenders in terms of congestion and cities like Manchester Birmingham Sheffield are all above us in terms of congestion they obviously have a particular system in place so I think it's up to astute to look at all of the options in terms of technology all of the different modes that we can use to come up with something that actually is much more responsive and agile and can actually address the needs of a whole range of different communities around the region and I think actually we've got to turn this situation that ran now into an advantage that we can look at different am innovations around the the world and look at make sure that we get the best coming thoughts Coppersmith forward
so any welcomes a question earlier
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 1:10:43
Just under that ministers are really pushing for his to actually get
Cllr Kim Groves - 1:10:47
that connectivity Strategy together in were in terms of the rail vision the bus options and a mass transit in cycling walking so we've got a clear vision as a region of of where we are working towards and just to give you reassurances that our officers are really focused on delivering that fall readers
buttler thank you it is obviously very important hard and also parts
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 1:11:10
of though that we need going forward which attract further investment from government
okay well that's a recommendation I think
I am happy to second that's all those in favour please show
thank you that is carriage
now moving on to Leeds

12 Leeds City Region Sustainable Drainage Systems Guidance

City region sustainable drainage systems died and since then and that is Councillor Swift
feickert mobile
Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 1:11:38
shopping or any of the
animals that he's been through person I will touch I talked a little bit about flood defences
and an investment in
bridge earlier in this Bill a few mention of climate change was getting the sustainable Sustainable Drainage systems Guidance and getting more sustainable drainage
Greg systems and infrastructure is one key part of our resilience to to cope with that and so this pulls together links to some of the existing policy and requirements which are not always terribly clear was firm station as they they should be
I raise intended to be helpful to planning authorities but also particularly infrastructure planners and developers across the city region and if this detail questions on it desperately hope that somebody else Councillor
because it is quite a technical technical area but the broad principles of rethinking how we
how we plan for drainage how we make sure that any development reduces rather than increases run-off and rapid flooding particularly important in steep-sided valleys like cold damp obviously relevant everywhere
thank you any comments or questions Councillor Blake
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 1:12:54
Cllr Judith Blake CBE - 1:12:58
answer I think this is such an important paper and I don't think we should underestimate at all how the real significance and a really
happy to
you know going forward and it does have a major impact on all of us in terms of the earth
as planning authorities
where we can actually
use up best efforts to increase the amount of soakaway and take the pressure off the run off I think came is
it's really put nothing it that the whole approach that were taking through our flood management in terms of whole catchment areas recognising that the runoff much higher up the river will actually probably have an impact
quite a bit further down the river than where it's actually happening and I'm just in a world where all working together to put pressure on our governments are fully flunked thunder flood alleviation schemes and I think this is a very important significant parts of that
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 1:13:58
and also recently we have got to know a bit cross western North a regarding flood alleviation and arm prejudice looking round officers whoever's room where we are with officers with this because I'm On they want to make sure that this reflects the work we've done at North West Yorkshire level and the push them back to government to fund to us verbally viation projects
as cause us with knows only too well
and a few other authorities on the table and flooding is tremendously disruptive to people's lives and economies and takes years to
signal to get over sewerage from to make surely does comply
yet so
Ben Still - 1:14:36
that's right moved the report came out of the review following the 10 15 Boxing Day floods and where there was a call to the piece of work that joins up the base the best practice and the best principles for authorities to to them to then take forward and everything that we will do subsequently in terms of Benson and joint working will be in the context of that and this framework and also uses framework in looking at future schemes furniture its framework as well sets a can of itself is part of the toolkit will use going forwards
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 1:15:14
last illness for how long this document Wenders Eder review asked
a question
he could come back to you with a good plan for what the review period will look at
Ben Still - 1:15:21
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 1:15:22
it I just think we need to make sure into the future where we're checking its relevance and I'm ossley investment comes along when it's not sure it's going to the right place and ours is a little bits of monitor could flooding elsewhere and we just need to make sure that this is upset updates
yes yes
yes I mean some of this I think there is still some unfinished
Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 1:15:43
business in terms of national legislation because SUDS as came narrowly defined initially which was a bow insisting on kind of specific measures being built into individual developments the the financing arrangements for that whenever very clear in their words Allemagne some of this dates back to the Pitt Review sets following the previous South Yorkshire flooding in what two thousand seven two thousand eight
there was never going for that long term funding arrangements so as a way it's always a bit vulnerable but I think this this goes wider and NI the examples in there are quite a quite good actually
so while some of this can be quite heavy and tacky underground storage tanks and things like that you know there are also some real real opportunities as well around things like creation of wetlands are around developments where you are you not only make the the drainage more sustainable but actually you could have an environmental impact as well so as part the flood alleviation scheme in my than ride for example creating new area of wetland
between my than Roydon and the next Community downstream sought a big projects in the upper valley that or think Young people with an interest in area might might like to visit and learn more about which is some slow the flow it's basically a volunteer led project to do a huge amount of tree planting on hillsides but also putting in leaky dams and different things that do what this does what it says on the tin slows the flows you don't get the the rapid flat flash flooding so the match some really great projects across the region that we we could share as part of our expertise as well
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 1:17:20
so with that and let recommendations from you Councillor Swift adds to second that all those in favour please show

13 Corporate Planning and Performance

that is carried thank you very much so moving on now to a fan light 1 agenda which is corporate planning and performance and also we talked earlier in the meeting about the budget and setting out the Budget works offset a tight budget the shared you'll see after the Revenue Budget position in this paper though using some annual revenue to to make sure that we achieve a balanced budget for this year and and all service risk register in there and the plan and former so far and usher looking through the performance of some fantastic figures there and actually supports supporting 2 thousand 236 businesses for example having served as at these meetings we know we we talk a lot about the heavy rail and buses are Transport which is all absolutely significant for our districts and are our regions are region but you overlooked sometimes that great work has gone on day-to-day basis such a nurse organisation and
Roger present better sight of that and service when it comes to the current development arm of its but
Andrew did you also present on this first and then asked questions
thank you you just just briefly to
Angela Taylor - 1:18:31
as you pointed out the KPI Sara managing our performance the current year we will be developing up the KPI for next year and now we have the budget and business plan signed off
and so will be setting a similar set of KPI for next year ensuring that suitably superband a stretch and that they can be used to monitor performance throughout the coming year on risk and we have been reviewing our corporate risk management strategy and that's been overseen by a governance and audit committee and part of that is about ensuring we have the right mechanism through I did find risk responding to it and both throughout the ofsupport reorganisation and unflagging them up here and ensuring the taking the right action so that strategy has been signed off by the Governance and Audit Committee at its last meeting bitter Lincoln the report to it if you would
like to see that in some more detail and asked yesterday the revenue budget positions being picked up in the earlier items
and that is probably at on corporate performance this time thank you
any questions comments or not
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 1:19:39
no I mean necessary for some
staff in the Combined Authority for the work they are doing and so these items and just looking at you know 5 thousand passengers access paths for example and we're going to be having a campaign to raise awareness of that service or make sure more people can avail themselves of it I'm following the dedicated vehicle refurbishment it may not sound very glamorous louche lays the way that a lot of isolated residents get around and rely on and when we talk about health and social care agenda outlet Ivanka Partha
Good Okay what it was that I am happy to impose recommendation
has a swish seconded that all those in favour please show
that is carried thank you very much so I am I just point to information for the minutes of last meeting on pages to that as children 13 and 14 and with that I thank you for your attendance at is meeting see Annex much of lives in April
I cannot say thank you very much
you are very welcome did we provide you with any biscuits we don't always actually
you don't do chocolate biscuits deferred and referred its already dry Oates Northover
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