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1 Apologies for Absence
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  1. Cllr Tim Swift MBE
  2. Ruth Chaplin
  3. Cllr Judith Blake CBE
  4. Cllr Andy D'Agorne
  5. Cllr John Pennington
  6. Cllr Peter McBride
  7. Roger Marsh OBE
  8. Caroline Allen
  9. Ben Still
  10. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
2 Declarations of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests
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3 Exempt Information - Possible Exclusion of the Press and Public
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4 Minutes of the Meeting of the Combined Authority held on 10 October 2019
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5 Capital Spending and Project Approvals
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  1. Roger Marsh OBE
  2. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  3. Cllr Andy D'Agorne
  4. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  5. Ben Still
  6. Cllr Andy D'Agorne
  7. Ben Still
  8. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  9. Cllr John Pennington
  10. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  11. Roger Marsh OBE
  12. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
6 Draft Budget & Business Plan 2020/21
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  1. Cllr Peter Harrand
  2. Angela Taylor
  3. Angela Taylor
  4. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  5. Cllr Andy D'Agorne
  6. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  7. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  8. Ben Still
  9. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  10. Angela Taylor
  11. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
7 Governance Arrangements
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8 European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) – Sustainable Urban Development (SUD)
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1 Apologies for Absence

I would just say we've got round the table as setting myself among Susan Hinchcliffe and Leader of Bradford Council and Chair of Combined Authority
Tim Swift leave confound Council Vice-Chair
Cllr Tim Swift MBE - 0:00:15
Ruth Chaplin Clarke
Ruth Chaplin - 0:00:17
a Judith Blake leader
of Leeds City Council
Cllr Judith Blake CBE - 0:00:22
Kim Groves Chair of Transport
Cllr Andy D'Agorne - 0:00:27
undergone a City of York Council
Jon Wellington are lead the
Conservatives on Bradford council
Cllr John Pennington - 0:00:32
Cllr Peter McBride - 0:00:36
Will McBride substituted for Councillor Pandor Deputy Leader
Roger Marsh chaired the Leeds
City region Enterprise
Roger Marsh OBE - 0:00:43
Caroline Allen legal and governance
Caroline Allen - 0:00:47
Benjamin argued for the Combined Authority
Ben Still - 0:00:49
Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:00:52
thank you and we have apologised as this morning from those on the list and has asked him but Councillor to go on his set stretching from Castle Hall

2 Declarations of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests

councillor Pandor but after Councillor at Brithdir substituting and Councillor Jeffreys as well this morning and so moving on to the full agenda and with apologies declarations of any disclosable pecuniary interests

3 Exempt Information - Possible Exclusion of the Press and Public

None at this stage and thank you very much exempt information of properly have an item on the agenda which is the final one which is exempt for which I'll clear the room and there is also an Appendix I believe I'm in
agenda Item 5 which we will not be able to discuss at without closing the research for my members and I remember that when we get to that page on that item and to be careful of flats and or do you need to read this out now or do I do it at the end of this show spiel

4 Minutes of the Meeting of the Combined Authority held on 10 October 2019

take this as red light thank you very much and minutes of the metre Combined Authority last on the 10th of October is on behalf of those minutes
no comments or questions

5 Capital Spending and Project Approvals

now or in that case I take that as an agreement that those minutes are an accurate record of that meeting so I'll have to sign those afterwards us search and moving on now to the fore decision items so capital spending and Project approvals this is the art of isn't it with the Appendix II is it that is Appendix 1 which is a exempt item if anybody refers to the item please let me know you want to do so and I should play the room for the discussion is heard and but Roger Marsh after your Vice Chair realised
of that committed would you mind presenting on society
Roger Marsh OBE - 0:02:39
thank you Chair and everybody
it's also bring some time because of what happened in December that we were able to revisit for a number of for projects for this Combined Authority chief approval to their progression
through the various stages of appraisal or for funding
and I wish to do today is to go briefly through what we require and by way of approvals
the report date is good for you three parts to it the two schemes considered by investing between November and a further six schemes were considered by the vast majority in December and a further scheme was confirmed it was considered by investment Committee earlier today
on those schemes are presented investment Committee
we've been approved by the investment Committee with under the delegated authority or a recommend this Combined Authority for approval and they are set out in in the papers
and I'll be happy to go through them individually if necessary under the papers are full and comprehensive in summary the 9 schemes schemes the total value of a little under 62 million pounds of which a little 42 million will be provided by the Combined Authority and as part of these approval out of a little over 42 million a 4 point 6 million is asked to approve in terms of bringing those schemes through the development and delivery and saw in approving these schemes will be approving or point 6 millions pounds with a further cash investment in skills 9 schemes
our pause there on the basis that anybody wants to ask any questions about the scheme rather than running through them one by one before perhaps moving recommendation chef
that helps
Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:04:32
said breadth and a variety of schemes is great season and it just shows how much we can do when we get the money investment we need an end but if any comments or questions Councillor gone yes
Cllr Andy D'Agorne - 0:04:43
I wonder if you could expand a little bit on an RAF preference paragraph 3 point 2 on page the bottom of page 16 as an interesting comment there about the core
and fit cost ratios and
the last part of that sentence talks about discounting that disbenefits to carry users will result in a higher BCR is up something that we have any control over or is that just an observation that wanted him to come on to stand
gets the Green Book
Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:05:18
and would you like to it but it's up
Will Earth-like handle the and are also listed in light of his
Ben Still - 0:05:25
colleagues in case there might have anything to add that I think I'm
in essence
what you said Councillor Carter says is correct as the standard way that the
the Government's Rosa process works is to count any disbenefits to
motor vehicle users but many of our schemes are actually have have got that within them as an objective in mind and so therefore it's sensible for us to look up impacts if you remove if you remove that and that is part of a small part of a broader discussion that is really coming to before that was the correct way
both to appraise schemes in in the context of our carbon reduction targets and a focus on active travel links between transport and health and and also on how you critically appraise schemes in a national context and that don't automatically favour schemes where there is already high growth occurring and that is quite an active debate this has been in the media about the role of the Treasury Green Book and how that placed her incidence of Transport's WebTAG guidance were both feeding into that are within the debt within the autonomy that we have to create her own shows framework were looking at these things in a way that we think is more appropriate for the schemes were assessing
Cllr Andy D'Agorne - 0:06:44
to give a bit of context and aware in my role as Executive Member for Transport and the challenges when we're looking at particular schemes that half of the purpose of prioritising sustainable transport addressing climate change and if the
the calculations actually give that a lower rating because of the impact it might have on
motorised traffic
that's actually contrary to the climate change and the sustainable travel agenda if if schemes at particularly benefit that some of the wider economic benefits
of our room produced as a result of the formula were working to
in the context of the capital programme you'll see there is reference
Ben Still - 0:07:34
or to our work on the common emergency him and
our capital programmes going forward and a piece of work that's been commissioned in the Research and intelligence part the Combined Authority is looking exactly those issues what is the right way and took to properly consider the carbon impacts in the current
Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:07:56
supply of The Green Book doesn't really acknowledge differentials in terms of North South and also clan emergency not factored in now either we've moved on a lot as a regional economy insane as a priority and therefore you write national girl needs to recognise that as well and and reward the investment accordingly so there is a point well made and came
it's an I've got rather than none of direct from Castle Donington
Cllr John Pennington - 0:08:23
at just discreetly comments another future skills are mentioned in here but I don't think we can overemphasise that because there's no point in training people up for something that's not really are in demand I think we should have learned that lesson already seen here but it needs to be a lot stronger the second thing is on on the Bradford Interchange one
we need to take into account the fact that there could be a revolution in Bradford on buses because we're going to move a lot of move off the streets so we need to revamp its we want to make sure it's got extra capacity and this might sound silly but it's also mentioned in here with it to make sure that the structure is is sound enough to take more weight more buses and the third one might appear to be frivolous but can we make sure that all the trains stop at White Rose station
Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:09:14
but an so thank you in the fields are totals colours on individual projects properly
or is it just the answer for the backs of point of view of the transforming cities is something that we're am looking at making sure we take traffic out of the buses are still going to be circulating in the city centre but rather different routes and so I'm sure we can provide accommodation on that but that of course will be dependent on the how much money government gives us as well as now so we waiting fire ruins her half a billion pounds from government we are very grateful received and that's not should refer but for the whole of West Yorkshire so we wait to see if our bid is successful and to what degree if it is
an OK any more yes
OK so that Ben did you answer come working quickly
and various very quickly just just to say that on your own your points
about what Rosamund trained stopping patterns and that some that we seek to influence but we don't add at this point in time have direct control over that so we would have as to influence the operators
luckily so I am moving on then Roger Johnson
Roger Marsh OBE - 0:10:19
thank you Chair can I draw colleagues' attention to paragraph 11 which is a long paragraph it covers pages 68 72 and to seek the Combined Authority's approval for those now 9 schemes that have been previously set out and remind you that and given that approval where Committee a four-point just a shed on a four-point 6 million of funds to the further development and delivery of these schemes so if they are so approved and future
Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:10:51
thank you and I have second that and I see all those in favour please show

6 Draft Budget & Business Plan 2020/21

that is carried thank you very much for that and moving on now then to the next item agenda which is draft budgets and business plan for transferring to warm and French 21 and Angelo a tiny welcome to the a table and where an presents a day a budget for one year only and given that we don't know what governments are going to do next in terms of funding
we understand is going to be a Budget on the march the 11th that national governments are going to put forward or wait see what's going to be in that but costs and these have been very austere times for Local authorities and for the Combined Authority and I think it's fair to say this is reflected in his Budget Angela and today is when we start a consultation and banjoed you want to give some headlines from the budget as it stands
Cllr Peter Harrand - 0:12:01
the report sought to the business plan and the report in Appendix 1
Angela Taylor - 0:12:07
there a draft plan on a page for the organisation and for each of the directorates which seeks to set out all the activities for next year that we want to deliver an and show those against the corporate priorities had been previously agreed
Angela Taylor - 0:12:24
at the top of page 88 we heard of two point three and requesting a slight change to the wording of one of our corporate objectives which we adopted previously about run supporting clean growth at recognising the activity in the in the last year were proposing that we rename that objective tackling the climate emergency and then we can take that language forward through the business plan and the corporate plan and as we progress if Members are happy with that
and to note on the revenue budget with an be taking the work through the Budget working Group who had reported back here we've got report going to other committees and and as the Chair said this is a bit of a lean year AGM which sought to do
against the picture of what's in the business plans we count we don't have the resources to deliver all of those but we sought to prioritise where frontline services are critical
which I am to ensure we maintain bus services because every fares travel scheme and with other key services to members of the public
and we are proposing we continue the requisition on the at them levy from local authorities that that continues with take further million out of that next year
and during the next year we look at what the levy should be going forward and in line with other funding that would merely seeking to to bid
report sets out a number of challenges in responding to the 20 21 budget and and I think this Sunday will keep under review and bring back
I am highlighting the Revenue Budget beyond 20 20 20 21 continues to be challenging
but in the context of the
current climate some of the issues might may become a bit clearer aggregate said around bus options etc so we will start looking at the picture once we have got a Budget in place for next year which we come back to the February meeting also included in this paper B Capital budget and Appendix 3 sets out the three year proposed indicative sorry capital budget does include some of the items which are not yet in Bank for example transform cities fund that you referred to earlier but just to give a bit of this and the scale of some of the an opportunity potentially coming our way to deliver next year and that there are Capital Budget harm ramping up quite significantly as we come to spend rest of growth Deal the chance to travel cities money hopefully and the connecting Leeds limited money and a number of others funding schemes which
was seeking to spend next year in subsequent years
we will be starting that consultation and engagement with public
there are yourvoice portal and an opportunity for members of public to ask questions about our budget and will respond to those ahead of the February meeting
and the full budget paper will come back in February which will include Treasury Management the reserves policy which at this stage was suggested will be set at a slightly higher figure to give us a little bit of and capacity to respond in the coming year as an emerging issues are identified
I can certainly welcome the business plan that
Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:15:38
tackling climate emergency is now one of our key priorities and those are the four objectives so that's great to welcome C and nicely on just one page forever manage to fit answer on page in my congratulations
ahead has anybody got any questions comments for Angela
no I mean sorry has undergone interest
Cllr Andy D'Agorne - 0:16:06
just run on an item I am part of to point out makes reference to the English National Concessionary travel scheme AGM which I think perhaps more so for rural services and an urban ones but nevertheless it's it's very important contribution towards the viability of some of the bus operators the fact that
people here who are in receipt of a pass can actually get out and about and if if that was
ever to be removed at national level it could have significant impact on
the viability of some of our more marginal bus routes
Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:16:47
so interestingly they have removed the funding but we as local authorities keep it going and I find that very very frustrating I have to say so it's called national but is funded by us as local authority so our Council taxpayers pay for that and which which is why it's just one of those other pressures on local authority budgets but I'm Officer is a statutory obligation we continue to fund it how much do we spend on that at 10 the Mormon that attachment
Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:17:13
first 6 million a year we spend on that and that's from all our budgets from Council Tax hers No no he says' your rights are little known fact I think that the electorate is a good opportunity to solve make that clarification heard within a lot people don't realise yes
Ben Still - 0:17:30
just add to that the what the Papers referring to is the negotiate commons associations between ourselves and the bus operators to give future said today is not to do with the amount that is paid to people to enable them to travel around use the path
Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:17:46
a more questions comments
now so how are we going to and consults on the Budget and how people are going to be able to contribute their views
Angela Taylor - 0:17:58
thank you we are going to get through our Your voice consultation portal which we use for all our other consultations so there will be an animation which gives a little bit of a tale about the services we provide and those sorts of issues about the says We're funding and provided for the public and it then provides an opportunity for people to ask questions which we will respond to either support the Budget paper or in-between and opportune to put them directly to an Members for response
Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:18:30
CIPFA and obviously from the Member's newsletter of wealth it will be helpful erm so for that time another one of those went round heard much and I with a link to that so all our members can contribute to that as their first port of call prefer useful
and with that then I am happy to propose that can I see a seconder Councillor Swift all those in favour please show
thank you very much that is carried

7 Governance Arrangements

and moving on now then to governance arrangements and pick the governance arrangements and
so we have had an change at Wakefield at Council air in that Sam Councillor Peter Box as stepped down and now become a chair of welcome to Yorkshire or from which we congratulate him and in his place Councillor Jeffery and has been elected as Leader of Wakefield and the proposition is that Wakefield Council as were mid year should continue with the responsibilities that they had a of until now so I'm Councillor Box chaired the West Yorkshire and York investment Committee and was pointed C A member of the Transport Committee so we considered we can propose a continue with that arrangements are and then Officer will review its her at the appropriate time before the AGM so if everybody is happy with that I would propose that addressing else I need its cover in here
those are skills panel to additional non-voting members the skills panel
which are outlined there
anything else Caroline
OK with that last year so I propose that seconded by Councillor Swift all those in favour please show

8 European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) – Sustainable Urban Development (SUD)

thank you very much not his courage and and finally therefore I now run its read this out Net which leak so am if you're not a member of the Combined Authority you need to leave the room I think is only
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