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  1. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
1 Apologies for Absence
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  1. Cllr Jane Scullion
  2. Ruth Chaplin
  3. Cllr Judith Blake CBE
  4. Cllr Peter Box CBE
  5. Cllr Stewart Golton
  6. Cllr Stewart Golton
  7. Cllr Peter Harrand
  8. Cllr John Pennington
  9. Cllr David Hall
  10. Cllr Shabir Pandor
  11. Caroline Allen
  12. Ben Still
  13. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
2 Declarations of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests
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3 Exempt Information - Possible Exclusion of the Press and Public
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4 Minutes of the Meeting of the Combined Authority held on 1 August 2019
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5 Brexit
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  1. Ben Still
  2. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  3. Ben Still
  4. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  5. Cllr Stewart Golton
  6. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  7. Ben Still
  8. Cllr Judith Blake CBE
  9. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  10. Cllr David Hall
  11. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
6 Capital Spending and Project Approvals
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  1. Cllr Peter Box CBE
  2. Cllr Peter Box CBE
  3. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  4. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  5. Ben Still
  6. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  7. Cllr John Pennington
  8. Ben Still
  9. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
7 Transforming Cities Fund
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  1. Cllr Judith Blake CBE
  2. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
8 Tackling the Climate Emergency
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  1. Alan Reiss
  2. Alan Reiss
  3. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  4. Cllr Shabir Pandor
  5. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  6. Cllr Stewart Golton
  7. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  8. Alan Reiss
  9. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  10. Alan Reiss
  11. Cllr Andy D'Agorne
  12. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  13. Cllr Judith Blake CBE
  14. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  15. Cllr Peter Harrand
  16. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  17. Cllr David Hall
  18. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  19. Cllr Peter Box CBE
  20. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  21. Cllr Jane Scullion
  22. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  23. Ben Still
  24. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  25. Cllr Peter Box CBE
  26. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
9 Devolution
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  1. Ben Still
  2. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
10 Spending Reviews and Local Industrial Strategy
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  1. Alan Reiss
  2. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  3. Cllr Shabir Pandor
  4. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  5. Cllr Peter Box CBE
  6. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  7. Cllr Stewart Golton
  8. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
11 Future Bus Options
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  1. Cllr Judith Blake CBE
  2. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  3. Cllr Peter Box CBE
  4. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  5. Cllr Peter Box CBE
  6. Cllr Shabir Pandor
  7. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  8. Cllr Andy D'Agorne
  9. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  10. Cllr David Hall
  11. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  12. Dave Pearson
  13. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  14. Dave Pearson
  15. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  16. Cllr Jane Scullion
  17. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  18. Cllr Peter Harrand
  19. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  20. Dave Pearson
  21. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
  22. Cllr Judith Blake CBE
  23. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
12 Future Approach to Business Finance
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  1. Ben Still
  2. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
13 Corporate Planning and Performance
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  1. Angela Taylor
  2. Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe
14 Governance Report
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16 Progress on the Transformation Programme
14 Governance Report
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15 European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) – Sustainable Urban Development (SUD)
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1 Apologies for Absence

[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:01:08]
welcome everybody to this meeting of the Combined Authority on and we have a agenda in front of us and I'm going to go round to an Oscar to introduce themselves we all remember to press the microphone when we speak onto
to take it off when not speaking to somebody else can speak this is televised remind people so the microphones are linked to the camera so if you look at my phone is on
people see you if he's not on people can't see so I will start my name is Susan Hinchcliffe I'm Leader of Bradford Council chaired Combined Authority
[Cllr Jane Scullion - 0:01:46]
cancer Jane Scullion
Deputy Leader of Coltishall Council substituting for Councillor Tim Swift
[ Ruth Chaplin - 0:01:53]
Ruth Chaplin plots in meeting
[Cllr Judith Blake CBE - 0:01:57]
councillor Judith Blake leader of Leeds City Council a total of OCP leader of Wakefield council
[Cllr Peter Box CBE - 0:02:03]
[Cllr Stewart Golton - 0:02:04]
councillor Stewart Golton the West Yorkshire balancing Member for the Liberal Democrats
[Cllr Stewart Golton - 0:02:10]
councillor and Iran as Deputy Leader of City of York Council substituting for case Aston the Leader
[Cllr Peter Harrand - 0:02:20]
returned to chair the Overview and Scrutiny Committee receive
[Cllr John Pennington - 0:02:25]
Jon Wellington Olive the Conservatives on Bradford council
[Cllr David Hall - 0:02:29]
David Hodge leader of the Conservative Group Kirklees
[Cllr Shabir Pandor - 0:02:33]
should be on the draft Kirklees Council
Caroline Allen Head
[ Caroline Allen - 0:02:39]
of legal and governance
Ben still managed to capture the Combined Authority

2 Declarations of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests

[ Ben Still - 0:02:43]
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:02:45]
lovely thank you very much so going to the agenda apologies for absence we have Councillor Aspen of the Councillor for Gorton is substituting for him or Councillor Swift to them and Councillor Scullion as I'm substituting for her for him every apologies from Roger Marsh and from Councillor Groves and so am declarations of disclosable pecuniary interests anybody

3 Exempt Information - Possible Exclusion of the Press and Public

now none declared exempt information other number items on his agenda which have exempt information can I ask Members to be very careful

4 Minutes of the Meeting of the Combined Authority held on 1 August 2019

before speaking on agenda Item make sure something they referred to is not a nice exempt information otherwise I do have to clear the room so am will I make the point as we go along a three paper but obviously if you want to refer to those papers then please let me know and then I will clear the room and minutes of the meeting of Combined Authority held on 1st of August
I haven't got any comments and questions on those that will be circulated now all those in favour please show
those are at record lows meetings thank you very much and then going on to the decision item so first item on the agenda

5 Brexit

is Brexit
and there is and has been a revised paper and circulated for agenda Item 5 that is because it is a key decision and you will notice say in the financial implications we have two million pounds to the business growth Programme as a decision in that paper just to make you aware of that paper and that decision and so this am paper summarises
where we were at in terms of regular Brexit preparations are respective local authorities are already doing quite a lot of work Tom Riordan who is the Leith West Yorkshire as chief executives on this with governments so lots of conversations have been going on this paper looks set lot the Combined Authority's did on business support
for all those businesses in our region we need them through prepared AM and make sure that if there is a no deal they can carry on a communications what we're doing my our communications with businesses
that get ready for Brexit campaign every must have seen on the billboards and making sure that all our businesses signpost to that so Comms is really important around this issue that in fact the for too much communications around Brexit at the moment is another so much that nobody is listening any more and we do need people to to listen and organisational redness of Kauto got our own house our own organisation to make sure that we are ready to so am
I ben would you like so is it uses commenting on this paper or so any airspace
[ Ben Still - 0:05:34]
charting the only issues to add to those that Councillor Hitchen officer has raised is really the recommendation from the paper
as Councillor Carter said the paper talks through both the things that the Combined Authority the offence was Partnership are doing by way of preparedness for
for Brexit in the event that that does happen at the end of October and the paper maps out and activities both in terms of
my God the growth managers that are on the ground are helping businesses prepare a but then moves onto the proposal recommendation in the paper that we
we identified allocate some funding to provide some support to businesses to help their
that their preparations for coping
in what we left the European Union so the proposal is that we identify two million pounds and put that into a into a scheme and the paper is seeking your support her to do so Nasa parrot nine-point
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:06:39]
accounts athletes' shared prosperity and where we are with that is has been promised by Gordon for some time and that is obviously quite important for us going forward post Brexit
[ Ben Still - 0:06:48]
so at this current time
the government hasn't
to acknowledge and made any clear statements about how the the shared prosperity fund or indeed successor funds to the growth Deal will will work and we are expecting that in due course we of course making representations to government about the impact of not knowing in terms of ability to plan
and I think for the first time we are beginning to see the government is taking those signals on board and is beginning to come up with a plan for itself shortly
that the whole country needs is a bit of certainty about the future
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:07:25]
and Slayer and where no exceptions that Councillor Golton you indicate
[Cllr Stewart Golton - 0:07:29]
thank you Chair errm I am just wondering if our Local economic Partnership has any intentions to do something specifically about the rural economy I did notice for instance that when we look to our Brexit preparedness in Leeds City Council and we were looking at supporting business business was always associated with manufacturing or services and there wasn't any reference at all to the rural economy and given that the National farmers Union has reported that the
report so far in terms of what the expectations we might have in terms of what tariff levels there might be on certain products coming into the country and out of the country the farming sector is one that is going to be most particularly affected
they aren't necessarily the priority in terms of industry and business
and so I am just wondering what we're doing specifically to to do about that in West Yorkshire could earn context because quite large proportion of our land area is rural
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:08:35]
so I think I'm all our authorities working with our rural communities which are known brafford without children centre sheep farmers for example and that we are working with the NFU to support those I'm sure I would Kirklees' against Ghana has got a big Hensel under of rural areas are Nolita swell and CalderVale so I'm
[ Ben Still - 0:08:54]
and will I go to say that on page 12 the papers all all of the actions that were taking apply
across sectors and between urban and rural so
why not drawn a distinction between companies that our rural companies and companies that aren't all of the products that we make available are available to all and the gods managers that are on the ground are talking to rural as well as to an urban companies and were also and working very closely and with the North Yorkshire LEP as well it is its under coordinating with the growth mention work that they do so I would say that
this paper is can enjoy the highlights as a lot more work that sits underneath this that is more specific about sectors and about locally as well
the bat
[Cllr Judith Blake CBE - 0:09:42]
and yes I think that there is a very point I made to Councillor Carter when he raised it at our Executive Board I think that the really serious points about this there whether their rural or and within the ebb and framework and our concern is Sam should be with the very many small businesses that have not so far engaged with us and how we make sure and if we do end up in a situation that presents them with difficulty how we actually make sure that we establish the communication systems how we've got the capacity and it just strikes me with the sort of dates that we potentially have in mind whether we can actually have some provision to make sure that his board members were kept very closely involved with any any change to the current situation and and make sure that the networks are in place to deal with the overlapping issues between districts are inner from Otley you know actually I'm we were discussing at a time the business Improvement Group and for the LEP that in at the success of the
EU now with the flooding an outcome and getting money out of the door and this is tense support those cabinets businesses that are affected and we know how intense the work will be if we end up in a situation where support is needed that I think we have to make sure that communication between ourselves is absolutely where it needs to be because the communication aspect of getting out and working with all of those companies that haven't yet engaged in there in the possible scenarios that might emerge is going to be an intense
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:11:19]
I absolutely am and that may be something when it's a think about forward planning and first thing on the agenda next time depending on the outcome of end of October and that is obviously a moving feast at Castle Hall
the following on from Councillor Blake's comments with one of the
[Cllr David Hall - 0:11:32]
important things in the papers we
are ready to act as a conduit the concerns of the small business as back-up to Goodman because it may be they need to the government needs to move very quickly on things which might arise in the first few weeks in the event of a no-deal Brexit to make sure where we are fulfilling those concerns observer they can take the decisions when the need to
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:11:55]
certainly I think a lot of conversations are going on with government constantly out there I know as soon as Chief executives Group has said is represented by Leeds Council furrows I know Councillor Box I think your honour a group as off the LGA and Councillor Blake is as well so I'm those messages certainly are being fed up from this region and I'm sure the British Chambers of Commerce and they idea I Odeon CBI are also actively involved in those conversations as well at but actually planning for the unknown is quite difficult as not really so again some play for certainty I think for the future is what we need okay
that's quite fun and so am with that we've got a decision to make on this paper about the 2 millions pounds for ERDF and business growth Fund at cannot propose that as I'm a recommendation Cassie that seconded said Lancaster Scullion are all those in favour please show
thank you that is carriage

6 Capital Spending and Project Approvals

so moving now on to Item 6 capital spending and Project approvals am
so Councillor Box off to the Chair of investment Committee Roger Marsh Lane is awaits day but Ben did you want to just Iveta's on this
[Cllr Peter Box CBE - 0:13:09]
shorter get home was unable to attend the last meeting of the
committee due to having flu
are as Mr. Spock said a bit of a sniffle
OK I will
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:13:27]
[Cllr Peter Box CBE - 0:13:27]
thank nothing or should trails ready questions
Members have got ever kept don't have the answers make sure Members have them but Ben may well be able to answer all the questions anyway so I do apologise though a lot of work that that policy
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:13:43]
[ Ben Still - 0:13:44]
well yes just two and two and this is a significant paper I'm the its
it describes a 9 schemes the total value of 233 million pounds
the and this will require some 2 millions pounds of Combined Authority funding
and 75 millions pounds has been sought through the recommendations in this paper this is to be expected as we
are now
when will entrench the delivery of the Transport Fund and the growth deal and all of the schemes that are had been recommended for US Combined Authority members to in to improve today have been to investment Committee and some of those schemes have been already within their delegations approved by visibility before Hitler information endorsement and others are here for for seeking her decision to add set forward so habits talk about any of those schemes but
the details in the paper
as the Pennington
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:14:45]
POCA jet just
[Cllr John Pennington - 0:14:49]
for a quick question really on the on the statement Silsden Park and Ride are welcome the investment away improving the access that is a bit of a problem has not been looked at
[ Ben Still - 0:15:05]
so I think it is but I looked at gave who might now
rather welcome
pack wardrobe
would appear next
I actually spoke to the officers dealing with that earlier in the week
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:15:13]
and he was telling me about the plans they getting for making sure that they can pull out in and still have their station in use so I'm they either actively working on those plans so I'm I'm sure we can give you a brief in that Councillor Wellington
fine and so am I. posing therefore Councillor Box and output that paper
posed by Councillor Fox has had a second match all those in favour please show

7 Transforming Cities Fund

thank you that is carried 2 living next to the transforming cities varnish Councillor Blake please
assure him well had been asked to
[Cllr Judith Blake CBE - 0:15:50]
take the settlement hence the process absence Sam she's been the lead through the Transport Committee On this paper and it is very clear from the paper I am sure everyone has and had a look at that way are bring this paper forward in anticipation of the AMP submission of the strategic outline business case on the 28th November I think it's fair to say that there have been intensive negotiations and discussions with all of the districts in putting together a very comprehensive them and proposal to go and to go forward and the the appendices on this item are exempt Chair so I would
just urge anyone who has any comments to make to bear that in mind and I think they then Davis here they prisoners here is less is less actually here
some I'm looking at data from any of you have any technical am comments or questions but this has been the subject of intense Sam work around the districts and I think
we all feel that we're putting together a very strong proposal than a bit that will be will be truly transformational and am very
hopeful that we can all make sure that we get the funding that we need as result of the bed
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:17:15]
absolutely and a positive outcomes for every area of the Combined Authority which I think is really important and so we are all working together on this to get the right outcome for the region any questions or comments on this paper
all of the bids got spin very soon and we're hoping for a positive outcome
but if we have no further questions on that their council vacancy proposing the item so I am happy to second LATS cannot see those people in favour
thank you very much that is carried thank you

8 Tackling the Climate Emergency

so next sites of urgent on the agenda is tackling climate emergency and something that I'm as concerts on all our inboxes actually over the last year a and Alun Rees could you please approach tabled some just have a little bit of a discussion about this paper and very pleased to see that we're going to be making sure that of all the new
[ Alan Reiss - 0:18:18]
schemes that come forward we are measuring they impact on the environment clean growth and climate change impacts very important so we can make a balanced decision about schemes as they come through an would you like to just go over some of the atoms in this paper
yes thank you Chair
[ Alan Reiss - 0:18:33]
so as
you will be aware and as the region declared a climate emergency earlier in the summer and set a target to become a net zero-carbon city region by 20 38 with significant progress by 20 30 that's extremely challenging but extremely necessary
and is going to require effort and change across all aspects of our business and the papers that you've got in front of you set out our plans are for I'm for making progress towards those targets it sets out not just what the a what the organisation is going to do to help hit that target but also how we're going to work with partners to try and change behaviour across the City region make sure that our investments that are coming forward to take into account the impact of
any carbon emissions on the environment
and also how we are going to improve the way that we can measure the impact that our decisions are having an so a huge amount of work has gone into this this set of papers we have had engagement with a several hundred people across the region on key aspects around transport energy buildings and industry
and we look forward to taking it forward
we are going to need to put extra resources into this the paper flags that but their as yet unspecified and that something that will need to take into consideration in in future and the final thing I mentioned is that there are a number of regional programmes which are available to support businesses and to support local authorities in their work which we would encourage colleagues to consider and finally on Monday at for colleagues awareness the business rates pool for North and West Yorkshire agreed to allocate 100 another 100 thousand pounds towards work in this area and we are going to work through with North Yorkshire and your colleagues what that will be spent on and am happy to say Can you questions
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:20:38]
thank you and Alan and I think of the we know what needs doing that way and am this therefore feeds into our devolution discussions about the investment that needs met at national government level as well so actually accelerate the progress that we all need to say I'm and really we've made a lot of progress over the last few years and I have to say and while knowledge understanding of this issue is a lot greater than it's ever been before An but actually to accelerate that will need to be serious about the investment is required and that means government as well as ourselves and he questioned comments Councillor Pandor
thank you Chair
[Cllr Shabir Pandor - 0:21:15]
on Tuesday we had a common returning in Kirklees and way we refreshed our Equality impact Assessment
are one of the things that we've done it we have actually put into policy the bedrock of our nation
everything we do the climber Environmental Audit Hucker taper and and an personally replied to mainstream this into mainstream agenda
the timely register is its future must official forces at that regard take action this is no longer an agenda for activists this agenda for majority of the population and the majority of the population don't know something
they don't want to go and competitive Beatrice in Much inroads in although you might see past collision between the majority but enough
so really through that leaders of local authorities leaders of this Combined Authority when it to mainstream this which we had when I am also really pleased that we've actually gone beyond complaints a
national target 2 thousand 50 we rush to bother the 20 30 and that is showing a Latin example not just within this Combined Authority postwar allgeier level
so that the thing that we are doing is right we need to put the resource in today's enough resource to adopt this also will be another
lobbying tool we use to influence national policy in terms of the not just changing national policy policy but also put the resources in that
majority opposition wants to do something and and unless we actually care that leader initiative it will be too late so I really welcome this
fully behind the
I like say robustly put this into the heart of our organisation report into the equalities impact assessment is writing to them as Chair
thank you Councillor Sandra yet its absurdly maturation writes about
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:23:12]
mainstreaming this is something through every other Department that we worked through his encounters in the Combined Authority is everybody's business and I make a plea for government to be able to do that as well I know there are still quite siloed in their working and some government departments decisions do in hats on this agenda emergency agenda and I very much unintended consequences I'm sure but in that they need to get with the programme as I've got Councillor Golton and Councillor gone and then Councillor Blake
[Cllr Stewart Golton - 0:23:42]
first year and one of the things that we've discussed previously as a combined authority is to make sure that the people out there
understand what the valuers of working together across council in a sub-regional
and basis
and he talks here about
engagement on page 1 to 4 and be the coalition and pledge
which was on the 10th of July
what we are aiming to do about demonstrating what added value that coalition pledges delivering on the ground for the people of
West Yorkshire that once the difference in climate change
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:24:29]
[ Alan Reiss - 0:24:32]
so the and pledges essentially asking people to commit to the target and that they were and and it's about building a coalition of the willing so be the idea behind the Leeds City region climate Coalition is is too and creates a a a a group of organisations open to anybody who we can then work with two
increase our ability to hit our target so it's about and so part of its about awareness and communication and and part of it is about driving change within within those organizations so what our plan is to
we have a large ranges at large number stakeholders so we've already as I mentioned previously done these and these workshops around transport around buildings energy and industry that's a start so we have engaged with all of those organisations and they have helped us to come up with some of the solutions which were now without putting in place an and that that's the beginning of the coalition so it's not like it's not a formal fan of membership card thing it's an it's an informal alliance of organisations who we can who we know are committed to helping us hit the target and in terms of measuring our impact we are currently with there are some pieces of work which are outlined in the paper which set out what were doing to 2 am to measure our current out carbon outputs we've done some work with the Tyndall Centre in Manchester which has enabled us to set a carbon budgets and one of the things we need to do going forward is work with those organisations to understand how we can assess and carbon impacts going forward
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:26:19]
thank you Councillor gone
[ Alan Reiss - 0:26:21]
as thanking him following on from that that point
in in York we have fed the clatter other authorities had climate
[Cllr Andy D'Agorne - 0:26:32]
emergency and we've established a climate scrutiny climate changed scrutiny committee which is looking at every action that the Council should be taking and I note in particular that the
Combined Authority as has been said done quite a lot of work with Tyndall Centre and solid things important that
that intelligence can be cascaded dance or the partner authorities so that we can actually benefit from from that work rather than having to do that ourselves
but also what Pinter wants to make was that I would hope that as part of that process wherever we identified that government structures or funding mechanisms whatever are working against the climate emergency we should be flagging that up and an as quickly as possible making that change was unaware that numbers of projects that were moving forward and potentially in effect they may have benefits in some aspects but will also adversely impact cold nature of something described as in emergencies that you stop whatever you're doing and you actually review is this the right direction to actually
prevent things from getting worse as I was really urge that something that we look at
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:27:49]
an either or both good points out that tenders are comments in that way it just to the value of working together does neighbour the work the Combined Authority are doing Gilles needs and communicated effectively to the combat to the other authorities a constituent parts of it at because that measurement pace is a really big piece of work and a nice resume its common not just to us but to government as well ever needs a measure in the same thing and at the moment my understanding is it is a quite varied how people are measuring it and I know I like measuring things and asked what makes things change so I've got now Councillor Atha Blake next to that
the Taliban
[Cllr Judith Blake CBE - 0:28:25]
Just out just to add to that the other I'm piece of work we're doing Leeds is so real awareness raising on some of the major issues and there are some perverse outcomes that we need to be aware that we are where we are all going forward thinking that were doing the best and delivering fastest but actually and it's that level of evidence that actually will tell us where we will get the best most important and as Members are aware Leeds has set a target for 20 30 so we know it won't we are really I am driving a lot of this forward I just want to make the point that I just picked up really under an item for and the inclusive growth implications and it actually says there are no inclusive growth implications and I would like to
change that and make sure the next report really does address and the implications said a one-off obviously looking at him green growth is all sorts of issues that the skills agenda training requirements that will be needed around the emissions health inequalities all of the all that we know is that areas and our inner city areas in particular particularly
subjected to the worst
impacts of
emissions I am on their health AM and we need to if we're reaching out to get a whole population change in what we're trying to do and we need to be talking about carbon reduction but we also need to be talking about energy efficiency reducing household bills for example AM and in when we move this through the Local government Association despite supported by all
parties at the local them Association we agreed at the same time to adopt the sustainable development goals and that actually picks up on the social economic and environmental an area that we need to be working in and one of the areas that we are working together across districts and within West Yorkshire but also linking with other areas and adoption of the and speeding up the work around the northern forest planting trees and I enter with we've done some great work on flood alleviation and terms for us yet the impacts of the rivers flooding in Leeds often it start obviously starts Appin if in North Yorkshire at their source the rivers and tree planting to mitigate the those impacts I think it's all part so far from
what we need to make sure we're covering in this report and and as as has been said the Leadsom climate Commission is doing a lot of work on coming up with a toolkit and how we actually measure the impact and outcomes in and that is something that we need to share and between all of us
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:31:13]
I consider that very good points out she writes in full there I'm of the we all know that the most vulnerable papers cited also hit worst by claret Murchison that just needs to be explicit in the report and in future reports and Councillor Harrand I've got next
yet pernicious this document is
[Cllr Peter Harrand - 0:31:30]
eligible for call in by Scrutiny but in reality it's not going to call my scrutiny but we have a squishy working party looking at climate change can ask Mr. Reece to contact Councillor Baker and erected arrange a meeting with him and me and where else we can
recruit to update us on the
impact of this for Scrutiny to consider
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:31:56]
she was helpful thank you for that Councillor Harrand and Councillor Hall
[Cllr David Hall - 0:32:02]
i'm a little sceptical
I'm not sceptical about climate change are sceptical about the rate at which we can influence them I think we have to have a target to end 20 30 to be significant progress is a really really stiff target and when we consider that we've heard it referred it requires effort and change is going to need a lot in Ghosh's well
the Combined Authority will have to fork out for this to local authorities will have to fork out for the
really deluding ourselves if we think we can just tinker about and bring about the change needed
without that so are we going to look forward to a budget papers being brought forward both here and in the local authorities which actually commit
i'm very wide-ranging resources to tackling this or will it just be
a millionaire and a million there on some schemes to make it look as though rapidly tackling the problem
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:33:04]
just going back to Council of Handel's point this is something that affects everything we do so it is not a separate budget it is actually a working with all departments to change how we operate but I think that the point was also made this is a global Planet emergency and we need to make sure that we all pressurise government to make some decisions for our country that mean diverting resources in-service very urgent issue and that's what I would hope to see in a budget of the future and the future governments and dessert those apparently her own autumn budgets are coming up for our are not sure of the dates are for doing its however there is not a Budget and we would want to see significant investment in that because I well that's why we work together as authorities in West Yorkshire and Leeds City region to make sure we address the challenge which actually is above the local authority and geographical level 8 from sub-regional and it's also national and global so everybody needs to play their role and absolutely when it's take it seriously so I've got Councillor Box next
[Cllr Peter Box CBE - 0:34:06]
thank you Chair I am sure I apologise if the potable or make out clearly linked
I want to start by
supporting the points that Councillor Pandor made through a very well made he and I were both in London a few weeks ago about three weeks ago now when was a demonstration in London and as he can confirm the number of young people there was amazing
and what you didn't gets from the TV screens when you watch that demonstration was the the SEND surf optimism and gas from your people in terms of wanting to change this is in a large part
been driven by young people and is all the better for that the EU is that we're talking about their future in Wakefield with also as I think all our authorities have declared climate emergency as in York we've also are now got a scrutiny committee that looking simply a climate change I think that's a really good idea but I would say that wouldn't have because we have done that
but I think that we could all do that
if you saw which are aimed at young people who saw Greta term bag when she was speaking out United Nations of weeks ago she actually made the point that it seems to have been
a little bit over what about growth
can we always have growth when we talk about climate emergency bearing in mind the impact of one on the other so that's an issue that I think all of us in the position that we now hold has got to be looked at and I just say this in its I get it from long experiences that we've got to be really careful that we don't mistake outputs or outcomes it's very very easy to say within this this in this and actually nothing changes we have got to be focused on making sure that
it outcomes
I am not overly phosphor outputs in one sense unless the lit the lead to clear outcomes and I think the one thing that we should at Alan just by the by this family the site
as is the opportunity I've got think some of the comments that were made about getting them back after she made that speech route which will offer when you've got young people
fighting as they are doing for their future thought should be supported wholeheartedly and not being a critical and the one thing I think that we should pick up from those young people is a sense of impatience
they are impatient for change and show and we should be equally impatient as well and get things done
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:36:58]
across the box I think that all and reflectance endorses comments Castiglione
I think that
[Cllr Jane Scullion - 0:37:06]
it heralds nice if I was going to say I'm picking up the paper yes there are lots of things that we need to do which her about future projects infrastructure economic growth in different ways but also there was a mention in the paper of carbon literacy training and we've just started on this and cultural and one of the early adopters of this is our town and parish councils and she starting at the lowest level of local government working on carbon literacy and I've worked over the years on my financial literacy my IT literacy and now I think we all have to work on a carbon literacy and because I think is the point that was made earlier about this has got to be a culture that informs all our decisions has got to permeate all of our decisions and little things that we do look at govern every day like empty property strategy bringing those properties back into use rather than building new homes as action contribution towards a reduction in carbon and it's a new way of thinking and carbon literacy has got to be at the heart of it for authors thank you
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:38:18]
NQ so with had a number of contributions around the table of services something that is a very pressing Foras local authority leaders Komatsu Castle boxes part we we all came into this to make a difference and actually we want to make a difference on this issue said at then would you like to come back on some of the points raised
[ Ben Still - 0:38:36]
are thank T-shirts so and to the points around could have implications than at absolutely
this or that a paper that touches on business planning and budgeting laid from his agenda
companies it is mentioned in that it will have a significant impact on both our costs and on our own activities but I would stress that I think just picking up the point from Councillor Scullion I think the The Real win here is about being able to do things that are needed for a inclusive growth for for health of economic reasons that are also good for for climate change and carbon reduction I think it's about finding a ways of doing those things are in a way that balances of those needs and so our budget business planning process is very much focussed on on on how we build that in and you see the all of our papers now have got a clean growth implications section as well as requested by an early meeting of the of the Combined Authority there are lots of activity happening as Alan has outlined and as summarised in in in Section 2 or none of the paper that short section summarises an awful lot of work that is going to be happening over the course of the of the next year or two to Councillor Lay's point there's a lot we can do with as a lot will register in route communication who will do more and ask both communication of the impacts and the outcomes and to wider stakeholders and the public but also amongst authorities are sharing best practice and and and learning from each other and finally better at any point from from from cancer took on the we are indeed going to York's scrutiny committee be invited to talk about birth toward the region for the Tyndall Centre on and and what work has
thank you so lots still to do I'm sure it's not the last time we can
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:40:20]
discuss a client emerge there at this a Combined Authority and and we are all getting on in our own areas with pushing forward and actions as well
I think
please just make sure we are all joined up and so has Councillor Goldstein has got unionists just make sure that all that information learning is shared at some really good points come out today though literacy I think is a good idea as well that we can all learn from selects make sure we keep exchanging information and learning and developing
Chairs are going to be a standing ovation
and well and we wanted to alter as a standing item or
relatively crop perhaps every of a meeting
[Cllr Peter Box CBE - 0:40:59]
shall we keep a clear sense of what's happening on what Leeds where we need to give direction
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:41:04]
and it is something we are discussing all time in our other meetings so we could bring it to the public meeting as well
OK so all those in favour of please a show thank you very much
thank you

9 Devolution

so moving on now to at devolution one of my favourite subjects and so am we've also been working very hard towards achieving devolution for the region for a number of years now are a must not go mentioned that we we did have the biggest growth deal in the country and we've been busy delivering that so it's not like we're waiting around where getting on with it and we are delivering a lots of good things the counties that we represent however we are mindful of the next steps and that's obviously that growth is running out and we need to make sure the succession plans for out and also we want the devolution powers that come with what other authorities and other areas are enjoying so we reported back to this meeting before about at meetings we've had the James Brokenshire and pay for as and when he was secretary of State's for Communities and Local government and around when Yorkshire when Yorkshire an alliance of a cross party and cross border authority store remains strong and in fact we have a meeting at tomorrow with those authority leaders
and we also had the recently
the new prime minister am saying that he wished to and talk about a Leeds City region and we talked about Interim deals to get us to that Yorkshire devolution deal and that is alive and active conversation AM and ought to be mindful of other authorities in other areas in Yorkshire to make sure they move at the same pace and so Ben did you want to come on this first or
say why we are familiar
[ Ben Still - 0:42:54]
but thank you for everything and say that following the prime minister's comments are at Menlo in Rotherham a Northern powerhouse conference
we have begun conversations at official level as you say there are
conversations between ministers and leaders as well and
I think everyone is keen to make progress while not losing sight of the overall ambition towards Yorkshire and set in that in the UK and of uncertain and national political climate in which we're trying to progress this
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:43:30]
unless we just talked about climate change the investment needed to address that challenge and a devolution is one of the ways to be able to access those funds that we need so at this is not an end within itself is a tool to achieving the ambition that we will have the area so on lessman has got any questions I know we're all fully briefed on that item am I'm carnage happily is suggests the we notes that item
yes all those in favour please show

10 Spending Reviews and Local Industrial Strategy

thank you very much that is marriage moving on now to enter the next agenda item which is spending reviews and a
local industrial strategy and so am the infrastructure something you've been working
with our Local Enterprise Partnership on Roger Marsh has been playing a major role in that it is going to be
the mechanism by which we have conversations the government about investment into the region at there is a template for if you like so we have to as a co-produced document with government is not something we just
innovate and do our own thing because of his own needs to match with what government is expecting others because it is going to be the bedrock of those conversations about at funding is what we've been given to understand and but that's a is ongoing at the moment and we've done a quite a lot of work with the other authorities so that every authority is involved and informed and indeed ran a workshop with a lap last week on on this item and Alan did you want to just tell us what the next steps are on this
[ Alan Reiss - 0:45:05]
yes thank you Chair so we're attempting through this paper to site Members of the Combined Authority on an on the broad broad topics about securing investment into the city region a core element of which is the local industrial strategy you will appreciate that this is something of a moving feast given where we are with the national political situation so we are expecting a a spending review in full earlier in the year and that then changed to being a one year roll over so we a that that removed or an opportunity for us to and put anything substantial into into that conversation however we have an opportunity through the publication of the local industrial strategy early in the new year followed by this likely spending review at the end of 2 thousand 20 to make a strong case for additional investment through in the inner city region as part of that review which is likely to be a three year settlement so the local industrial strategy is shaping up we are due to submitted to government in December and before publication in the new year as the Chair says there is something of a template that we have to follow setting out what our and our key priorities are setting out how we will improve and how how we will improve productivity by focusing on the way in which ideas are developed and shared across the City region the way in which skills are improved or across the City region the way in which businesses are able to grow and be supported and interact with each other and the way in which we invest in infrastructure and the significance are and distinctiveness of our place we also have to set out what we're going to do in order to support the Grand challenges which are the things that have been identified as government as things that will shape the next century and the LEP Board away-day are agreed that we should be focusing on the up on the Grand challenges of artificial intelligence and data and an ageing society as priorities however it also noted that the other two grand challenges
which are about future mobility and clean growth which would just been talking about we also have strong assets and a significant national contribution to make on them and then the final thing that says that there's a theme that's come out in the work very significantly around health and
focusing on both from an industrial perspective we have many assets within the city region many really good innovative strong companies and working with partners on a health tech and med-tech and using data to improve health services and we think that there is a strong a strong argument for making that a central theme within the local industrial strategy and a very happy to or very grateful for all of the involvement that we've had from district partners and others in the public and private sectors across the region over the last few months we will be
continuing to consult members on the on the content over the next couple of months and habits taken questions
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:48:19]
thank you so health is certainly a real strong economic driver for the region actually some particularly pleased to see that highlighted and author of course is something which holds back when are the health in our earn a local authority areas of our residence is not strong enough because it prevents them leading healthy successful working lives and so the milestones are set out in to point 12 on page 100 75 so those are the next steps if you want to look at that in your paper soon know what's coming up and how to engage in the obligation has a handle
earth argue Chair
[Cllr Shabir Pandor - 0:48:56]
as you know I am a Lead Member for the consequence of punk and and last week we had a workshop with a range of general there an incomplete redevelopment that were there
but we had a workshop with a range of
key stakeholders
I met with workshops for site probably about creative economy productivity skills employment
M and why I welcome the investment strategy from government and the key thing that I will now ask to also bear in mind it is not just about productivity
the key thing for me is about narrowing the income gap
the evidence that
comes with it evidence of says that if you are
on the lower quartile or lower than look what I live near that an interim leader
actually adversely affect the health
so one of the key indicators for me is actually a product of the yes but we must also address the income divide
and only when wants to do that ever we have to start to actually appear to create a prosperous and an earth and healthy
population which will benefit
thank you Chair
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:50:09]
absolutely absurd endorser as collects council front door and poverty holds people back then it holds her lies back
and obviously it holds the economy back as well but overall we want people to be happy here and live happy lives and inclusive growth is how we do that make a more equal society where people can get on a Councillor Box
[Cllr Peter Box CBE - 0:50:33]
for Q2 Christian pick-up for one from what Councillor Procter said
if you look at the Centre for cities report 2 thousand and 18 it focused on the impact of robotics and AI on
places like Wakefield someone glib particular cities in the north of England any future industrial strategy has to take account of the
the impact of those two things in particular because other opportunities and clearly numbers would want to stop the march of progress we do need to make sure that said places like when I represent Wakefield and unduly impacted at by them and there is a real risk if we're not careful we'll get it wrong so I would ask
councillor Pandor and his colleagues to make sure that particular issue is addressed and that in any future industrial strategy we don't forget that
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:51:30]
thank you Councillor Box I mean you are ripe for automation is coming down the track future skills commission utterly somewhere where we've been discussing that in particular should imagine and will help us frame our asks of governor future on the skills agenda which I think are key to the it getting the Industrial Strategy righteously skills
but also just been talking about climate emergency in green jobs so am I think yes automation is going down but let's make sure we're also in a good position
to take advantage of the new opportunities coming through the Green agenda and I'm I think we it's not just the deficit model of climate emergency is actually a positive that actually this investment is going to correct jobs that all our residents can enjoy as long as their skilled up to achieve those Councillor Golton
[Cllr Stewart Golton - 0:52:19]
Vice-Chair vicious highlighting another area that we don't really get the opportunity to discuss very much and it's good to hear that the the LEP is having away days on the subject matters and it were and you mentioned the I aspect that I am particularly interested in the ageing society aspect in that
the law needs to be at me personally had a personal interest
but it is a term that demographic and financial
pressure that that that is there on public bodies I'm
and the potential for micro and small enterprises to actually make the difference in this area are given that the current model has over-relied far too much on national and multinational organisations for the delivery of elderly care in our areas and they are not accountable and this body can make a really big influence there in terms of encouraging that microenterprise and small enterprise and growth which is in itself inclusive because it should be within the community which is delivering that care so so I am really looking forward to seeing something from the LEP on that in in in future meetings
thank you Councillor Golton that is obviously something that we tackle
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:53:38]
into procurement at the moment as well in terms of making sure that small businesses in our region are able to access those procurement opportunities and and therefore there's a number of ways we doctors have to wait for industrial strategy we are getting on with that now I would suggest as whilst you are out is very important
so an anything else on the Industrial
nope okay thank you very much and I would therefore
that yet the conditions
recommendation as are other just proceed to the next steps basically always unfavourably show
thank you very much thank you Alan Reece

11 Future Bus Options

i'm living on that to the next item on the agenda which is a future bus options await with actually had a petition in favour of a switch it is a little bit unusual which is very nice to receive but Councillor Blake
yes we are in favour of something we do Councillor Blake would you like to a new site
[Cllr Judith Blake CBE - 0:54:37]
thank you Chair errm I think it's fair to say that any conversation that we have about them
I'm travel transport and increasingly
we are referring to the fact that the vast majority of the traffic travelling public certainly at a local level rely on our bus services and there has been an air a high degree of frustration and around a whole range of
issues in terms of them people's ability to to get the services going to where they need to be
they are in or whether they are
on time which is a major issue in terms of reliable there rather reliability of bus services is something that champ people depend on to get into work on time getting to college on time and and jam there has been an some frustration however we have also made some progress in working with bus companies around the neetu up great their vehicles for example in terms of the emissions and the greening that fleets
but there it's fair to say the recession is still an outstanding sense of frustration in terms of the fragmentation the number of different companies the and the difficulties showing data and all of those are matters that have been
subjective in Sunset debate it and the Transport Committee here and I'm sure within our local and a local authority areas so the reason for the paper today is there have been some significant am Development sofa last term am few months and on the 29th of may First Group plc made an announcement that shareholders that they were pursuing structural alternatives to separate the first bus operations from the the group am as part of the process of restructuring the company that Shiban have also indicated intentions to dispose of their arena are for business in the UK and this in an change of circumstances presents us as a Combined Authority with them with some options and opportunities and of course the main one being am the whether or not we
want to
and consider AM R Ram ability to and engage in the process of and that the sale of First Bus and other first bus operating companies will be given
to us and whether we actually
once put
together and the possibility of us pursuing an the options who to buy the services that are available and so the recommendations in front of us am are obviously am reflecting the complexity of the AGM at the statutory provisions under the Bus Services Act and other legislation and but we are recommending to the Combined Authority that we explore
the option
that and the sale and gives us and an interest includes but is not limited to parties potentially participating in a sale
the aim of the operations that are up for sale where also am mindful that this will be a complex and process and will involve firms spend from the Combined Authority to assist us to come up with a series of options and which will clearly look at the opportunities look at the benefit
look at how we could actually improve the
experience of the travelling public and most importantly I think I'm enhance our ambitions
through effective
a modal shift so that more and people choose
and use the bus obviously were working all the time to improve and the the reach of officers to
make sure that we
have dedicated and priority for our services and am certainly we've been very impressed by the and take up of our park and ride services in Leeds for example and that shows that there is an appetite and for change and so those are the recommendations in front of us today and to take this work forward am Chair Beacham as you referred to and we have them had a petition and put up an analysis available still to be signed but I understand
the move the promoter of the petitioner Andrew Dunlop is presenting
signatures and to us but it is something that I think there will be an appetite and from the indications we've had so far from the public that that this is an area of him enormous interest and I hope we will get the support from the Combined Authority to date to move forward on this towards this opportunity
and Kick-Ass are back as above
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 0:59:55]
[Cllr Peter Box CBE - 0:59:58]
he apologised to Councillor Blake I was to speak to Councillor Golton will know ship raised this point elsewhere about making sure that
this can benefit the travelling public and I say that as you know that someone has got a keen interest in it
so I think it's it we should invest because of the potential to benefit the travelling public is tremendous and the truth is that there are far more people
certainly no sub-region who use buses and trains
to get to work so I think it's a really
potentially really great investment to May
katharine dot
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 1:00:40]
[Cllr Peter Box CBE - 1:00:43]
[Cllr Shabir Pandor - 1:00:44]
thank you Chair going on from that where Councillor Blake left off intended to see the massive area where the public interest and that that will not start from a chair a first I welcome the report in terms of exploring options in terms of what we can do that now I'm other Labour Councillor this to me is the right thing to do a lot of my values but I also understand that the development of the business case is robust enough to actually make sure they know we actually provide that value for money and what Councillor Peter Box earlier on in terms of he's gotta be about outcomes
and he's got improved services so what we can't go into a situation where we carry out due diligence and all the checks are a wee look at bringing in house
but the outcomes will not reflect what the public want
not only will it not seeing what business just so that we just have to bear in mind one of the things I would like to do his partner due diligence the process is how we can improve accountability transparency and openness because one of the things I keep on hearing around public transport since I've been on this Combined Authority was read to the continent to Les and I think that's got to be a consideration in terms of any business case development
one of the other things that the Chair is it that the first option printers here because there are areas in all our communities especially in areas where they are rural communities and she mentioned Iran share that most of your borough is is over a mine and I'm sure others urban residents that is to how we can ensure that the marginal areas where the income generation with a stucco power we safeguard them then services
and I think this is an opportunity and that's where we will get that in terms of while commuted one
so I am quietly confident that the business case will come back and we will actually be able to actually do something that different
and actually this is a new chapter until the how we provide public serve public services operate a constable in the future
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 1:02:58]
thank you Councillor Pandor A Patel service it's all about as transer understand what the options are moving forward and I think it's part of people out there that today we're not making a decision about whether to buy it or not this is a decision about funding money on the feasibility of looking at the options of purchasing and therefore that's what reception stay so I assume useful it's about the Council of transparency I think is something that needs to go in there and to the scope but so we'll just amount for that's a decision records today will be further discussions at a later date about whether we take this forward and do a purchase or not and I'm sure we'll all have views on that and so are now it has undergone
yes as far
[Cllr Andy D'Agorne - 1:03:45]
as yes as this is my portfolio I don't I'm sort of aware of some of their year
it's uncles that I think needs to be looked at from other parts of the country I think it was as part of that due diligence process we should certainly save for lessons a commitment from other authorities that have significant municipal stake in their bus operations and Brighton Nottingham Edinburgh as far as I'm aware they would have a slightly different situation from what exists at the moment in this region and and secondly wants to say that although I recognise that City of York is outside of this obviously we have a significant
dependence on 1st operations as well am our park and ride service is under contract to first and we hopefully will be getting you clean emission buses within the next few months and as I am sure it will be the case in the city of Leeds am so that is another element of the whole process that bus operators across the whole region will be gearing up to meet those new emission standards and so that will have to be factored in to the podium the whole process in terms of what the operation is for I think particularly significant from the point of view public transport operations as you'll be aware it's not just the fact that as a regular bus services for families it meets Hüsker meet people's needs so getting to work early in the morning and getting home late at night and up just as important if any one of those elements breaks down then people go have to rely on public and private transport rather than public transport
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 1:05:36]
I thought that takes us back to climate emergency as well as a SIP House a box mentioned that actually a lot people travel on buses is not enough people travel on buses actually and so we have targets to increase in Latin bus usage a both to get people around mores like but also to reduce our carbon emissions and and I think also just thinking about those words and it we need to be making sure that when we look at this we also know it's not so the bullet is it because actually saw those practical as you recognise so as Councillor authority and owned companies that you are no shelter in the country and also spent a lot on bus lanes for example making sure that things have speeded up to looking and then a more efficient bus service so actually it's do all those things in amongst
it's not just about buying it and then sitting back there's a lot more investment that needs to go in as well I think we all need to be mindful of that golden service I've Councillor Hall next
but we are we have to be
[Cllr David Hall - 1:06:31]
aware that would not straying into the territory of deciding what we want before we received the advice because this paper is all about receiving the advice given set having said that
200 thousand pounds is a lot of money an awful lot of even at inflated consultancy rate I would say that was an awful lot of money and we need to have a quick response on this because the part they play in this and often young about for us to decide what whether we are going to be a player in that are not there just they want to get on with the job
so I would say that we just need to keep a bit of a rain on that over time remit in it and perhaps specify when we want the information back
and pen
I don't know I am in for an underspend will be my
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 1:07:20]
the in my experience and knowledge of bus services actually I am always costs are far more than you would anticipates I know or other authorities are spent many millions on looking at franchising for example before even starting so I think we need to be mindful of this is not a cost-free option but a Dave Pearson would you like to concerns about the costs and the timeline for the return of this work
[ Dave Pearson - 1:07:42]
he thanked the Chair and just firstly to confirm or have receipt of the petitioners mentioned earlier on your behalf south of accepted that
yes the we met with the senior management of first plc would fall last they indicated that the sale process is likely to start early in the year in 2 thousand 20 and we are in anticipation of the discussions morning ha initiated a procurement process to get the necessary advisers lined up to be able to do some work between now and the end of the calendar year so that we've got A A A initial piece of work that looks at the the the options of my be available through this process but also the key elements of a business case around whatever investment might emerge from the process in terms of bus operations and a little some reassurance and sensitive as it says in to point 8 of the report
the The Real Salt baseline of that is the bus strategy that the Combined Authority's set and that is very much based upon the outcomes at number of Members have mentioned as this morning terms of outcomes for people in terms of what what we can to achieve through Tiffany said action we also need to look at what we are protecting in terms of the existing bus network and how we can act accordingly to two to to secure a bus network that we can grow and develop so we are working to a tight timescales and and we have it prescribe value of of work that we are working towards so we yet we already have some preliminary meetings with the advisers and we will be working quite intensively with them over the next couple of months to were to be able to make sure that yourselves have that information needed to make the the onward decisions on this matter in a timely way but we are also working to a timesculpture tidal are making which is that of the sale of the company so and where raw were all systems go illness
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 1:09:50]
I think it's probably fair to say that regardless of the outcome of the study the information we gain from this will actually be useful in determining how the bus route would come places and how the bus system works in the future in the region is nearly
[ Dave Pearson - 1:10:02]
subsequently as we framed the commission a service that gives the Combined Authority he sells the advice whichever route the the want to take so it is not it is not advised that is a just specifically around the first sale is advice about investment in whatever form in bus operations when that investment in in bosses in depots in in another form to which public sector investment can secure the service so that the work that we do and will the will we have value as we develop the
the actions the common 31 take with God bosses over the future monsignors
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 1:10:45]
we optional extra brass and for any sale way after net Shaw a where we're kept the budget and the Council's failure
[Cllr Jane Scullion - 1:10:51]
just a quick quick one where in a context where US usage in the UK is actually going down at the same time as we are all thinking that the climate emergency most thinking during the discussion that we've had just now that actually it shows that the West Yorkshire Combined Authority can be agile and responsive to opportunities that arise and I think we have a responsibility to actually explore this opportunity and we sometimes think of ourselves as an organisation that is perhaps a bit slow or too careful or to bureaucratic actually this is an example in terms of if it's right for for the people and then we should be taking a very very good looking at so I really commend this paper
thank you so o Councillor
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 1:11:37]
are we sure we got the term
we hope we've got
[Cllr Peter Harrand - 1:11:42]
these people have no responsibility or throw something they
are responsive to their shareholders
can we be sure that women
get a telephone call from traditional dormer share
its hold me done and dusted
a French national really
committed to take over something like that
you'd be tempted in their case when the scheme was on the stricken
i'm sure I worry that
we've got the town we helped with golf
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 1:12:07]
[ Dave Pearson - 1:12:10]
we have the word of the people we have been speaking to it's at senior level it is appeal see they do have to report to add to that the shareholder suit to their reports of city we expect them to make their mid-year report I think
around about 13th 14th of november so whatever the Safer City his is or is it what they have to say so in that respect it we will obviously want to situation carefully it is in their hands are in terms of how they they they operate but we yet we will be watching and I in terms of of of what they said to the city as an indication and its fat so that we have had meetings with the managing director of First Bus in the UK and the managing Director First plc and they have I think been beaten been straight with us in terms of the timescales so will work with them just just pick up on a point of Council Councillor undergone made earlier are commission for the advisers whilst it is predominantly nothing at first West Yorkshire Ltd and and they actually might take of other that at we have secured are at an arrangement where at such information as necessary can be shared with the officers City of York as well and I met with with one of their officers this week to act together to that one
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 1:13:31]
thank you for that show and so I think in summary I'm why would we not I think parade and so are going back to what Councillor Scully and says and so it Councillor Blake did you want to serve recommend this
[Cllr Judith Blake CBE - 1:13:47]
no I want to just stamped reflect they their comments that ever is made and it is a very important and serious and consideration before as I think they the Members' contributions have have really given no good weight to said discussion I am and I am very heartened that we've got the support to move forward and look forward very much to the the detailed reports coming back to us with them I hope a range of options that will be put profit before us some two two considering we've had the assurance as well I think it's important to say from the first operators that they will continue with the work they've committed to us in terms of improving and the the POS offer to the people in our region and Unto actually helped us to improve bus passengers and end actually alongside this I think it would be useful to to stop bringing forward the detailed information of where we are seeing an improvement where we are seeing an improvement in air quality for example along certain of the routes where we have had the cleaner air and cleaner emissions vehicles and installed said that will help us to inform the discussions that we have going forward
so with that
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 1:14:57]
both sets of recommendation I'll have to endorse second that I see all those in favour of the seitan thank you very much that is carried

12 Future Approach to Business Finance

thank you Dave Pearson so moving on now to future approach to business finance and this is something that was discussed Local Enterprise Partnership meeting
when we last met I'm this it has quite a lot of exempt appendices in its so can we just be mindful of that if we are asking questions or making comments about this item or if you wish to ask any questions about that I do need to ask people to leave the room
otherwise been would you like to
[ Ben Still - 1:15:40]
yes trafficking so I can reduce the numbers of children for adoption
had a more in depth conversation about this
item and it is the brought here to set out how we propose to take forward the successor to the earth to the growing places Fund and the extent of Alex's outlined the proposed the proposed model would be happy to provide further briefings on this in due course if Members would like that
I will be bringing back papers on the next steps of this later this year or early next year
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 1:16:17]
any comments or questions might revive said
and I think it's probably safe to say that if you have any comments on the appendices perhaps officers is that who would that be Sophie those back to after the meeting
that Allan Lillian
is so Alan and Ann Smiley Andrews wave thank you and so anything on the appendices police we butter in at the end of the meeting held suggest
but otherwise I think we are happy with this item as I propose that seconded by Councillor Baillie and all those in favour please show
thank you very much that is carried

13 Corporate Planning and Performance

so moving now to a corporate planning and performance and so updates on our corporate performances in there and how we're doing against our priorities AM and also of course thinking about Risk Management something that we've just got quite a lot in a-private meets as well to make this is obviously an uncertain world and we need to keep our risk register today there's a corporate Audit and governors' meeting coming up where that will be on the agenda as well and truly did you want to outline this item quicker
[ Angela Taylor - 1:17:35]
or thank you Chair and the first part
of the report is the old usual information
and update on progress on corporate plan
to the Appendix sets
out progress to date on occupies that were agreed at the beginning part of the year and at the moment and without showing a positive position so and we are on track at the moment achievers and corporate performance indicators next section on risk as the Chair mentioned we've done and updates to the corporate risk register Brexiters is climbing up that risk register and also record reflected that and following the discussions on climate change we need to look at how that finds its way through to the risk register because clearly there up there are challenges in there so we'll look at that in the next iteration
an interlude had been doing some work around risk management and the governance and audit committee that meet later this month will be receiving a paper on our an update on Risk Management Strategy also bearing in mind that feedback from internal audit
and the let next section of the paper is is a bit of an update on our business planning and budget which we outlined when we came last time the business planning processes is underway with had the first draft of budgets it would be fair to say that we are still some way off achieving a balanced position for next year
we knew we had a challenge when we looked at it earlier in the year with the agreed strategy was about cutting the levy yet still money trying to maintain service levels so we built a number of service reductions in said a number of
reductions in spend that we need to achieve there is still a budget up to close and you've heard over the last hour and a half some huge challenges and we need to ensure that reflected so will be coming back in December and with some of the challenges spelt out when we had the opportunity to work through them and will need to bring back some choices for you to make your own proposition and where to put our money
and of course we have a Budget working group that whether it works
[Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe - 1:19:30]
outside this meeting myself fir chirpily LEP and I think it was Castle Hall on that as well
yes yes and generosity
so that would that have chosen it for December it
meets later this month or so
thank you very much so with that I am happy to make those recommendations

14 Governance Report

the second White House School in his show favour thank you very much thank you Angela being announced a governance report is a sort of I'm a Logistic sites and grandiosity got some changes in appointments on various committees such as proposed to recommend that for approval if ever is happy with that yes
all in favour please show

16 Progress on the Transformation Programme

that is carried and so I'm going to to remove it for the room from last item but just to make sure that people notes that as our progress on the transformation programme and minutes for information in the item closures before we leave the loss of the Guterson approval approval for

14 Governance Report

chair Page 2 5 1 recommendation 9 point choose when to seek the approval of the CAA to appoint the an additional independent member of the Governance and
Audit Committee all right yes
thank you always said that
yes is the answer to that is very good have an independent members is chaired by an independent member as largely so somebody who is not a politician I think very helpful on that committee they hold us to account absolutely

15 European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) – Sustainable Urban Development (SUD)

we've noted those items and was doing that what you are talking to Poliça through noted those items and now do I have to read this very long statement out completely clear the room when it too clever for the last agenda item which is the European structural investment funds sustainable urban development so if people could quickly police cleared the room as we
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